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eLitmus: Every year, all over India, lakhs of job openings and many more job aspirants enter the job search market. Significantly huge establishments shell out a good part of their fortune in trying to hire the right candidates for their requirements. These hiring platforms reduce the effort and money spent to hire.

Job seekers move hither thither applying for various job opportunities, all the while feeling confused. The most real problem for aspirants is the danger of going unnoticed. From this demand sprang up the need for standard hiring tests.

Companies often pair up with third party services for their hiring needs. The third party takes the requirements from the company, does candidate selection and finishes the recruitment for them. Hiring tests work on the same principle.




eLitmus, AMCAT and Joblana are the popular employability tests right now. Each of them has a different pattern. These tests give worthy candidates with insignificant profiles to have a second chance. They can improve their profiles and try for better jobs if they can manage to ace these tests.

Why eLitmus

eLitmus is slightly difficult as compared to AMCAT. But it’s compensation packages, even for entry level positions are better than the offers that come along with the AMCAT scorecard.

By taking a single employability test, the candidate becomes more preferred and visible to the client companies of eLitmus. There are top MNCs, banks, corporations and private enterprises, nearly 400 institutions that through eLitmus.

Instead of applying for different jobs in various mind bending ways, one can take the test and apply for all the jobs through eLitmus’ portal. You will get interview calls directly from employers if your profile is a good fit.

What is eLitmus

eLitmus is established by ex- employees of Infosys. The platform is established to fill in the gaps in the job search- hiring process. Through this, right candidates are filtered out and ranked.

The filtering involves certificate verification and assessments. The assessment test is called pH or hiring potential test. It is a pen and paper test. It lasts for 2 hours and has 3 sections.

The results are then statistically analyzed to understand the merit of a person and their strengths. Based on these assessments, your profile and experience, the field that will suit you best will be identified.

You can then enter their site and send this scorecard to all the job vacancies listed by them. The scorecard database and candidate profiles will then be screened by employers and you can get interview calls if you meet the requirements.

Eligibility for eLitmus

Any candidate can take the pH test by eLitmus. But the hiring managers who select candidates through eLitmus mostly hire candidates with a background in Engineering, Masters’ in the Sciences or Technology, MCA, etc.

If you are in the final year of your Bachelor’s degree, don’t wait until the campus recruitment news. These announcements happen a week before the recruitment event happens. It takes about 18 working days for the administrators to get your results and scorecard. So it is best to take the test at least a month in advance before you apply for jobs.

It is advisable to take the test a semester before you need the scores. This will give you enough time to prepare and retake the test if need be. Most job openings start towards the beginning of the financial year around June/ July. So it is safe to schedule the test around January.

eLitmus process:

Candidates interested in bagging a job by taking eLitmus need to register on their website. One can register using their mail ID or their google account. A profile activation link will be sent to your Gmail ID once you submit your details. You need to click on the activation link sent through your mail to activate your account.


This will take you to a dashboard where you must fill in the details to complete your profile. These details are divided into five sections. First section: general details, second section: education details from X standard to your highest degree, third section: work experience related details, fourth section: details about your skillset and fifth section: document uploading.

In the general details section, you will be asked to fill in basic details that include your: name, parent’s name, phone number, Aadhar details, PAN card number, gender, etc.

Registration Link: https://www.elitmus.com/users/register

eLitmus test slot

One needs to book a test slot through the website by paying the test fee online or walk into eLitmus’ Bangalore office and pay in cash. Slots will be opened a couple of months before the test date. You need to check the test locations, dates and times before you can book a slot.

Test locations

Tests are taken across India in all major locations. eLitmus is held in about 100 test locations. Find the details about the pH test in the below link:


eLitmus time slot details: https://www.elitmus.com/tests

pH test pattern

eLitmus test is conceptual. The exam is designed to test your natural talent and abilities. The organizers of the test themselves believe that short term courses and crash preparations may not work.

Understand the concepts instead of sticking to shortcuts and cheat codes. eLitmus is easy for candidates with good understanding and strong foundations. It is difficult for candidates who don’t.

