Telephonic Interview | Tips to Clear Telephonic Round

Telephonic Interview

Facing a telephonic interview can be better than a face to face interview. You can take it sitting from your comfort zone. This is better than walking into an unfamiliar office and sitting across the table, with a group of interviewers staring at you.

But telephonic interviews come with their own set of pressure points, alongside their benefits. If you or a dear friend is about to give a telephonic interview, go through this article.

Though most of it is extended common sense, not thinking these through might cost you an opportunity.

Tips to Clear Telephonic Interview

1. Don’t cheat

Don’t think of resorting to malpractices like searching google to answer a question and taking the help of a friend to answer. It will create a lag in the answer. Some candidates go a step further and let their friends take the interview instead of facing it themselves.

Telephonic Interview

Hiring managers interview candidates for a living. They face such fraudulent candidates from time to time. The interviewer can easily tell the difference. So, don’t even try.

You’ll be found out at some point and the result may cost you your career.

2. Respect time

Be it a technical or an HR interview, the interviewer will set aside time from their day’s schedule to interview you. If you don’t connect on time to a prefixed interview, you are pissing off the interviewer before you even talk to them.
You might get calls from strange numbers as they may connect from skype or other platforms. When you are expecting the call, lift all unknown numbers. There won’t be any follow up calls.

Telephonic Interview

You might get an intimation call a day before the interview. If you are in the middle of something important, answer and tell them your situation. Answer all calls, wherever you are.

3. Avoid impression mistakes

The first impression is the best impression when it comes to an interview. It could be the last one too. Be aware of the inadvertent mistakes you could make. The interview process is a brief encounter, every action of yours will be judged.

Telephonic Interview

Some candidates start talking unprofessionally when they lift the call. Watch the tone of your voice and the language of conversation. The interviewer expects you to be in an interview frame of mind from the moment you answer the call.

One of our hiring managers at AIJ mentioned starting an interview with a very negative impression as the candidate had a tacky ringtone. Don’t take chances. It is safer to avoid special ringtones.

4. Right Environment

Make sure that you are in a calm space while taking the call. This is the bare minimum you could do to respect the interview process. No one will appreciate you for this. But if you fail to do this, it is a big minus point for you.
I’m sure your common sense also tells you the same thing. But you are not enough. If you live with your family or have a roommate, make sure they also understand this.

Telephonic Interview

Others must be instructed to not disturb you throughout the duration of the call. Inform them beforehand because their ignorance can cost you a job.

Place your single-minded focus on the conversation. Listen properly and answer appropriately. Sounding distracted or asking to repeat will annoy the interviewer.

5. Network & logistics

This is an instruction that your mother will nag you about. But, let me repeat that because it is indispensable. Make sure your phone is charged. Most telephonic interviews suffer from network issues so be in a good signal area. Run a test call and see if your earphones are in good condition. Ensure the camera and mike are functional.

Telephonic Interview

If the interview is happening over a skype call or another platform that requires internet connection, check your internet and set up all sign-ins at least an hour before the call.

6. Pen and Paper

I understand that this is a digital age. Sometimes the interviewer may surprise you by asking you to solve trick questions or give you information that requires you to solve it manually.

Telephonic Interview

Definitely take a pen and paper before the interview begins. It will come in handy to jot down important pieces of information. It might help you if you have a copy of your resume too.

Find our expert’s feedback on the most common resume blunders here.

7. Prepare

Be it a telephonic interview or a face to face interview, being prepared is mandatory. But the telephonic interview needs you to be more spot-on.

Telephonic Interview

The interviewer will not concentrate on anything other than the content you speak. So be prepared and enter into a right mind space.

8. Remain professional

You might think a telephonic interview is easier than a face to face interview. In many ways, that is true too. Never let that make you so comfortable that you jump into unprofessional chatter.

Telephonic Interview

Candidates sometimes openly confide that they are not so good technically, hoping that the interviewer will hire them for the 2-minute honest vulnerability. They won’t.

You can ruin your interviews by getting too personal. Remain professional.

9. Conclude well

A conclusion is very important because that will set a perspective for the interviewer to process your profile. That will be the interviewer’s most avid memory from the whole interview.

Telephonic Interview

If your interview went well, thank them and ask if you can answer anything else for them. Ask any queries you might have about the job role or further communication.

Avoid salary talk if you are a fresher. If the interview didn’t go well, tell them your strong points, apologize and make a request to consider you. You never know what the interviewer has in mind.

Most candidates give a nice interview but end it abruptly like their house is on fire. Conquer your mind. Keep your composure up until the last second. Make an impression and seal the deal with an impressive conclusion.

Those are my tips to ace a telephonic interview. You can read about how to answer definite questions like: tell me about yourself too.

All India Jobs wishes you all the best!

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