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Courses for Freshers Hiring Managers Recommend

Do you know which Courses for Freshers Hiring Managers Recommend? Are you looking to find out the Best List of Courses for a Fresher or the Courses and Engineering Graduate must take to get easily employed?

If you go to the most student populated streets of Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore or Chennai for job search, you will find pamphlets and hoardings of various courses.

Don’t waste money on Waste Courses. All India Jobs has compiled a list of Top Courses for Job Seekers. These are the Best Courses for Graduates and Engineering Students.

These are courses for freshers that hiring managers recommend will promise a golden future and will promise you a shortcut to set your career.

Courses for Freshers that Hiring Managers Recommend

Identify your sacrifice

We have seen so many job seekers and their parents spending money on courses to improve employability. Parents wonder if the amount of money they are spending is really worth it, while students worry about the amount of time they are putting in.

When you are thinking about a course, you should not only think about your friends who will join along with you. Because you are making a sacrifice here.

Sacrifice, that’s what. Instead of spending on a hundred other things, your dad chose to spend on the course. Instead of goofing around and succumbing to a YouTube marathon, you are sacrificing your time to learn a course.

So, the course must at least help you get a job.

Back to Basics Approach

Let me be brutally honest here. If you are a fresher and not a prodigy, wherever you get your first job, they will train you left, right and center in the domain you need to work on. This is the unspoken truth of every company out there.

What they look for, when they are testing you in all those selection rounds is your ability to understand, grasp and apply basics right. Which is why all the Selection Procedures for any Top MNC Company will only test you on the basics of programming.

So, it is smart for you to get your foundations right instead of running behind fancy courses. The latest course which is trending will not get you a job, though it may sound rad. Sorry.

The only guys who will tell you to do a fancy-sounding course will probably be an immature who does not know much or that creepy, over-friendly guy who runs a course institute.

Have Clarity

It is better to drive with intent before you start taking a course. Because it will help you identify which stream’s basic course you need to complete.

This article will cover the basic courses for those interested in programming, testing, and admin.

1. Generic Courses for Graduates

  • Aptitude & Reasoning
  • Communication & Soft Skills
  • MS Office

If you are a non-judgemental person who did not close the article after reading the above list, you have hope. These are generic courses that all of you will be tested in EVERY single selection process for ANY company.

If you grew up understanding how various tools in the MS Office suite works, great. Otherwise, it is advised to take a very short course on the same. Understanding how to work with MS Doc, Powerpoint, MS Excel- the spreadsheets is basic.

If you are smart enough to see that one does not leave the mandatory subjects, you will be smart enough for a good job. Otherwise, your case is hopeless.

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2. Compulsory Courses on Programming Basics Recommended by Hiring Managers

  1. C, C++
  2. Data Structures
  3. Python
  4. JAVA

These are the basic four courses. If you are one of those geniuses whose theory in these 4 is flawless, then you can venture into the following advanced versions of the above foundational courses.

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  1. Machine Learning
  2. Advanced Courses in C, C ++, JAVA, Python
  3. Object-Oriented JAVA
  4. DevOps
  5. Data Mining

Keep in mind that if you learn a course, you must be able to do basic coding and error corrections too. Try and develop projects in the domain you are training in.

This in- depth knowledge of basics is more prized than an unfocussed general knowledge in a bunch of domains.

3. Analytical skills- Courses for Graduate Freshers

If you are interested in Cyber Security and domains involving your analytical skills, you can do the following courses:

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Security Analyst Course

4. Best Courses for Freshers in Testing

It is important to understand what kinds of job profiles and domains you can work in. If you are clear that you don’t see yourself coding and programming, but still like to be a part of the IT Industry, testing is a good option for you.

Selenium Testing is the best course for testers right now.

5. Admin Courses for Freshers and Graduates

  • Linux and Windows administrator courses
  • Hardware & Networking courses

These are the basic courses that one can take. Spend your time and money wisely. Because if you lose time doing waste courses, you will be diverting from the proper path that will get you closer to an offer letter.

Good luck with your job trials!

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