IBM Careers | Selection Process and Resume Writing Tips

IBM Careers

International Business Machines Corporation, abbreviated as IBM is an MNC based in America. A company which is more than a century old, IBM was founded in 1911 by Charles Ranlett Flint.

It was called as Computer Tabulating Recording company and was later renamed as IBM. IMB has two sister companies in India for which the tech giant recruits collectively. They are: Soft Layer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. and Network SolutionsPvt. Ltd.

IBM Careers

CEO & M.D: Ginni Rometty
Head Quarters: New York, US
Official Website:

Careers at IBM

IBM India recruits for three of their main subsidiaries: GBS- Global Business Services, GTS- Global Technology services and ISL- India Software Labs. Global Business Services provides services to clients based on their business needs on projects basis. GlobalTechnology Services on the other hand outsources hardware, infrastructure and services related to maintaining these.

The salary packages atGBS and GTS are similar for similar roles. But it is higher for ISL. ISL develops and maintains IBM’s products which are used universally. The roles are more demanding. So the standards and salary packages at ISL are higher.

Fraud Alert:

In the world of cyber crimes, it is essential that one always has a way to cross check any communication they receive from the internet. If you get an offer letter or any communication from IBM that looks fishy, contact:

Any mail communication from IBM India will be done from a mail address that ends in: IBM does not ask for your bank details,account information or any safety deposits when offering a job.

Be aware of con men who promise jobs in return for monetary favours.The recruitment policy at IBM is fair and transparent.

Registration at IBM Portal:

IBM has an employment portal where one can register at. The portal which contains all the profiles of the registrants is called IBM Talent Network. The registration is simple with basic identification details and contact details.

You’ll be asked to mention your area of Interest, experience level and primary skill set. Since IBM is a Multinational Company, you need to select your country of residence and the country you’d like to work at.

IBM Registration link:

The entire process is pretty simple. You will be asked to update your latest resume at the portal. However, you need to understand how resumes are filtered at IBM for you to prepare one that suits this company.

IBM Careers

How to write a Resume for IBM?

IBM uses AI to filter out resumes. A machine program reads your resume in the initial phases of segregation, not a human. So, it is better to keep the number of columns and resume design simple.

If you don’t keep headings that clearly spell out your educational qualifications, experience and skills clearly, your resume will never be selected.These are some specific tips on how to write your resume for IBM. If you want to know the basic standards that you must maintain to make an impressive resume, go through our all india jobs.

If you wish to check if your resume is readable or not, upload it on this IBM career finder page: It is a page where there is an AI assistant that takes information from potential candidates. Upload your resume on this page and chat with the chatbot.

It will let you know what information it understood and will ask for clarity about fields it did not understand. It is better to change those sections of your resume for IBM and for other companies where AI is used to screen applications.’

Selection Process at IBM:

The selection process at IBM is different for freshers and the experienced, as one would imagine. However the selection process for off campus recruitment of freshers is similar to both categories to an extent.

If you are in any of the top league colleges of India from which IBM hires through campus recruitment, you need not register on their portal. But if you are a fresher who wants to be called for their off campus recruitment, you need to apply for jobs in their portal like the experienced candidates do.

Look for the open positions at IBM here:

IBM selection for the Experienced:

Apply for positions and if you are a good fit, the hiring managers will shortlist you and conduct a series of technical & HR interviews. The typical process will have 3 to 4 interviews. The process after interview will be quick too.

The technical interview will most likely be a fact checking mechanism. So,one need not worry about proving their worth. If you are being contacted for your profile, chances are you already are a fit technically.

The interview for professionals and experienced will primarily focus on their willingness and feasibility to join IBM. This is because their profiles, experience and projects will already give an idea about how technically sound they are.
The selection process and the steps involved will be different for freshers and experienced. The experienced will fare through, by the merit of their profile and experience. Freshers will need to take assessments.

Assessment for freshers:

Elimination rounds:

  • Number series test
  • Aptitude test
  • English and Business communication

You will be promoted to the next round only if you clear every test in the same sequence.

Number series and aptitude test rounds are pretty straight forward. English exam will have basic grammar, sentence correction and other standard models. In business communication, you’ll be asked to write a corporate mail.

Preparation material for IBM Number series & Aptitude rounds: Click here

Merit round:

  • Coding
  • HR & Technical interview

The coding test has three parts to it. The first part will be an assessment based on HackerRank platform. The second part will have MCQ questions based on basic concepts of programming, algorithms etc., The third part is a coding test. A question will be given and you’ll be asked to write a code for it.

All India Job’s curated material for Coding and Programming: Click here

Interview tips by AIJ experts: Click here

The technical & HR interview will consider your entire profile, your marks from coding test and your interview performance. Make sure you check out the tips for interviews whether you are a fresher or experienced.

If you want to look at the information and selection processes of other bigshot MNCs, you can find them on AllIndia Job’s Top MNCs page at All India Jobs page. AIJ wishes you all the best!

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