Accenture Careers | Application Procedure, Selection Process

Accenture Careers

Accenture, a multinational company based in Ireland is one of the bigshot software professional services companies of India. It started in 1989 and steadily rose to power.

Accenture Careers

CEO: Julie Sweet
Head Quarters: Dublin, Ireland
Official Website:

Careers at Accenture

There are many Fortune 500 companies and top MNCs AIJ writes about. Not every company is keen on recruiting freshers and the inexperienced. But Accenture has a widespread tradition of employing freshers. One needs to keep in mind the kind of company Accenture is, before they decide to go for it. Accenture is a professional services company. It is reported that about one- third of the fortune 500 companies are their clients.

So most of their projects are not development projects. They have many database and maintenance related projects. Which project you get depends on availability and your merit. If you want to work at a comfortable pace, there are several maintenance and consulting projects too.

Application Procedure at Accenture:

Accenture has several offices throughout India. Their process of hiring for freshers and experienced candidates are different. If your college has invited Accenture for campus placement then you need not register or apply at their online portal.

Otherwise, it is mandatory for all candidates to register at their portal. This is the registration link of Accenture:

You will get an email notification for off campus recruiting events and walkins at Accenture if you register.

1.To register, one needs to create an account with their email ID. Accenture sends an email with a link that must be clicked on to activate the account. Note down the sign-in details. You will use these details to log into their portal.

2. Search through their portal for job vacancies and apply for it. Before you apply, make sure you have a resume readily available to be uploaded. There are columns that ask for your Aadhar card number, PAN card number and Passport number. Filling at least one is mandatory but not all.

Accenture Careers

Most freshers prepare resumes with many mistakes. Hiring experts browse through hundreds of resumes every day for one job post. One mistake could mean you’ll be out.

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The application will ask you to update information about your experience and highest educational qualification. Fill in all the details and submit.

Selection Procedure:

Accenture is one of the rare companies where you can go to their office directly and find out if there are any openings. You might even get a chance to speak with a hiring manager.

If Accenture is visiting your campus, there will be three rounds of selection. The first round is usually a group discussion with a group size ranging from 5 to 7. The selected candidates may conduct a JAM round for the prospective candidates too.

This will be an elimination round. The next round will be a personal interview where a panel of interviewers will ask both technical and HR based questions. If you fare well through all these rounds, you will be extended a job offer.
Based on your communication and technical skills, the panel will select you for a suitable position at Accenture. If you are being screened for a technical role, you might have to give one more test to check your skills in programming and coding.

1. Review

If you are a fresher who is individually applying for Accenture, you can have good chances of getting selected by getting a good score in e- litmus and AMCAT. If you have a good score in either of these exams, chances are you will get a call from Accenture directly. Then you can participate from step no: 2 in the list.

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Otherwise, applying at the portal for job posts will also do. Freshers and experienced candidates alike will go through all job vacancies and apply. All applications will be reviewed by hiring experts.

AIJ Tip: It always helps to connect with the employees of Accenture. Accenture has an employee referral program. Your chances of getting hired will increase if you can manage to get a reference. Connect with Accenture employees directly or through linkedin and other social media platforms.

2. Interview

The next rounds will be a series of interviews: both HR and Technical based. If you are a fresher, you will be subjected to less number of interviews. But your communication skills will be subjected to scrutiny thoroughly.

Accenture Interview tips: Click here

Interviews for lateral hiring for the experienced will mostly test your genuine willingness to start working at Accenture.

3. Document verification

The final round is more of a formality. You will be asked to submit documents, after the verification of which, a job offer will be extended.

AIJ wishes you all the best for the progress of your career! We curated a special list of selection procedures for top MNC companies here at All India Jobs.

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