It is advisable to brush up on the fundamentals and basic concepts twice or thrice. The syllabus and difficulty level will be similar to that of Common Aptitude Test (CAT)

eLitmus practice material for Aptitude & Reasoning: Click here

All required formulae will be provided at the back of the question paper during the examination. So you need not worry about rot memorization either. You need to know the concept and know how to use the appropriate formulae in the right place.

According to their official website, “The test is not designed to measure your proficiency in specific areas or subjects. Hence it does not have a specific syllabus. The test measures a broad range of skills and abilities that you have gained throughout your education. Examples of skills and abilities measured include – simplification, relational thinking, extrapolation/interpolation, perseverance, eye for detail, repetitive fatigue, etc.”

The current pattern has three sections. These sections will test your analytical, quantitative and verbal abilities. Every section currently has twenty questions. The total number of questions is sixty. Two hours will be allotted to finish the test.. The pattern is decidedly varying as the administrators are constantly trying to fine-tune the process.


You can be awarded a maximum of 200 marks in each section. There are 20 questions in each section but each question does not carry the same marks. Questions are marked based on the degree of their difficulty. Cumulatively, the three sections’ maximum score is 600 marks.

Negative marking is awarded but it is conditional. If a candidate attempts more than 25% of the problems incorrectly, negative marking is awarded. Otherwise, no negative marking. This is a differential marking test.
The marking will not be considered as per your percentages or marks. Percentile is calculated by a formula that not only calculates your marks; It will be a marker that indicates your performance in reference to others. So one need not worry even if the test is difficult. Since it will be difficult for everyone else also, it won’t affect your percentile drastically.

Document Verification

It is mandatory for all candidates to get their documents verified on the day of the examination. If you fail to bring or verify all these documents, you will not be eligible to write the test. The list of required documents is as follows.
Original certificates of all exams from X standard to the latest degree.

  • Any original government photo identity card- Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID etc.,
  • eLitmus admit card with a passport size photo pasted on it.


Please understand that xerox, duplicate or attested copies won’t be allowed. It is necessary to take original documents.

On- campus test

If the placement officers contact the administrators of the eLitmus test, it can be conducted at college campuses as well. These are on-campus tests. The process does not vary from the standard test.

In such tests conducted on campuses, only students belonging to that institute are allowed.

Result announcements

Your result and score details will be sent to your mail ID. It takes about 18 working days to get your results back to you. Once you get your scorecard, you can feel free to send this scorecard to potential employees or mention this on your resume.

There is a list of jobs in the job postings page of eLitmus. You can apply to those jobs through the portal. They can access your scorecard and profile. You will get a call if you have the minimum required qualifications.
pH validity

For freshers, the scorecard is valid for two years. The scorecard of an experienced candidate does not expire. A candidate can take the test any number of times to improve their score. The best score is considered by employers.
But be careful while taking the test too many times. If you take the test more than three times, the employers won’t look at your profile favorably. Some companies won’t even consider profiles that attempted eLitmus more than thrice.

Companies hiring through eLitmus

About 600 to 800 companies hire through eLitmus every year for several vacancies. MNCs, banks and enterprises of different levels hire through eLitmus. The most popular companies that hire in this way are:

  • Accenture
  • Capgemini
  • Wipro
  • Volvo
  • Udemy
  • Truecaller
  • Time Inc. India
  • Teach for India
  • Samsung
  • Robert Bosch
  • Philips
  • Motorola
  • Mindtree Limited
  • Microsoft India
  • LG
  • L & T
  • ITC Infotech
  • Intel
  • HCL Technologies
  • Flipkart
  • eLitmus
  • Dell
  • Cisco Pvt. Ltd.,
  • Canon India Pvt. Ltd.,
  • Big Basket
  • Adobe Systems

eLitmus companies’ job list: https://www.elitmus.com/jobs

These are the details of eLitmus. You can read about AMCAT here at All India Jobs. If you are searching for information on the selection process of top MNCs, visit this page of All India Jobs. We wish you all the best!

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