How to choose a career?

How to choose a career?

At the outset of it let us discuss what is choice? Why man is so fascinated by the word choice? It is because that he has freedom to choose what ever he thinks is better for him. Thank God …… man has no choice to choose his parents, caste, colour, creed and nationality. Nature has not given him that choice. We have to wait and see whether science  may  give him this choice.

How to Choose a Career?

It is man’s pretense that because he has a choice , he is free to choose. But alas!! when there is a choice, there is a lot of confusion, contradiction, conflict and comparison. This makes human life miserable.

Generally choosing a career goes into two ways. One is the objective way and the another is subjective way. Most of the people go in objective way because it gives a lot of comfort in the materialistic world. People feel choice is their birth right. The day when you go to school, you are chosen to a particular profession by your parents and by your family pride. You become a ‘pan’ to perpetuate your family Pride.

 You choose a role model in your early childhood and your future is moulded by the society to fit into the shoes of another. At the fag end of your life you realize the torture of wearing the shoes of another person which do not suit to your feet. But the comfort that it gives , the richness that it provides, the adorable position that it gives in the society, the respect that it fetches in your family and the money that you get above the table and under the table , will not let you know the pain of wearing another’s shoes till the end of your career.

When you are tired of all this and when you realise that you have not done anything for yourself, then you start turning to social work like helping the orphans , donating to the old-age homes, building temples or masks or churches and so on. You do all this because you feel that you are missing something which is called subjective happiness. All this objective happiness is superficial and will not last for long.

What is the subjective way of choosing a career? If you keep yourself away from the voice of the economical world and listen to your inner voice,you get a right guidance to live right living with out any conflict, confusion and comparison. Every human being is unique. Every species on this planet has a way of living. If you listen to your heart it gives you right direction to walk in your life. If you listen to your mind which cultivated the habits of the society , you are lost and all the time you need someone to guide you.

One who listens to the inner voice and starts walking will never repent. Here I quote a friend’s way of choosing the way of life. A boy who was born in a Muslim family was so much fascinated in learning Kuchipudi dance  and decided to become a Kuchipudi  dancer. in his sixth class itself he changed his name and started learning Kuchipudi  dance without the knowledge of his parents and relatives. For many years secretly he learned Kuchipudi  dance and became a famous dancer. Now he says his religion is dance. That is not a career for him. The dance is his life. Dance earned money, name, fame, respect, and above all subjective happiness.

Choose your own way of living knowing your inherent passion driven by your heart. This happiness is not the opposite of sadness.

Happiness is not relative.

Happiness is absolute.

Career should  give this absolute happiness and not the relative happiness that is objective happiness.

Prabhakara Sastri Nandula | Archana School of Life Skills | Jiddu Krishnamurti study centre

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