eLitmus | Eligibility, Process, Registration Link, and Test Pattern

eLitmus Employability tests eLitmus: Every year, all over India, lakhs of job openings and many more job aspirants enter the job search market. Significantly huge establishments shell out a good part of their fortune in trying to hire the right candidates for their requirements. These hiring platforms reduce the effort…

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Are you ready to take a small programming test?

Are you a Computer Science / IT / Electronics / Electrical engineer?Here is a very basic challenge for you. Let us see how much knowledge you have on the computer architecture and programming.​The more you think on a problem the more close you are to a solution. In this journey…

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Why learn python?

  Let me explain why you should learn python. Imagine you are a car lover, don’t you love having a Tesla or Mercedes Benz or Audi?  You definitely because they are the best available cars in the car domain. They give you all the power that you can dream of…

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NVIDIA Deep Learning developer connect – FREE registration

NVIDIA Deep Learning developer connect -- FREE registration | Hyderabad | Bangalore | Pune | Chennai | Delhi | Mumbai LocationsAbout NVIDIA: NVIDIA is an us based company which manufactures GPU cards for graphics processing and GPGPU computing. These graphics cards are used in 3D visualization, gaming, medical imagining devices, General…

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Top 10 Mistakes of Fresh Job Seeker

Top 10 Mistakes of Fresh Job Seeker: Many job seekers make mistakes in job search and they never know that. Following article explains them. Tips To Avoid Job Search Mistakes #1 Poorly Written Resume The first weapon you need in job search battle is your resume. Most of the job…

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20 Toughest Interview Questions Asked by Google

Dear Job Seekers, We are providing you 20 Toughest Interview Questions Asked by Google and Interview Process. There are three stages in which Google selects it's employees. T o read further about the selection process at google: Click here. Google Interview Process: The interview process of the tech giant is…

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Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn

Top 10 Programming Languages Hello, If you walk down the lanes of any metropolitan city, populated mostly by graduates, you'll notice one peculiar thing. Posters in yellow, white, pink and hoardings of various sizes suggesting you to do courses you did not even hear about during graduation. Check Top 10…

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Top 8 Common Interview Questions: How to Answer them Flawlessly?

8 Common Interview Questions Are you going to attend These are the Top 8 Common Interview Questions. 1. Tell me about yourself This is probably the very first question that you will face. Within 2 minutes of answering this question, the interviewers will form an opinion about. It is important…

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Best Group Discussion Topic Ideas | Top GD Topics List

Best Group Discussion Topic Ideas Nowadays most companies are conducting Group Discussions mainly to filter the candidates based on their communication and interpersonal skills. But you must be wondering why Group Discussions are a part of almost every selection process. Group Discussion tests a person's capability to work in a…

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Best GD Skills | Skills that save Group Discussions

Best GD Skills | Skills that save Group Discussions You would think the point of Group Discussions is to get good marks from the hiring managers. Stop. Now. Seriously! A brief history of Group Discussions: A Group Discussion is the oldest form of dialogue. It can be found in every…

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Types of GD | Group Discussion Types and Topics

Types of Group Discussion One would think Group Discussion subjects are just random topics. Not so! All the topics can be classified into various categories. Classification based on the type of information given to participants: Topic-based Group Discussions Case-based group discussions Article-based group discussions 1. Topic-based group discussions: In topic-based…

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