Time, Work and Wage – Concepts, Shortcuts, Aptitude Questions with Explanation!!

Time, Work and Wage

Time and Work is one of the most robust concepts of Aptitude. Wages are paid in proportion to the work performed and in proportion to the time taken by the worker in the indirect (or inverse) way.

  • Money earned by a person for a certain work is called the wage of the person for that work.
  • Wages are directly proportional to the work done. That means more work – more money.
  • Wages are inversely proportional to the time taken to complete the work. That means more timeless money.

Time, Work and Wages Problems – Aptitude Questions & Answers

1. Together, P and Q earn 188 rs per day. Together, Q and R earn 152 rs per day. P, Q, and R earn 300 Rs per day when working together. How much earns Q per day?

  • A.Rs. 43
  • B. Rs. 56
  • C. Rs. 45
  • D. Rs. 40

Answer: Option D (Rs. 40)

2. Johnny hires eight employees to work 6 hours a day. He pays them Rs. 630 a week in total. How much is Johnny supposed to pay 18 workers a week working 4 hours a day?

  • A. Rs. 945
  • B. Rs. 645
  • C. Rs. 630
  • D. Rs. 1050

Answer: Option A (Rs. 945)

3. Wages of 44 women come to Rs.29568 for 56 days. How many men are expected to earn Rs 16920 for 47 days, if a man’s daily wages are 5 times that of a woman?

  • A. 9 men
  • B. 8 men
  • C. 6 men
  • D. 5 men

Answer: Option C (6 men)

4. The amount of money that can be used to pay A’s wage for 18 days when A works alone is enough to pay B’s wage for 12 days when B is working alone. If A and B start working together, then for how many days would the same amount be enough for both of them to earn wages?

  • A. 36/5 days
  • B. 5/36 days
  • C. 15 days
  • D. 6 days
Answer: Option A (36/5 days)
5. Worker A takes 8 hours to get a job done. Worker B takes 10 hours to get a job done. How long should it take for both A and B to do the same Work together?
  • A. 4/9
  • B. 2 4/9
  • C. 3 4/9
  • D. 4 4/9

Answer: Option D (4 4/9)

6. Two pipes can fill the cistern in 10 hrs and 12 hrs, respectively, while the third can empty the tank in 20 hrs, respectively. If all pipes opened at the same time, then the cistern is filled in

  • A. 7.5 hr
  • B. 8 hr
  • C. 8.5 hr
  • D. 10 hr

Answer: Option A (7.5 hr)

7. Anil and Babu can do an 8-day job. In 12 days, Babu and Charan can do the same job. Anil, Babu, and Charan are allowed to do the job in 6 days. Anil and Charan can complete the job in how many days?

  • A. 6 days
  • B. 8 days
  • C. 10 days
  • D. 12 days

Answer: Option B (8 days)

8. A and B can complete a task together in 20 days. B and C will accomplish the same job together in 30 days. A and C can achieve the same task together in 30 days. What is the ratio of the number of days taken by A when performing the same job by itself to the number of days taken by C when performing the same task alone?

  • A. 1:3
  • B. 2:4
  • C. 3:1
  • D. 4:5

Answer: Option A (1:3)

9. Within 5 minutes, Susan can type 10 pages. Within 10 minutes, Mary can type 5 pages. How many pages will they type together in 30 minutes?

  • A. 15
  • B. 20
  • C. 25
  • D. 75

Answer: Option D (75)

10. Two guys, A and B, run a four-kilometer race on a 1/4 km circular track. If their speeds are in the 5:4 range, how often does the winner pass the other?

  • A. Once
  • B. Four times
  • C. Twice
  • D. Thrice

Answer: Option D (Thrice)

11. There are two leakages in a tank. Alone the first leakage can empty the tank in 9 minutes, and 6 minutes, the second alone would have done so. If water leaks out at a constant rate, how long does it take both the leakage together to empty the tank?

  • A. 3.1 min
  • B. 3.6 min
  • C. 3.5 min
  • D. 4 min

Answer: Option B (3.6 min)

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