Do we foresee a big recession after COVID19 lock-down?

Well, The big question that is drilling everyone’s mind is, how much worse the effect of COVID19 on the business. There are a good number of analyses and speculations about the bad effects on various businesses. Though the recession seems to be inevitable the governments of various countries, management of their businesses are trying to prepare better future plans. All India Jobs is committed to helping our readers to be confident about their future. In this context, we present to you the analysis that our experts have conducted to understand how big the recession would be. Moreover, these experts have also analyzed the alternate strategies that the businesses would adopt to get out of the COVID19 effect.

One of the important aspects of the business for its sustainability is liquidity. Most of the markets speak about liquidity in terms of the circulation of money. Nevertheless, liquidity is also applicable to the flow of various products, and related services. Before the COVID19 lockdown, most of the Indian market was depending on the revenue generated from the service sector. However, for the past 6 years, Indian markets were experiencing product development too, thanks to encouragement from the governments. But the majority of the Indian IT markets are depending on the revenue generated from the service sector. This scenario of dependency on IT and IT Enabled Services (ITES) would continue at least for a couple of years.

Firstly, All India Jobs suggests the job seekers or the freshers not become panic. Most of the businesses, offer jobs for the freshers based on the fundamentals of the subject and minimum skills they possess. Hence, freshers are advised to refresh their subject knowledge which they have mentioned in their resumes along with any one of the specialized skills. Moreover, freshers will have an advantage over others if they carry out a small project by implementing their skills. The project can be a theoretical study or an analytical study by implementing it using any of the appropriate tools.

Though the businesses may suffer from recession or slow down there is no immediate danger that can influence the jobholders. Secondly, All India Jobs would like to provide guidance through which you would sustain your confidence in your future. This guidance would range from identifying your strength to getting ready for the future business markets. When we look into the working mode of present businesses, more than 80% of the businesses have physically established offices. Employers, Managers, and Employees would reach the office and work from these physical locations. Due to the COVID19 spread and the effects of the virus, most of the offices are asking their employees to work from home. Recently, the management of Twitter has announced the flexibility for their employees that they can work from home, forever.

Skill Path

While many of the employees can be benefited from this, but in the near future, these employees need to concentrate on improving the skills. Because the paradigms would change from physical presence to the virtual presence, the employees’ performance plays a major role. In addition to the employees’ performance, their constant skill development would attract their management to retain the employees for a longer time. This activity means that employees need to be very attentive to foresee the changes in the markets and be ready accordingly. Such employees fall mostly in the sectors of IT, ITES, higher education, etc. Hence, for such employees, recession due to COVID19 and subsequent lock-down may not be a danger.

Remember, any recession would not long last and should not be. After all, businesses need to be flourished to keep the local economy stable. Once the economy becomes stable, more businesses would be restarted or resumed. More the businesses, more the opportunities. By the time the number of businesses is increased, your skills would be more advantageous for your growth. All India Jobs would always be in your favor to guide you for your better future. All the very best!

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