Races and Games – Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation!!

Races and Games

A race is a game in which the speed of driving, swimming, sailing, rowing, jumping can be calculated, etc. This is calculated over a certain distance. Generally, every race is a starting point and an endpoint. The endpoint is also known as the winning point. Since Races and Games is a sub-topic of time, speed, and distance, all formulas of time, speed, and distance are relevant to questions of races and games.

Important Terms

  • Dead Heat: A contest of race in which all the competitors set the same time, and no one is the winner.
  • A Game of Hundred: A game in which the players agree that whoever first score a hundred points is the winner.
  • Q is beaten by P by ‘x’ seconds – P finishes off the race ‘x’ seconds earlier than the Q finishes the race.
  • Q has a start of ‘x’ seconds as compared to P – So, in this type of race, P gives Q a head start of ‘x’ seconds from the starting point.

Races and Games Aptitude – General Questions & Answers

1. A covers the distance in 100 m race in 36 seconds and B in 45 seconds. The race A beats B by:

  • A. 20m
  • B. 25m
  • C. 22.5m
  • D. 9m

Answer: Option A (20 m)

2. If in an 80 game, P can give Q and R 16 points, can give P 20 points, then in a 150 game, how many points can R give Q?

  • A. 48
  • B. 60
  • C. 54
  • D. 90

Answer: Option B (60)

3. A and B will compete in the 100 m run. A runs in five kmph. A gives B an 8 m start and still beats him by eight seconds. B speed is:

  • A. 5.15 kmph
  • B. 4.14 kmph
  • C. 4.25 kmph
  • D. 4.4 kmph

Answer: Option B (4.14 kmph)

4. A can give B 15 points in a game of billiards in 60, and A can give C 20 points in 60. How many points can B deliver to C in a 90 game?

  • A. 20 points
  • B. 12 points
  • C.  22 points
  • D. 10 points

Answer: Option D (10 points)

5. A can run 22.5 m while B runs 25 m. In a one-kilometer race, B beats A by

  • A. 100 m
  • B. 111 1/9 m
  • C. 25 m
  • D. 50 m

Answer: Option A (100 m)

6. If A gives B a start of 25 meters in a 200m race, then A wins the race by 10 seconds. Alternatively, if A gives B a 45-meter start, the race will end in a dead heat. How long will it take for A to run 200 m?

  • A. 100 seconds
  • B. 112.5 seconds
  • C. 77.5 seconds
  • D. 87.5 seconds

Answer: Option C (77.5 seconds)

7. In a 100 m race, A can beat B by 25 m, and B can beat C by 4 m.In the same race, A can beat C by :

  • A. 21 m
  • B. 26 m
  • C. 28 m
  • D. 29 m

Answer: Option C (28 m)

8. A and B walk a kilometer, and A wins 1 minute. A and C race one kilometer, and ‘A’ wins 375 meters. B and C walk a kilometer, and B wins 30 seconds. Find the time each takes to run a kilometer.

  • A. 180 seconds
  • B. 210 seconds
  • C. 352 seconds
  • D. 628 seconds

Answer: Option B (210 seconds)

9. A completes a kilometer in 3 min 45 seconds. B takes 4 minutes to complete the same 1-kilometer course. If A and B were to take part in a 2 km race, how much start can A give B in terms of distance?

  • A. 105 m
  • B. 122 m
  • C. 100 m
  • D. 125 m

Answer: Option D (125 m)

10. A reaches the final point in a 500 m race in 28 s, and B reaches in 35 s. How far does A beat B by?

  • A. 100m
  • B. 200m
  • C. 500m
  • D. 600m

Answer: Option A (100  m)

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