Resume Mistakes | Top 10 Resume Blunders

Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Resume is a high value paper. It has the power to make or break your professional life, literally. All India Jobs took the inputs of hiring experts to carefully curate this article. So, read and share to friends, fellow job seekers or to the one who is making your resume.

A wonderfully structured resume may or may not get you a job. But be assured, even one of the following mistakes might lose you one.

Resume Mistakes

1.Not understanding recruiter’s psyche

In marketing and product design, strategists always have the target customer in mind before they make important decisions. You must be thinking that your resume is all about you. And we agree too.

Resume Mistakes

Even though the content of your resume is about you must ask yourself, who is it made for? The answer to this question must guide all decisions you take. See that the real purpose of your resume is to impress the recruiter.
Some MNCs have an AI program sorting through resumes instead of human hiring managers. This is why it is always safe to have a simplistic design to make it machine readable. Then, the selected resumes will be highlighted for the recruiters.

A recruiter reads hundreds of resumes for a limited number of openings. They are mostly looking at your resume to find reasons to reject it. They got no time or extra energy to spare. One mistake on that paper might replace you with a hundred mistake- free profiles.

2. Unimpressive accomplishments

Resume Mistakes

Build a profile, have good achievements, participate in activities, gain genuine experience. That will make you a worthy candidate for a job. And only then can you make the piece of paper you call your resume worthy.
Sorry to be honest. The quality of your resume depends on the quality of your activities. If you didn’t do anything remarkable to mention on your profile till now, that is what you need to work on.

3. Faking it

Instead of taking time to genuinely build their profile, some candidates will resort to writing fake experiences. Some sneaky candidates puff up their resumes with false achievements & accomplishments. Hiring managers are experienced enough to figure out fakes.

Resume Mistakes

In fact, hiring managers apply the mindset- ‘Everyone is guilty, unless proven otherwise’. If you fake major skillsets or achievements based on which the recruitment decisions are taken, they will make it a point to interrogate you on them.

If you fail to prove, you will be caught during the HR or other interview rounds. Rejecting you is not the worst thing that could happen if you faked your resume. It will end your chances of ever applying to that company.

4. Spelling mistakes

The most repetitive, boring piece of advice about resumes is about spell checks. Isn’t it? It is repetitive for a reason. Resumes are frustratingly filled with spelling errors. These are blunders, because these are simple mistakes which can be corrected easily.

Resume Mistakes

Spelling mistakes reflect your carelessness. Hiring managers see thousands of applications and don’t have time for candidates who don’t care enough to correct the spelling mistakes on their resumes.

Lack of responsibility, unprofessionalism will automatically put the recruiter off. So, proofread the document thoroughly. You can take external help. Grammarly works best to identify such errors.

5. Grammar, punctuation


Though grammar & punctuation mistakes seem similar to spelling mistakes, they are categorically different. Spelling mistakes reflect your carelessness; errors in grammar & punctuation show your incompetence.

To you, it could be an innocent mistake. They show that you don’t know better. If a recruiter finds out that you have trouble telling your ‘its’ apart from ‘it’s’ after two decades of using English, that will not be a learning curve they will be comfortable in.

6. Cut, Copy, Paste

Most students take someone else’s resume or browse through internet and lift templates to make their resumes. They modify basics: their name, time frames, courses etc to make it into theirs. These resumes lack originality and are called cut, copy, paste resumes.

Resume Mistakes

The seasoned eye of hiring managers can identify cut, copy, paste resumes. They spend time to read yours. Obviously, they will prefer a resume that is made by putting in thought & effort. A resume must reflect your career goals & ambitions.

If you cut, copy, paste it will fade and won’t stand out in a bunch of resumes. Investing time to think about your career goals and ambitions is an investment towards your career.

You Can Also Check: Career Guidance

7. Bad judgement

Freshers sometimes include the first prize they got for drama competition in V standard while applying for the post of a programming consultant. You should not. Include noteworthy achievements, not petty ones.

Resume Mistakes

Stay relevant. Ideally, a fresher’s resume must be one page long. Use your discretion and judgement. Write latest achievements in the past 6 years. Edit mercilessly. Don’t ramble on and on.

8. Misuse of space

The resume must look visually appealing. You don’t want to make a bad impression with bad design. The first impression could be the last one too. Rejection is easier for the recruiters, there are many resumes to replace yours.

Divide the paper into different sections and make efficient use of the space. You need not draw lines and tables; you can segregate into columns by leaving gaps and spaces also.

Resume Mistakes

Relevance is key though. The resume of a photographer or a comic book artist can have a more interesting design as compared to the resume of a software engineer.

9. One for all

This advice is for elite jobs and candidates with special profiles. It is not advisable to send the same resume to every job opening. Tailoring your resume to suit a specific job role increases your chances of being shortlisted.

Resume Mistakes

Keep your resume up- to- date. Don’t use the same resume you have been using for the past decade. Unless, you don’t want to be taken seriously for the job.

10. Flat content

Writing a good resume is a balancing act. You must write your accomplishments without looking like a show- off. You must state facts without fading away into boring territory.

Resume Mistakes

The best way to do this is by stating numbers, hard core achievements. Instead of saying helped in the growth of the company, write: ‘Played a key role in a project that improved the company’s share by 5% or that stood as the #2 contributor towards annual profits”.

Don’t just say you were a co-ordinator; if you were ‘one of the 3 students from your branch chosen as a co-ordinator.’ Don’t just write Team management if you ‘Managed a team of 15’.

Instead of stating, show. Let them see the numbers, awards and achievements. This will help them understand the scale of it.

Those are the most common resume blunders candidates make. We hope you don’t make any of these!

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