What Functions Does An SEO Specialist Have?

More and more businesses are investing in digital strategy and that leads to the arrival of new positions in organizations. One of the most requested digital profiles in recent years by the top SEO company in Bangalore is that of SEO Specialist (SEO Specialist). This position is absolutely necessary if…

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5 Tips for freshers to find out a job in tough market

Dear friends, we have composed few points as per our experiences in the IT industry. Hope these tips are useful to you.Getting a new job may be tough in this kind of competitive world where huge number of graduates and post graduates are coming out of their college each year.…

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5 Tips for intern freshers to turn your internship into a job

5 Tips for intern freshers to turn your internship into a job. What is internship? An internship is a method of on the job training for professional careers. Internships are similar to apprenticeships for trade and vocational jobs. Interns may be college or university students, high school students, or post-graduate…

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17 Toughest Interview Questions 2014 asked by Top Companies

17 Toughest Interview Questions 2014:The following are the list of 17 toughest interview questions of 2014 asked by top most innovative MNC companies in the world. These questions are not so easy to answer. These interview questions are very tricky and logical. So don't dare to answer :)1) Google:If you…

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Why employers do not respond after job interviews?

Do you know why employers/companies don't respond after job interviews?You had a great interview for a job you’re trying. Your answers were perfect and spot-on, your written test went well, but still you haven’t heard back from the company or employer. www.allindiajobs.inSadly, this is the common thing that every job…

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4 Tricky Interview Questions of All Time – Everyone Should Know

4 Tricky Interview Questions of all time1) Tell me about yourself?- The interviewer is looking for how you will benefit their company.Tips:i) Keep your answers short and simple.ii) Elaborate on experiences & goals relating to the applied positioniii) Summarize your resume & talk about transitions in employment.2) Why did you…

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9 Questions A Job Seeker Shouldn’t Ask in an Interview

Asking questions during an interview shows the employer your interest and enthusiasm. It helps you pinpoint what the employer is looking for in their next hire and gives you the opportunity to connect it to your experience. Some questions, though, should not be asked during the initial interviews or you…

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TOP 10 Interview Tips For Freshers To Get A Dream Job

A recent survey of more than 500 human resources and business professionals found that half of all college graduates do not exhibit professionalism at work. Consistently topping the list of problem areas is inappropriate appearance and poor communication skills. Here are the top tips to crack any interview:Before the interview…

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7 Deadly Interview Mistakes Which Should be Avoided

Having trouble getting job offers? You might be committing one of these seven deadly interview mistakes:No: 1. Being late: While occasional lateness may be excused in other situations, it's often a deal-breaker in a job interview. Hiring managers assume that you're on your best behavior while interviewing, so if you aren't…

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