What is passion?

What is passion

Out of passion comes compassion. Compassion means a passion for all things, for all human beings.

What is Passion

What does passion do?

Passion creates excellence when mediocrity Will does. What does it mean? It means that when an ordinary thing can do the work and go on with it, the passion creates excellence in that situation also. That means a passionate person can never do any mediocre work to satisfy himself or that is enough for that purpose. A passionate person creates excellence where the ordinary or common thing will do.

Passion makes you laugh when you feel like crying. It means that when you have done something and everything is failed and doomed to the earth and there is no other way to come out of it and feel like crying to make yourself console, in that situation a passionate person looks at the ashes and laughs because a passionate person never takes failure as a defeat. He takes failure as a lesson and tries to fulfill his passion. That’s why he never cries over the spilled milk instead he looks at it and laughs so that he can start afresh.

Passion allows you to sit still when you feel like walking away. It means when you are done with everything and nothing remained to do and people expect you to walk away from the site, then the passionate person sits still till he gets his work done totally.

Passion makes you close your mouth when you want to talk. It means that everyone around you is making fun of you, Or teasing you because of your failure, then you want to talk and give them a reply in their own voice but a passionate person never opens his mouth before such people instead he closes his mouth and starts working silently without paying any attention to those people who are blabbering around him. That’s what passion does.

Passion will cause you to break a record when finishing the race will do. It means that when you have to reach the goal before others could reach within a second span of time a passionate person will never finish the race in such an ordinary way. A passionate person finishes the race by breaking all the records of previous years and creates such a record that people in the future also can never break this record. Record forever, unbreakable record, an unprecedented record, unbelievable record, and Unattainable record. That’s what passion does.

Passion will make you stay up all night long when you want to sleep. This means when you are tired, when you are done with everything when you lose all your strength, When you need rest when you need to pick up all your physical and mental strength then passion will make you stay up all night to gather all your energies and streamline them to achieve whatever your goal is. That’s why passion will make you stay up all night long and accomplish the task.

Passion will cause you to love when you would rather hate. It means that you have lost everything that is yours and you are hated, Disliked, criticized, and you are put in a situation that you have to hate your work as well as the people around you, in that situation your passion will cause you to love your work as well as the people around you who criticized, hated and pulled you down.

Passion is a sign that you are where you are supposed to be.

Prabhakara Sastri Nandula | Archana School of Lifeskills | Jiddu Krishnamurti Study Centre.

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