8 Tips on How to Write a Good Admissions Essay

Student life often requires more responsibility than just concentrating on the learning process. Compared to a traditional understanding of the study process, educational institutions strive to gain a more holistic sense of the student’s personality, way of thinking, and ability to self-reflect. 

An admission essay is a chance for you as an applicant to express your individuality and life experience to those who determine the entrance exams. Surely, when you pass admissions and get your first assignment, you can ask one of the student services for help regarding your lack of experience in formatting your essay. Still, the admission essay is a different type of story. Therefore, begging, “please, write my essay for me because I need to get acceptance!” is not a working tactic in this case. Indeed, this doesn’t mean you are alone in this world, so we have prepared eight tips to help you write a stellar admission essay on your own.


  1. Choose the perspective of the story.


It will be easier to write a quality admission essay with the right approach. There is always room for philosophical thoughts, but setting the right prompt gives you a skeleton for the entire essay. As with every student, you have a background, interests, hobbies, and talents, which can speak about your identity more than just dry sentences in the text. For focusing on the correct perspective, it is recommended to set a good title for your essay, such as:


Five Years Ago I Would Say to Myself…


The reader understands that you are giving a throwback to your past to show what impacted you most and made you the person you are today. 


Knowledge Is Rescue Power 


Titling your admission essay this way can help you to develop a story where you used your knowledge to save someone’s life. Of course, if it was for real. Otherwise, you can use this title as a metaphor for another story that proves the power of knowledge. 


Why Reading People Is Better Than Books 


This is a totally original approach, especially for an applicant of the sociology or psychology faculty. Then you can describe the value of communication, which is vital for certain professions you seek to learn. 


  1. Stay yourself.


Before pretending to be a savant, think who you are without a definition from a thesaurus. There are hundreds or even thousands of essays that admission officers must process each year, especially if they work in a recognizable educational institute. Use humor, metaphors, and simply stay yourself while working on the text of your essay. 


  1. Be the center of the story.


One of the biggest mistakes in an admissions essay is when students start to show gratitude for others and totally forget about themselves. Here is the tip: stay at the center of your story and tell about other people’s experiences only when they influence your transformation of who you are today. Work with depicting people and circumstances in your story to show your working or studying experience. 


  1. Set the logical order for each part.


Every essay has its structure, and an admission essay is no exception. Start with an introduction telling why you have chosen a particular field of study and what you think the educational institute can bring to you as a professional. 

In the first body paragraph, describe the path that precedes your choice today. The second paragraph could focus on the facts of your professional growth that connect to your studies. The third paragraph may include facts and events where you act based on your own value system. Don’t omit the flaws that made you stronger or smarter.

Finalize your essay with gratitude for the people or books that helped your growth in your studies. Let the teachers see potential in you even if you don’t have much experience in a certain field of study.


  1. Don’t ask anyone to write it instead of you.


An admission essay is so personal that no one could know you better than yourself. Try to write it with your own voice and avoid asking your friend, parents, or previous teacher to write an essay from scratch. Admission officers could see incompatibility with other documents you provide while applying: a GPA from your diploma, academic transcripts, reference letters, CV, and proof of language proficiency. 

Surely, you can survey your friends and relatives concerning your best characteristics and ask them for healthy critiques concerning the aspects you need to improve. An essay shows you not as an ideal person, but as a perfect candidate. After all, even a Harvard student is a human being. 


  1. Avoid repetition. 


Indeed, the admission committee will check your ability to write well. Therefore, avoid repeating the same attitude. You may have an anecdote from your life that engages you most, but don’t make it a central aspect that you return to over and over again in the essay. Make one part naturally follow another as a chain of consistent cases.


  1. Look for a good proofreader.


Usually, we are blind both for our strengths and weaknesses. Remember that the main weaknesses in your text are bad grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Ask someone with a fresh perspective to look at your writing and provide a constructive response. It can be a consultant from the college office or your friend who is good at writing. In any case, don’t underestimate this step to pass admission exams successfully. 


  1. Check it several times.


Try to be yourself; don’t let one simple mistake ruin a good impression of you. You can study a sample for writing the first draft, but avoid plagiarizing any other essay content. Read through your text after putting it away for a day or even a week. Therefore, you need to prepare your admission essay in advance to avoid rushing, which can totally spoil your text.

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