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Career Guidance

Career Guidance takes you closer to getting employed. Find Interview Tips, Employability tricks, eLitmus, GATE AMCAT exam details, and more at All India Jobs’ Career Guidance page.

Unsure about the conflicting suggestions everyone is throwing at you? But be aware- you must follow well- written career blogs and not trashy advice.

All India Jobs understands that confusion is real when it comes to the tiny details of your career. Our motto is to serve sincere candidates. So, we are here to bring you our expert-curated list of Career Guidance articles.

Career Guidance


Tip: Understand that this journey you are taking to have a bright career will be benefited by having the right kind of mentors to guide you. Talk to your seniors, teachers, elder cousins, acquaintances, and experts.

AMCAT | eLitmus | GATE

AIJ suggests serious job aspirants to write these employability assessments. It is a good idea to write and prepare for one test and get noticed by various companies at once instead of running around 30 companies at a time. AMCAT and eLitmus are two promising employability tests freshers and less experienced can take to get noticed by hiring managers and top MNC’s.

Programming Tips for Freshers

Most of you might be interested in learning Programming and Coding to get a decent job. This is definitely good for you. The employability tests like AMCAT, eLitmus and other Top MNC Selection Assessments have questions about Programming Topics.

Some interview rounds or assessments for recruitment involve coding correction tests and program writing rounds. So, it is a good idea to understand which courses to take and which ones not to. Read our articles to find out.

Top Career Guidance Articles from AIJ

All India Jobs writes genuine information that helps job seekers achieve their personal best. And here are our articles which are the best of the lot. You make sure you go through all of them as the content is high value.

  1. Top 10 Mistakes of a fresh job seeker
  2. Tips to ace your Telephonic Interview
  3. Courses for Freshers Hiring Managers Recommend
  4. Don’t ruin your Tell Me About Yourself
  5. Mistakes all Engineering Students blindly make
  6. Why not to Neglect Aptitude & Reasoning
  7. Your guide to follow on the Day Before an Interview
  8. Resume Blunders that God won’t forgive

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Interview Tips & Tricks

Preparing for an interview is always confusing. On one hand you need to make sure you have all documents, answers and necessities ready. On the other hand, you have to maintain a calm mind space in the middle of that nervous excitement.

Career Guidance

The tricky part is, you will not have time to spare. Your presence of mind must work with jet speed. Otherwise, you will end up regretting and thinking answers you should have given instead.

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So, we are here to give you tips before the damage is done. Remember, rehearse until you drop. That shows in your ease.

Communication skills:

I remember all of my classmates bunking the soft skills classes and English labs. They take it easy and underrate how important Soft skills are to get a job.

You can learn 10 hard topics in a day, but you can’t build a skill in an afternoon. Communication skills take time to shine through. So, better practice from this moment.

Start now by reading these articles.

Good luck!

Share these articles with people who are taking the same journey as you. Remember, sharing is caring!

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