Mistakes Engineering Students Make | Top 8 Mistakes Students Do

Mistakes Engineering Students Make

We too hope that your parents don’t read this. Alright? Here is a list that has the potential to guide you to light or whatever. Read closely to know Mistakes Engineering Students Make.

1. Backlogs

Mistakes Engineering Students Make

Perhaps a cool senior once told you how to take advantage of the backlog system. The consequences of failing until engineering were scary. But now, you can clear off failed subjects instead of retaking the entire semester. You feel like humanity has meaning again, isn’t it?

But you and I know that this dampens our preparation, puts lag in efforts. A careless mindset is a byproduct of the backlog rule. But, we rarely try to fathom that it is harder to clear a backlog instead of a regular exam.

For starters, your friends would have moved on. You need to figure out the topics and syllabus by yourself. All of this would have been easier if only you knew where to find the correct study material.

You’ll be working extra, preparing for both regular exams and backlogs. This will reflect on your score as well. Besides, some companies have a no backlog policy or a limit on the no.of backlogs.

Instead of working extra hard later, why not take things more sincerely?

2. Weak basics

It is an open secret: Most engineering graduates pass out not knowing the utter basics of their stream. They later waste extra money, time and resources to learn, what they should have learnt in college years.

Mistakes Engineering Students Make

Basics are required to clear GATE, Technical rounds of an interview and entrance tests; or resort to settling for jobs that do not require them to know thorough basics, sabotaging their careers.

Students start preparing and attend courses to make up for the four years of blur. You can’t get away from learning.

Why not do it when it is easier for you?

3. No soft skills

Students in engineering stream show little or no interest in attending soft skills classes. More so if those classes do not affect your attendance. Karma will bite you back in no time. Because, every job recruitment process on this planet tests your soft skills.

Mistakes Engineering Students Make

You can read and learn concepts. But developing skills takes time and repeated practice, not crash courses or over night study marathons. So developing them through the course of four years is indispensable.

4. Career planning failure

Being clueless is very common? Alright. I understand. Every year lakhs of innocent students get herded into engineering colleges by parents? It is a pity. Your college spends way too much money in every other aspect, leaving career guidance aside? I feel you.

Is that it? Or are there any more ways in which you could blame others and avoid owning your life? Listen… Take charge. You be responsible for your own career advancement. You are way cooler when you are not busy playing a victim.

Mistakes Engineering Students Make

Students who aspire for higher education probably plan their career in advance as they are required to apply and prepare in advance. Others wait until they graduate to form a concrete career plan.

It is always wise to plan your projects and electives according to the goal you have in mind. Drive with intent.

Otherwise you will later find solace in blaming your faculty for not telling you what your mind should have selected.
Start asking your seniors, older cousins, placement officers or browse internet left, right and centre about any career related queries you have. Figure out your own path. Show some commitment.

5. Postponing preparation

Some students do figure out what their career plans must look like. Most students find it comfortable to postpone career preparation plans until after graduation. Don’t wait for fear and pressure to set in before you start preparing.
Treating college like vacation time meant to be for fun and friends is not an ideal strategy, mate. It is always easy to crack an on campus job than try for it off- campus.

Mistakes Engineering Students Make

You think of taking fancy courses or long term GATE coaching and other preparations after their graduation; anything to extend the burden of taking concrete action now.


This postponement and procrastination are mostly misunderstood as carelessness. Psychology states that these are ways of coping with stress. So you procrastinate to cope with stress and this in turn increases your stress. It’s a loop, guys.

Instead of having complex military training like strategies and grand plans to prepare for a career, go the other way. Have tiny regular goals. There is a principle called kaizen in japanese philosophy.

It requires one to do something for a minute everyday to achieve a goal. You can do something for more than a minute; pomodoro requires you to give undivided focus on a task for 40 minutes. Apply techniques like Kaizen or pomodoro in preparation.

6. Project blunders

Buying your project is the best misuse of your intelligence, money and resources. Developing a project on your own could cancel out all your mistakes. It is the quick fix and the shortcut to all your career woes.

Mistakes Engineering Students Make

Students fail to see the opportunity to learn a lot through a project. It can make you stronger in your fundamentals, improves your chances of getting hired and if things go ridiculously well, you can become an innovator.

Exploit the labs, faculty, expensive resources that your institution can provide to learn something. A well done project can get you an impressive job and fare you through technical and HR rounds of an interview too.

7. No mentors

Mentors can guide you and shape your career. This is very important because, the biggest problem with students is their confusion. A mentor can be a teacher, a senior, alumni or any experienced individual.

Mistakes Engineering Students Make

Mentors and social connections can get you new opportunities and perspectives. Some of the best opportunities and projects I got came through the guidance of a good mentor or through social connections. Most MNCs have employee referral schemes too.

In the age of social media, it has become easier to connect to people. You need not meet anyone in person. Follow them on social media, Linkedin or write to them. You underestimate the potential opportunities you can get through good networking skills.

8. Random courses

Students sometimes fall prey to the aggressive marketing of unnecessary courses. But the truth is, employers expect freshers only to be good at fundamentals. They will train you according to requirement later.

Mistakes Engineering Students Make

If you want to take a course, learn your basics thoroughly. C, C++, JAVA, Python or English, Aptitude & Reasoning. Your assessments will be based on basics and fundamentals.

These are the mistakes most students make. They have become so common that most students follow these like rituals. You don’t. Ok?

All India Jobs wishes you all the best!

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