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Amazon Careers

Amazon Inc is a Multinational Company based in America. Popular for its e-commerce activities, it is one of the Big-four technology companies in the world right now. Amazon Careers focuses on e- commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. Its founder is Jeff Bezos who is still heading the tech giant.

Amazon Careers

CEO & President: Jeff Bezos
Head Quarters: Washington,United States
Official Website:

Careers in Amazon

Throughout the world, Amazon recruits numerous number of candidates in multiple roles. Experienced candidates and freshers can apply through Amazon’s dedicated job portal.

Students who are still continuing their education and interested in interning at Amazon can do so. They can register for its portal for students ‘Amazon university’ here:


You need to keep checking job portals, especially All India Jobs to get information about Walkins at Amazon as they do not have a page where they update such details on their website.

Details about Walkins are sent through the mail to candidates who register and apply at Amazon. Check our Walkins page to get updated.

Selection Process at Amazon:

The selection process at Amazon varies widely based on different parameters. It varies from role to role, on your experience, whether the placement is on- campus or off-campus, depending on the hiring manager & the number of candidates attending the drive.

So there is no sure way of telling you exactly how the process happens. But, we will guide you to prepare for all possibilities. Carefully go through this article.

The main steps that a candidate must take are broadly classified into three:

Step 1: Apply
Step 2: Assessment
Step 3: Interview
Step 4: Apply


In order to apply for any job at Amazon, one needs to register on their site. You need to provide your name and basic details. Amazon will send a confirmation mail. A link will be sent to you through the mail asking you to activate your profile.

Once all acknowledgements are done, your profile will be activated and you will have a username and password to login. Login to your profile and fill in the basic details that will be displayed on your profile’s dashboard.

Details include your name,contact details,address,education and work experience. You will be asked to upload your resume to your profile. Upload the latest version of your resume. To get expert advice to double check if your resume does not have any blunders: Click here to know the resume writing tips.

Here is the link to register at Amazon Jobs portal:

Amazon Careers

Once your profile registration is completed, you need to go through the job openings at Amazon. As it is an MNC company, you can go through opportunities world wide. If you want to look for Job opportunities in India, click here:

Amazon recruits majorly in the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ludhiana. There are offices at smaller towns from Haryana,Punjab, Telangana, Karnataka and Chennai.

It is always best to read through the entire job post that has: roles & responsibilities, eligibility criteria and specifications. Apply in one click if you are eligible. You can withdraw applications at any stage.

All your applications and the status of your applications will be reflected on your profile’s dashboard. You need to wait till your profile is screened by Amazon. If you are shortlisted, you’ll be forwarded to the next stage.

Step 2: Assessment

Amazon’s assessments vary widely. However all these assessments can be broadly divided into two major classifications.

  • Work Style Assessment
  • Work Sample assessment

Work Style assessment at Amazon

Amazon is a customer service company. Be it their voice process,e- commerce or other IT services, it has one definite philosophy. The leadership at Amazon do not take this easily. Amazon believes the customer is king. Everyone from back end innovators to front end service providers plan every little step based on this.

Based on this mantra at the centre of their philosophy, Amazon developed a set of principles. Job seekers are expected to be well acquainted with these principles for assessment. You can find Amazon’s principles here:

If you carefully digest these principles into your mind, you will face a test. It will be a mix of psychometric test, behavioural analysis and tests of candidate’s attitude.

Amazon describes its work culture as ‘peculiar’ and places great emphasis on its philosophy. So if you want a job at Amazon, you better prepare hard for such questions.Because these questions will also be a part of their Interview rounds.

Amazon’s Work Sample assessment

You’ll be confused if you see the other assessments Amazon takes.There is a good reason for it. Amazon Careers keeps re- inventing itself. So the assessment patterns also evolve organically.

If you are an experienced candidate or professional, you need not worry about this step, unless mentioned otherwise.
Every employee, no matter which position you are applying for, will be asked to write a writing sample.This is because every candidate is expected to prepare memos or agendas for meetings in writing, instead of using Microsoft Powerpoint.

If you are attending on-campus, off-campus or Walkin recruitments, the first round could be a JAM round. Just A Minute, abbreviated as JAM will require you to speak for a minute about a topic briefly and fluently in English. At some locations, the HRs are known to replace this round with a one- on- one brief interview. It is their call.

If your role requires you to have good communication skills, you will have a certain type of assessment. Roles at Amazon’s Voice Process, HR office,Content development etc., will require you to take a test in basic English.

The other tests include email writing, identifying wrong sentences and other language related exams. Voice process roles will require you to take live calls and listen to mock calls and do a mock up of the actual job.

Some rounds require participants to classify the tone of a sentence as positive or negative at Amazon Careers. These tests about the behaviour and emotional intelligence of a candidate are for roles that directly deal with customer service.

If you are applying for a technical role, the assessments will require you to do a live sample of working on programming or code correction. However, the difficulty is of basic level.

Here are the list of technical topics Amazon expects you to prepare for before taking their assessments:

Amazon Technical Assessment preparation material: Click here

If you have successfully cleared the assessments, then congratulations! Pat yourself on the back. But hold your breath. Because the next round is the real one.

Step 3: Interview

Truth be told, Interview rounds at Amazon are no cake walks. However, they tell you exactly what they expect from you. There will be “Tell me about yourself” and “ Why Amazon?” questions.

It is not the questions themselves that are tricky. But it is their preset expectations from you that will make this a bit of a nightmare for some. But the difficulty is only when candidates don’t like setting aside time to sincerely prepare.
Remember the principles of Amazon we mentioned in step 1? Questions will be based on those.They will test your attitude towards those principles. And the tricky part is,you should not reply with sweet talk, wishy- washy philosophies and opinions.

If it is a technical interview at Amazon Careers, you’ll have to be thorough with your projects and any information you put on your resume. You will be asked leadership based questions on your previous projects and experiences. So,be prepared.

They will conduct psychometric analysis and behaviour based interviews in the HR round. They want to know everything with hard core evidence based on your experiences. You can’t convince them unless you are prepared.

The interview will either be an in-person or telephonic interview. Its best to carry a pen, paper and a copy of your resume along with you for both types of interviews. For telephonic interviews at Amazon Careers, make sure you have your internet connection on and download Amazon Chime.

For specific instructions on how to not mess up Amazon Careers interviews, All India Jobs has created specially curated articles. Read them here.

If you have cleared all these rounds, congrats! All India Jobs wishes you all the very best in your job trials.We put in lots of effort to provide you genuine information about other top MNC companies and their selection procedures. You can find them here at All India jobs.

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