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Infosys Careers

About Infosys

Founded in 1981 by a team of seven engineers, Infosys has now become an MNC with its reach in 46 countries across the world. With its empire extending in the realms of IT services, Consulting and Digital Transformation, Infosys became one of the top IT companies in India.

Apart from these, it runs Infosys Foundation, Infosys Leadership Institute and Infosys Science foundation that actively involve in the betterment of society and scientific research.

Infosys Careers

CEO & M.D: Salil Parekh
Chairman: N.R. Narayana Murthy
Head Quarters: Bangalore, India
Official Website:

Careers in Infosys

Infosys recruits freshers and experienced personnel to work with them. They have a standard recruitment procedure through which hire for all their organizations. And the mandatory step one must take is the profile registration on their career site.

Infosys also offers an internship program called Instep to students from a select group of premier institutions. You can find out about it towards the end of the article.

How to register at Infosys Career portal?

  • You can click on the “login” option which is present in the top right corner of all Infosys Career Pages.
  • It will open a form where you can login if you are already registered.
  • If you are not, click on the register button.
  • Fill in your details: Full name, Email ID, Password and other basic particulars.
  • Your email ID will be your user name.
  • You will get a confirmation saying you are successfully registered.

How to create your profile at Infosys Career portal?

  • Click on a suitable link from the table below.
  • It takes you to a page where you’ll find search boxes with specific filters to search for jobs.
  • On the right side, there is a button that reads “Complete Profile”. Click on it.
  • It will open a dialogue box that asks if you are a fresher or an experienced candidate. Select one.
  • This will take you to a page with a dashboard for your profile.
  • There are four sections: Personal Information, Education, Experience and declaration. Make sure you save every section before you move onto the next one.
  • You must upload a document of your resume and all certificates of your education to complete your profile.
  • Fill in your marks correctly from your 10th standard to your highest educational qualification.
    Submit your profile.

Mandatory Registration Links:

Infosys India jobs & profile registration

Jobs for candidates with a career break:

Infosys has good news for candidates on a career break. If you have a minimum experience of 3 years and are currently unemployed, you can apply at Infosys. Follow the link to know more:

Skill Assessment tool for Infosys Online exam for freshers:

All India Jobs developed a skill assessment tool powered by Artificial Intelligence to help you assess your preparation. Take this test to check your preparation. Have fun sharing your scores and comparing it with your friends.

Infosys Careers

Aptitude Assessment: Click here
Reasoning Assessment: Click here
Technical assessment: Click here

Types of Jobs at Infosys:

Though Infosys is a huge establishment with multiple organizations, it has a straight forward selection criteria. It requires employees to function in three main domains. They are:

1. Technologists: Project managers, architects, programers
2. Enablers: Lawyers, accountants, HR professionals
3. Consultants: Business analysts, sales gurus, consultants

Technologists Enablers Consultants
  • Delivery Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Engineer
  • Technical Lead
  • Technology Analyst
  • Technology Architect
  • Lead- HR
  • Lead- Talent Acquisition
  • Corporate Finance manager
  • Alliance Manager
  • Associate client service manager
  • Engagement Manager
  • Lead Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Consultant

Selection Process at Infosys

2.Profile submission along with resume

We have discussed in detail about these two steps until now.

3. Profile shortlisting:

Apply for suitable jobs present in their portal. After submitting your profile and applying, wait for the Talent Acquisition team at Infosys to contact you.

This is the first round of screening. It requires you to maintain a minimum of 60% throughout your academics starting from 10th standard to be eligible. Just meeting the eligibility may not be enough to get selected.

There is a job alert feature too. It will send an email notification to your inbox if they get an opening you are looking for.

4. Online Test (only for freshers):

If you are a fresher and got shortlisted, you need to give an online assessment test for aptitude and reasoning. It has three sections with section wise time limits. The difficulty level is at par with CAT questions.

If your profile is shortlisted for Infosys online test, AIJ can help you with the preparation. We have curated high quality preparation material for aptitude and reasoning. It will facilitate your online test preparation.

Aptitude and Reasoning Material: Click here

5. Interview

If you are a fresher who cleared this online screening test, you’ll be called for an interview. HR interview is mandatory for both freshers and experienced candidates.

All India Jobs has a team of experts who helped us identify common interview mistakes. We hope you can crack your interview with the help of these tips to crack your Infosys HR interview.

HR interview questions: Click here
Important Interview Tips: Click Here

Depending on the position you are being considered for, they may hold a technical interview as well. Sometimes the HR interview and technical interview are fused.

You must have gone through our study material for Aptitude and Reasoning. If you have a technical round for your interview, prepare by going through the following link.

It is a collection of the best sources from which you can easily prepare and get the job, without confusing about where to search.

Technical study material: Click here

6. Offer letter: You’ll get an offer letter in your mail and a call if you are selected.

Top MNC Placement Papers: Click Here

How to check if your Infosys offer is genuine?

Candidates sometimes get cheated with fraudulent offer letters which are not from Infosys. Do not share your bank account details or sensitive information before checking the offer’s validity. Follow this link to Infosys site to read further:

Fraud alert!

If you got an offer letter that mentions it is from Infosys, you need to verify it on this page.
Infosys offer letter validation link:

Internship at Infosys_ Instep:

Infosys offers internships to students studying in various capacities. However, only students from Infosys’ partnering institutions are eligible to apply. Here’s a list of those institutions in India:

IIT: Delhi, Bombay, Madras, BHU, Kharagpur, Khanpur, Gawahathi, Roorkee
IIM: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore

Students from these institutions can look at the list of projects and apply generically or to projects of their choice. Find the list of projects from here:

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