The Best thing to do during the COVID19 Lockdown

The Best thing to do during the COVID19 Lockdown

The worst free gift that the entire world has received in 2020 is COVID19 though it started at the end of 2019. Due to the behavior CORONA virus for its smooth spread among the human race, almost the government of every country has imposed COIVID19 Lockdown. For the first few lockdowns, people have relaxed physically and mentally. However, most of the governments have kept on extending the Lockdown due to the gradual increase in the COVID19 cases.

Best Thing to do during the Lockdown

Human beings have an inborn desire to meet others whenever they are free from work. Though people understood the seriousness of the virus spread, staying back at homes created psychological disturbances. These mental disturbances have shown varieties of behavior in different people, say, kids, school-going children, youth, working employees, homemakers, retired persons, etc. All India Jobs have understood these human behavioral disorders during the COVID19 Lockdown. Subsequently, a list of daily activities which will not only help the people to come out of the psychological disturbances but also will help them to reorganize their lifestyle.

First of all, let us understand the primary characteristic of humans is communication. However, the degree of communication differs when communities are different. While Asians prefer a large gathering for their events, Europeans and Americans are very selective in inviting the guests. But, people of every community feel pleased with the presence of the near and dear ones. A sudden and indefinite COVID19 lockdown has created a communication confusion among people. This is the primary reason for the people’s psychological disturbances, such as frustration, feeling down, etc. However, when people engage themselves with few activities, they would find psychologically relieved and would relive.

Best Thing to do during the Lockdown

Though the activities are listed in order, it is not compulsory to follow the same. Though they are simple activities, you can reorder them as per your convenience.

  1. Do a workout

After your nature calls, do a workout. These workouts can range from a simpler to a rigorous. You can do the more uncomplicated exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, Yoga, and stringent workouts such as weight lifting. However, the choice of workouts should be at your convenience. All India Jobs sincerely suggests you not to overdo these workouts.

  1. Perform Meditation

After the workouts, make your mind peaceful with any one of Pranayama or sitting silently with closed eyes. If you are staying with family or with your friends, ask them not to create any noise. Performing meditation after the workouts would stabilize not only the blood flow in the body but also initiates the fresh thoughts. A 10-minute to 15-minute meditation would be sufficient.

  1. Try Bird Watching

Assuming you wake up early in the morning, try to find the birds nearby your residence. Because most of the industries are shutdown and vehicles are not moving, many birds and wildlife animals are found roaming around the residential areas. When you hear cheeps and chirps of the birds an involuntary, you will find an automatic smile on your face. That smile makes your mind more joyful.

Best Thing to do during the Lockdown

  1. Call a relative or a friend.

When you find yourself joyful, try calling a couple of relatives or friends or colleagues to find their wellbeing. The basic instinct of humans is, they get energetic when their near and dear are found doing excellent and healthy. Apart from that, when you talk to them, you would offer your joy, making the conversation a beautiful one. Now, you have got more energy.

  1. Understand Immunity and Nutrition

During your calls, especially during this COVID10 Lockdown, both of you would share the information of nutritious food, which further helps to improve human immunity to the diseases. When you find that most of the nutritious diet is available in your kitchen itself, you would feel more confident. Now, eat some food, preferably a healthier one.

Best Thing to do during the Lockdown

  1. Watch the comics or Short films.

Most of the people are active in social media. Though the COVID19 situation is tougher to deal with, much humor is generated across various social media such as YouTube. Watch a few of them. Laugh louder. When you laugh louder, you will release the negative energy if it is present in your mind. The best yet more straightforward form of therapy for psychological disturbances is laughing.

  1. Create Humour

If you are not occupied with any of the office schedules or school schedules, spend some time to create some humor. Every human has humour in them, and be positive about that. But make sure that the humor you create is not offensive and would not create any problems for you.

  1. Read or listen to a book.

If you are a literature lover, this lockdown period is the best time to utilize to get engaged with literature. Reading or listening to research improves not only imagination but also enhances your vocabulary.

  1. Learn a Course

Being a student or a job seeker or an employee with career ambitions, use this lockdown period at its best. However, you should be cautious about choosing the course which would help with your career. If you want a course which is not so helpful, you will get disappointment for losing not only the valuable time but also money, if it is a paid course.

Best Thing to do during the Lockdown

  1. Experiment Cooking

During this COVID19 Lockdown, you will get a feeling that more experiments have happened in the kitchen in the medical laboratories. Take it easy. Though cooking is an art, with a little practice, you can achieve the skill at least to the level that you can eat comfortably. To be successful at cooking a dish would give you great joy. Once you do that, you will not stop sharing with your loved ones. If you couldn’t cook the meal well, don’t take it as a failure. Either you can call it experience or give a new name for the dish.

  1. Sleep Well

After all, when you sleep well you would forget all the worries if at all they still remain in your mind. A sound sleep offers you a fresh mind when you wake up. Moreover, the nice sleep makes you healthy at digestion, which is the primary requirement when are locked down.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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