Why learn python?



Let me explain why you should learn python. Imagine you are a car lover, don’t you love having a Tesla or Mercedes Benz or Audi?  You definitely because they are the best available cars in the car domain. They give you all the power that you can dream of and that you can achieve as per today’s best available car technology.  Similarly, python is one such powerful, feature rich and friendly programming language. I feel every software developer must know it. Once you start using it you will fall in love undoubtedly.


Following are top reasons why you MUST learn python:

#1. Python has libraries for almost everything.

Following are few examples:

  1. Pillow – Python Image processing
  2. Scrapy – Web scrapping tool
  3. TensorFlow – Machine Learning (Numerical processing)
  4. SQLAlchemy – Database library
  5. BeautifulSoup – HTML and XML parsing library
  6. NumPy – Simple to advanced mathematical functions
  7. SciPy – Collection of mathematical and scientific libraries for scientific community.
  8. PyMol -Python Molecular modeling for Biologists
  9. Nltk – Natural Language Processing
  10. Socket – Network programming

The list is endless and you will be the most powerful programmer once you are equipped with python. There can’t be anything that can’t be achieved ?


#2.  Python code is easily readable like your English

You believe or not, the most readable code on this planet is python code!! It is very close to native language. Pythonic idioms are so natural. For example see the following code snip that self explains:

kitchen = [‘Juice’, ‘Fruit’, ‘Tea’, ‘Bread’]

if ‘Tea’ in kitchen:

print ‘Enjoy Tea’


#3.  Python is object oriented

It’s true, python is object oriented. You can write python code with or without using objects and classes. Choice of coding style is yours. However, python uses objects internally for everything.

You can relate your code to the real world using object oriented paradigm.

There are many other good reasons why you should learn python. I will update them soon. Until then start learning python 🙂

Browse https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial  to learn.


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