About Us

About Us

All India Jobs or AIJ is an employment information portal. For years, it has been one of the best and trusted sources of information for job seekers. It was started by a group of software engineers with a motive of serving aspirants in their career pursuits.

All India Jobs is currently based in Hyderabad, India.

The AIJ Vision

The makers of All India Jobs strongly believe that there are unlimited opportunities out there for skilled people. AIJ is a trusted helper that provides genuine information instead of misleading its people with fake news.

Our aim is to strive to reduce the gaps between available jobs and worthy aspirants. The plan is to identify the reasons that hinder getting successfully employed and to provide amicable solutions through the portal.

Previously, All India Jobs only aided in providing employment news to freshers and the experienced. Headed by fresh leadership, it is reinventing itself to be a service provider in the realm.

Career Guidance

The world is filled with internet noise. These days, you hardly find high-quality articles written on career advice. AIJ’s team has experienced hiring experts who give inputs based on the current employment scenario.

The world of employment is huge and there are businessmen willing to exploit the vulnerabilities of desperate job seekers. Most of the advice you read are cunning marketing strategies employed to cash out.

We consistently brainstorm and create solutions that will guide you to get an excellent career. All of us had our shares of struggle growing up in career and we would like to make this journey easier for you.

This is why AIJ writes honest to god guidance that you can rely on. Find no-trash advice on the most common mistakes made by job seekers, resume writing tips and interview know-hows here.

AIJ for Jobs in Software industry

Every year lakhs of fresh graduates pass out and enter job search. The Software Industry in India provides employment to graduates from various domains. The scale of opportunities and the no.of young aspirants who are keen on joining the software field is enormous.

There are too many companies and lots of confusion about the selection process. As it will be very difficult to follow the job sites of hundreds of companies, we filter out all that information for you.

Hiring Managers and Corporate Companies can partner with us to post their job openings. You can submit job openings and reach our lakhs of returning readers. We review the job summary and post it for you on our site, helping you as a marketing partner.

We have identified that skill assessment and development are areas that job seekers need most. Soon, you’ll find us curating the best Skill improvement plans for you.

You can upload your resume to our portal to enhance your visibility and get employed.

You can find information about fake companies, Top MNCs’ registration links, and selection processes, Walkins and job openings. As a part of our extended services, we offer expert tips on Career Guidance and Resume writing.

AIJ against Fake Companies

Over the years, we have seen many vulnerable job seekers fall prey to scams. They lose money, faith and focus when they encounter such unfortunate situations. All India Jobs maintains a list of updated fake companies that it cross-checks and examines.

We have now created an option for you to report such incidents at All India Jobs. You can find an option to cross-check if you have any doubts. We will research and update our list based on the result. This will help job seekers who walk the same journey as you.

Government Jobs and AIJ

We are ready to serve the aspirants who are preparing to serve the nation. All India Jobs provide a one stop option for all the information that an aspirant needs.

From employment notifications to results, from previous papers and syllabus to admit cards, there is no area of information that we don’t provide. We filter and provide you all the necessary information you need.

So all you need to do is follow AIJ and prepare with dedication. Our interview preparation and Career Guidance blog are tailor-made for you.

AIJ for Preparation: Material and Assessment

Over the years, we saw Government Job seekers striving to master Aptitude and Reasoning as they are present in every single entrance test. But most of the information online is not good enough.

We are now in the mission to provide you with a high quality, comprehensive material with all basic concepts of Aptitude & Reasoning. We are soon building a platform from which you can take AI-based assessments. You can take our assessments to understand your preparation gaps and perfect your efforts once that starts.

All India Jobs wishes you all the best!


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