6 Tips In Writing An Impressive Resume

6 Tips In Writing An Impressive Resume

Landing a job interview is a sprint against hundreds of other applicants within a set time frame. Often, you only got a couple of minutes to prove your worth as an applicant to the hiring manager, so you’ve got to make it count.

That said, your resume is a very important document you need to have during your application. It’s in this piece of paper that you write everything you want the hiring manager to know about you. More than just your credentials, it’s through this document that you can convince the hiring manager that you’re the right one for this job above all other applicants.

Since the competition can be stiff, you have to make sure that your resume stands out so it doesn’t immediately get discarded. Check out these tips if you want to write an impressive resume:

1. Use A Professional Email Address

Your email address, along with your other contact details, makes up the top part of your resume. This is often the very first thing that HR managers are going to see. Right there, you’ll want to give off a professional look, otherwise the company might not even take you seriously.

For a professional email address, it’s recommended to use your name, not only so it would look neat, but so the HR manager can instantly remember who you are in case they want to contact you. If possible, try not to add numbers as it doesn’t look very formal.

6 Tips In Writing An Impressive Resume

2. Always Incorporate Your Contact Information And Contact Details

As mentioned above, your contact details are located at the topmost part of your resume. A good resume must have your complete contact information, along with other personal details. Here are examples of the necessary information you should include:

  • Your full name
  • Phone number, with your personal cellphone number preferred over
  • your home phone number
  • Email address
  • Your LinkedIn profile, if you have any

On the other hand, the following are optional:

  • Leave off your address, unless the hiring manager specifically indicated to include it
  • Personal website or blog, unless it serves as a portfolio.

Conversely, avoid including these:

  • Your birthdate, as this can possibly lead to ageism
  • Candidate’s secondary phone number or email address as this will only be confusing to the hiring manager
  • Your photo or headshot

As these are generally no longer recommended. If this is your first time creating a resume, it also helps to take in advice and services from a good resume service or creator. That way, you have a solid foundation for the future resumes you’ll be making. To help you out, here’s a list of good resume services you can browse through.

3. Keep Your Font Size Between 10 To 12 Points

Apart from just choosing the font style, another very important thing to also consider is your font size. The best font size for better readability is between 10 and12 points. This is to make it easy for a busy HR manager to read your resume without them having to squint their eyes.

4. Start Your Resume With A Heading Statement

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy HR manager. Certainly, you don’t have the time to browse through very single page of an applicant’s resume when you already go through hundreds for every position. As an applicant, you have to make your resume stand out with a striking heading statement, so that HR managers get convinced to read further through your resume.
Your heading statement should highlight your strengths and skills, the main objective of which is to convince the HR manager that you’re the most qualified for the position of your chosen career.

Here’s how to write a resume with a heading statement that’ll make the recruiter swipe read further:

  • Summarize your position-related skills and qualifications
  • Mention the company by name, as this will make your resume feel more personalized.
  • Show them that you have what it takes to deserve the position

5. Strategically Use Bold, Caps, And Italics

When there are parts of your resume you wish to emphasize, you can do this by putting some areas in bold, caps or italics. For example, you’ll want to place headings in bold. That way, your resume will look more organized and put-together. The goal is to make key information easier to find.

6 Tips In Writing An Impressive Resume

6. List All The Relevant Work Experiences And Key Achievements

You don’t have to include your work experience and achievements from high school since this will make your resume unnecessarily long. Chances are, recruiters won’t even have time to read through it all. To keep your resume brief but very effective, focus on the work experience and achievements that best relate to the position you’re applying for. This can convince the recruiter even more that you’re the best candidate for the job since you also have experience related to the position.


With all these tips considered, you can now write a better resume. Whether you’ve just started or you’ve already finished, it pays to double check the info to ensure your resume is impressive. Amidst the excitement and worry of getting things right and landing the job, it’s easy to overlook some important parts to include in your resume. Don’t rush the process and apply all these. That way, you know for sure that your resume is going to stand out.

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