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eLitmus PH Test Questions Papers: Aspiring job seekers those who are planning to prepare for eLitmus Entrance Examination 2018? If yes you had reached to the correct platform which shows you teh final destination to find your dream job in top MNC companies. eLitmus is teh largest recruitment company with various work assessments for shortlisting the competitors and show them the right way for the entry level in engineering posts. eLitmus will conduct a PH test for shortlisting the students for the range of Industries like Security, IT Products, R&D, Software Services, Physical Infrastructure and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) respectively. So before going to the examination individuals have to go through the eLitmus Mock Test Previous Papers which is teh best way to deal the eLitmus exam. Right now start your eLitmus exam preparation by referring these eLitmus Sample Question Papers 2018 without fail.

eLitmus Mock Test Previous Papers

eLitmus Mock Test Previous Papers – PH Test Sample Papers

Organisation eLitmus
Test pH Test
Category Previous Papers
Website www.elitmus.com

eLitmus is an Indian’s largest fresher assessment and recruitment company. Some big companies have collaborated with eLitmus. The companies hiring through eLitmus like Dell International Services, Ericsson, HCL Technologies, Accenture, L & T Infotech, Mindtree, etc. pH Test or Hiring Potential Test is an assessment exam conducted by eLitmus. With over lakh number of candidates seat for the pH test. Companies use pH Score as a criterion to hire eligible and talented employees.

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Hiring Potential Test (PH Offline Examination)

PH Test is a pen and paper offline aptitude test which is no longer administered in online. The tests designed to be completed within two hours. And it is scattered with three sections like quantitative, verbal and analytical. It will change within the structure from time to time which experts continually fine-tune and also evolve the test, in their constant effort to draw for the best measure of your true ability. Each section currently has twenty questions making it a total of sixty questions. The maximum marks are 600. The problems in each section are objective with multiple choices and are categorized into several levels of difficulty. In the final score will reflect not only the number of questions that you have answered correctly, but also their difficulty level, and on how your peers have fared on the same questions.

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List of pH Elitmus Test Locations

  • Mumbai.
  • Bangalore.
  • Hyderabad.
  • Kolkata.
  • Cochin.
  • Chandigarh.
  • Lucknow.
  • Delhi.
  • Pune.
  • Madhurai.
  • Mangalore.
  • Chennai.
  • Bhopal.

eLitmus Exam syllabus

eLitmus Mock Test Previous Papers

eLitmus PH Test Exam Pattern

S. No. Name of the Area No of Questions Total Marks Total Duration
1. Aptitude 20 200 120 minutes
2. Logical 20 200
3. Verbal 20 200
Total 60 600 120 minutes

eLitmus Negative Marking Scheme

eLitmus Question Paper contains 60 questions on that duration to solve the questions paper will be 120 minutes. There will be Negative Marking Scheme PH test. Each correct answer will be awarded ten marks in all the sections. There will have 20 questions in each session, and it carries 200 marks. The negative marking will be on the basis for the number of the wrong answer which is given by the candidates. For suppose more than 25% Wrongly attempted questions then you would be given negative marking for questions given wrong. There will be a deduction of 5 marks out of 10 marks for each wrongly attempted. Negative marking only applied if you solve more than 1/4th of total attempts incorrect.

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eLitmus Reasoning Sample Questions

There is a group of five teachers a, b, c, d, and e * b and c teaches maths and geography * a and c teach maths and history * b and d teach political science and geography * d and e teach political science and biology * e teaches biology, history and political science Who teaches political science, geography and biology?

  1.  b
  2.  e
  3.  d
  4.  c

If the following numbers are rewritten by interchanging the digits in ten’s place and hundred’s place and then arranging them in the descending order. What will be the second digit of the newly formed fifth number from your right? 479, 736, 895, 978, 389, 675

  1. 5
  2. 4
  3. 3
  4. 6

Group Discussion Tips

On a playing ground A, B, C, D, and E are standing as described below facing the North.
(i) B is 50 meters to the right of D.
(ii) A is 60 meters to the South of B.
(iii) C is 40 meters to the West of D.
(iv) E is 80 meters to the North of A. What is the minimum distance (in meter approximately) between C and E?

  1. 78
  2. 53
  3. 120
  4. 92

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eLitmus Aptitude Previous Questions

In a certain examination paper, there are n questions. For j=1,2,…….n there is 2^n-1 will answered j or more questions wrong. If the total number of wrong answers is 4095, then the value of n is ……

  1. 9
  2. 12
  3. 11
  4. 10

The probability of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a penalty is twice than the possibility of missing it. In a World Cup he takes five penalties, What is the probability of scoring three penalties among the 5?

  1. 1-((2/3)^3 * (1/3)^3)
  2. 1-((2/3)^2)* (1/3)^3)
  3. 5*2*((2/3)^3 * (1/3)^3)
  4. None of these

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Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson have to travel from Rajeev Gandhi Chowk to Indira Gandhi International Airport via the Metro. They have enough coins of 1, 5, 10 and 25 paise. Sherlock Homes agree to pay for Dr. Watson only if he tells all the possible combinations of coins that can be used to pay for the ticket. How many combinations are possible if the fare is 50 paise?

  1. 52
  2. 49
  3. 44
  4. 45

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eLitmus Verbal Solved Questions & Answers

Satish was endowed ……… a natural talent for music.

  1. in
  2. by
  3. for
  4. with

A.We lived in a succession of small towns in the south, never remaining at the same address for more than two years.
B.In my case, I think it was a combination of family circumstances and physical peculiarities.
C.I have often been asked what attracts someone to mycology, the study of biology.
D.My father, a federal accountant, was exceptionally peripatetic.

  1. CBDA
  2. DABC
  3. CADB
  4. CBAD

Mr. Robinson was a ………………romantic while his wife was quite the …………….

  1. hopeless, romantic
  2. bright, materialist
  3. mercy, mythic
  4. depreciate, cynic

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eLitmus Previous Papers

To help the aspirants with the eLitmus Exam Preparation we have made this article this article equipped with eLitmus  Sample Previous Papers. All the information collected here will be given in the below by performing some research. Use the link attached to it in order to download them. Practice them and hope the information provided was useful.

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