Are you struggling to clear face to face interview? You must read this then!

​1. ​​Appearance

When you meet a person face to face, the first impression that others make on you is based on your external ​appearance. Follow these tips:

​1. Dress professionally

2. ​Groom your hair to give a decent look.

3. If you are a man, shave your beard cleanly

4. Give a decent smile and greet them confidently up on meeting.


​2. Confidence

"​​The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence"

It's the confidence ​that gives belief on you to others.

Confidence comes when you are prepared and strong. You can't act confidence.

So, spend most of time in preparing technology w.r.t to the jobs description and products or domain that the company is dealing with.

​Be prepared to answer the first question the best!

The very first question that you might be asked is "Tell me about yourself"

​It is because people want to know more about you before they hire you!

You might have read many articles already to ​know how to answer this question. However, keep these points in mind.

​Let us say you have 5 minutes of time to answer this question. You have to best utilize this time to sell you.

​The Five Critical Minutes

Minute 1:  Your personal details including academic details and hobbies. - Just to let know bit more about you.

Minute 2:  ​Your achievements. - To prove that you are successful person.

Minute 3:  Your overall technical skills​​​ - To prove that you are capable.

Minute 4:  ​You deep tech skills- To ​let know that you are serious and can marry a thing/task.

Minute 5:  Your ​project​​​ - To prove that ​have produced something useful by applying your skills.

By organizing y our time as mentioned above, you can give best impression!

​Keep these handy


​A nicely crafted resume

Pen and Paper

​To explain your ideas


​Show  your hard earned achievements if any



​Any white ​papers or proofs or ideas that explain your projects

All India Jobs wishes you all the best!!

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