Importance of university grades for job interviews

Life as a university student is not all fun and games. Sure, you have your fair share of parties and road trips. But on the downside, students also have to deal with exhausting lectures, urgent deadlines, and endless assignment submissions. And everyone puts in all this effort for just one thing- getting good grades. 

The education system focuses more on grading students than actual skill development. Well, what if I tell you that degree you were working for is actually of little value in the job market? Don’t be surprised- most companies don’t even look at your GPA or percentile! A simple graduation certificate is enough to get you the job. 

However, this doesn’t mean that grades don’t matter at all. It all dumbs down to the industry you’re pursuing. You still need a bare minimum grade to be eligible for certain high paying positions in the management. With the global pandemic and the rise in virtual classes, online assignments have become a popular assessment tool for most institutions. And online assignment services like Expert Assignment Help are always here to help students meet their deadlines on time! 

Without further ado, let me get down to the nitty gritty aspects of the university grading system and its eventual impact on your job prospects. 

Do marks really matter? 

To be honest, there isn’t a yes or no answer to this question. On one hand, of course they matter, good grades are proof of your academic merit. However, on the other hand, simply getting a good grade at the university doesn’t guarantee a good future for you. 

You need to hustle hard, perform well at your workplace and put in the work every step of the way. Good grades open new doors for you, you need experience to walk through them and conquer the room. 

A good grade is the first stepping-stone to a successful career. Most job openings have a minimum academic score requirement. For instance, in the US, you need a minimum of 3.45 CGPA to even qualify for entry-level jobs at corporate houses. A higher CGPA obviously puts you in the lead and gives you an edge over the other applicants. 

The ground reality 

Let’s be real, the pandemic has completely destroyed certain sectors and job markets on a global level. The tourism sector, for instance, is a complete mess. However, there are some sectors that are thriving and in need of fresh workforce. 

Your field of study and genre make a world of difference. Each industry has a different requirement. If you plan to pursue theoretical fields or go for high academic degree, then your grades matter the most. But if you want to apply for practice-based or technical industries like IT then you also need some other skills and expertise other than a university degree. 

Also, if your job sector has a high demand for skilled professionals, chances are, the recruiters might not even check your marksheet. In fact, as per the current employment trends, the best way to market your CV is by highlighting your professional experience. 

Some sectors look for vocational skills and don’t give academic merit a lot of weightage. In such a scenario, simply having good grades wouldn’t get you anywhere. But luckily, university level degrees are not just a measure of a candidate’s academic performance. Some colleges also include extra -curricular activities, peer relationships, communication skills, leadership roles taken by the student. These skills eventually also come in handy when you are interviewed by employers. It prepares you to answer all the common interview questions effectively.

What are companies looking for?

The corporate sector is looking for candidates who are tech-savvy, have good problem-solving skills and are good at making connections. You need to figure out a way to capitalize on your university degree and make it marketable. 

And your GPA and percentile play a huge role in this process. And contrary to popular belief, your grades include not just the semester exams but also the numerous paper submissions throughout academic years. Keeping up with the classroom lectures and submitting all your assignments on time contributes to your final score big time. And to keep up with the numerous deadlines, students often reach out to professional academic writers for some assistance. Assignment Essay Help is one such service where subject-matter experts help students with their thesis papers, reports, essays, and dissertations. 

So, how do your grades get you a job? 

There is a direct corelation between good grades and good career prospects. The better your grades are, the more impressive your resume looks. And if you plan to get on the top of your class, chances are that you can really make a solid impression during the campus selection. 

Students with a good CGPA grade also have a wide range of options to pick from. You can apply to different companies, industries, and job openings. Good university grades also mean that you get better recommendation letters from your professors. 

Good grades definitely add on to your job profile, providing insight on the skills required for the job. It speaks volumes about your academic merit and professional potential at the workplace. Although, I would recommend you add a few soft skills, take up a few professional development certifications and apply for internships as well before applying for a big-shot job. 

Your university grades can get you an interview, but from then on you are on your own. Some companies prefer to give academic grades only 50% weightage. Most MNC companies recruit candidates only after meeting them or giving them a task on-site. 

And what can you do?

The best thing you can do right now as a university student is to keep working hard and focus on improving your CGPA. And with the virtual learning programs, students need to submit more assignments online than ever now to keep up their scores. 

It is tough to balance your numerous essay submissions and reports, especially with the exam season just round the corner. Expert Assignment Help UK is here to save the day! 

The team at Expert Assignment Help UK comprises of some of the best educators and experts from the fields of law, medicine, teaching, childcare, IT, business management etc. Reach out to the experts for some professional insights in your subject area and improve your chances of getting a better grade.

The bottom line 

Getting a good job has a lot to do with your professional skills and technical expertise. Yet, it is good university education and grades that give you the much-needed push to be eligible for these positions in the first place. Keep your focus more on learning new things rather than simply getting good scores at the end of your semester. It is the knowledge and experienced gained during your university years that makes the struggle worth it. 

AUTHOR BIO: As an Assignment Expert, Bella delivers online sessions at Expert Assignment Help, helping students with writing essays and assignments. She is the co-founder and education consultant at Top My Grades. Beyond work, you can find her baking a fresh batch of cookies in her kitchen. 

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