write a good resume for a virtual job

How can you write a good resume for a virtual job?

Virtual jobs provide the opportunity to work from home offices using modern technology to get things done. 

Any virtual job is a category of telecommuting job and is often seen with titles such as virtual teacher, virtual assistant, or virtual salesperson. 

COVID-19 affects the work and jobs at every level so it’s important to understand how to update job resumes to get virtual jobs. 

Tips to write a good resume for a virtual job

By including remote work experience and following some steps for writing a job resume the chances of getting a virtual job can be increased. Sometimes a resume builder might be helpful as well. Some of the tips are: 

  • Include remote work experience

Virtual jobs greatly differ from traditional positions. If a person has remote work experience, it’s significant to modify the resume to this style of work to let the prospective employer know about the abilities for the remote position they’re hiring for. The ability to work from home is a unique skill that many employers seek whenever they are hiring people for work-from-home positions. 

  • Include remote work experience in the summary of your resume.
  • Add a location section to Mention remote work experience.
  • Add it to work history descriptions as well. 
  • Add it into the skills section.

Many times an AI-based resume builder has already built-in templates to add all these specifications in a resume on the go. 

  • Modify resume to a specific job

While writing a resume, it is very important to pay attention to the job advertisement a person is applying for. If anyone is applying for a virtual job, in particular, then it is important to determine how the company operates remotely. Also, review the job description and use only the relevant work history and skills on the resume. Then, add the information that fits the company’s needs. Tell them how your hiring can positively add to their remote workforce.

  • Highlight all the transferable skills

It is very important to highlight all the unique and distinctive skills and experience a person has that can be beneficial for different positions. For instance, if someone possesses strong time management skills, then it will be good to explain how these skills can be used in a variety of industries and how they are beneficial to a remote position as well. 

  • Use Active Language

Usage of Active language in any resume can make any experience description more impactful. It is very important to use power words such as “achieved,” “earned,” and “accomplished”. Some of the examples to start job descriptions with active language are:

  1. I Amplified team production by 10%.
  2. Led a team of 8 on an exceptional venture successfully.

However, a resume builder can be helpful to add power statements by offering readymade templates. Just pick a suitable one and fill in all the required information to get a job instantly. 

  • Generate Focal Points

Almost every hiring manager is characteristically flooded with resume applications. So every resume only has about 2 minutes of their attention span. Thus it becomes imperative to use some ways to draw their attention to the important things:

  • Always add applicable experiences at the top without getting worried about chronology.
  • It is very important to Bold all the important parts but it won’t be wise to go overboard here.
  • A person can Use numbers and awards to draw their attention quickly. 
  • Removing irrelevant experiences helps to generate a good impression. 
  • Match Keywords

Every job description usually has a lot of keywords while explaining the requirements related to different skills or software. Hiring managers usually scan every resume to see if a person’s skills and abilities match any of those keywords and sometimes in higher-demand positions. So it will be very helpful to take and add all the relevant keywords from the job description to the resume to increase the chances of getting hired. It will be wise enough to Create a separate skill section and put some keywords in there.

  • Proofread and edit

Typically, while making a resume use a one-inch margin size on all sides of the resume with single spaces between the lines. Before sending a resume, it is vital to undergo several rounds of proofreading to remove every possible spelling or grammar error. Occasionally trusted friends or colleagues can proofread and review the resume. A resume builder can also be useful for proofreading and editing as it will automatically correct grammatical and spelling errors. 

Pro Tip: Use an Online Resume Builder 

An AI-based resume builder offers support to Build Professional Resume Online without any cost. It helps you to create a resume that increases the chances of getting a dream job. An online resume builder by SmallSeoTools gives you the liberty to choose the best free resume template to create a custom resume instantaneously. This advanced resume creator offers its users auto text suggestions to generate an error-free resume for free. The eye-catching designs of this free resume builder help its users in getting hired by catching the recruiter’s attention. By filling in the information and following commands its users can make alterations as they want without any restriction. 

In addition, this resume builder gives complete freedom to choose the format in which a person wants to download the resume.

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