What Functions Does An SEO Specialist Have?

More and more businesses are investing in digital strategy and that leads to the arrival of new positions in organizations. One of the most requested digital profiles in recent years by the top SEO company in Bangalore is that of SEO Specialist (SEO Specialist).

This position is absolutely necessary if you want to appear in the top positions of Google. Have you considered adding an SEO Specialist to your business? . This article will explain what functions it has and how I can help you find this profile.

We continue to publish entries for the uninitiated in Digital Marketing. I’m going to show you some of the most demanded digital positions by companies in recent years.


Today we are going to focus on the SEO Specialist or SEO Specialist.



  • What is an SEO Specialist or SEO Manager?


An SEO Specialist is responsible for improving the visibility and position in search engines of our website.

In the case of Bangalore and India, the roles of this position are focused, for the most part, on positioning in Google. In other cities like Hyderabad or Chennai  is used more.

Another of its main roles is to cause a great impact on users to improve the CTR (click-through rate) to the different pages of the web.

In short, increase visits to our website by the target audience without investing in online advertising campaigns.



  • What are the main functions of the SEO Specialist?


Depending on the company, sector or business, the SEO Specialist may have a greater or lesser number of functions.


In this post I will talk about the world in which I move. The world of small companies that can only have a single figure of this profile in its structure.



  • Keyword Research or Study of Keywords:


This is one of the essential parts in the digital marketing strategy and the foundation of the rest of the SEO work. The SEO Specialist must have very well defined the profile of the target audience to which he is going to address.Best hosting site Mangomatter


Depending on the final objective set, different types of keywords will have to be searched. The objective to be achieved may be, for example, that the own brand is known or the direct sale of products or services.


Therefore, it is very important to carry out an exhaustive study of these keywords.



  • Optimize the web structure:


For a correct web positioning the different pages that compose it must be prioritized. It is much easier to position the home page than a page that must be accessed from two other pages before reaching it.


Here you have to do a very exhaustive study and analyze other factors such as the type of URL (in the case of a new project) and the sections we want to have.



  • Improvement of web content:


If the SEO profile is going to work on an already built website, it is most likely that you will have to update and improve. You will have to structure the texts of the pages and articles, deciding the H1, H2 and texts in general with their corresponding keywords.


Another point to work on will be the meta-descriptions, meta tittles, alt tags … etc.



  • Linkbuilding – Optimization and link building:


One factor that can help you rank is link building, also called SEO-Off page .

The SEO Specialist must seek that these websites have a good reputation for Google and, in this way, benefit.

It is also very important to get a “dofollow” link. Which indicates to Google that it can follow that website and transfer authority to it.



  • Monitor and prevent Negative SEO:


In this branch of digital marketing, not everything is working on it and that’s it. You have to be up to date on possible changes in the algorithm and trends, in order to continue positioning yourself in Google.

It is also very common to receive different negative SEO attacks.

For example, the dreaded linking of adult content pages, duplication of blog articles or even DDos attack so that your server is overloaded and the page does not work.



  • Is it necessary to have an SEO Specialist on my team?


I think this is one of the fundamental Digital Marketing profiles for any company with a defined online strategy.


Having an optimized website allows us from gaining visibility to achieving sales.


According to the IAB study on eCommerce in India 2018 , this past year we were 20 million Indians who bought from the internet at least once (almost half of the population).


Internet and Google are the new commercial center and SEO is the possibility of putting our showcase beautiful and in the best possible establishment.



  • How can I effectively incorporate an SEO Specialist to my project or team?


In this case I can give you a cable, thanks to my Digital Profile Selection Services .


On that page you will have all the information about how I do the search for Digital Marketing profiles, so that you can incorporate the best talent into your business.


In addition to SEO profiles, you can find others related to the digital sector such as Digital Marketing Managers, specialists in Email Marketing or Social Media Management.

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