Marico Limited Interview Questions For Freshers And Experienced Candidates (Technical & HR)

Marico Limited Interview Questions

Marico Limited Interview Questions

Marico Limited is an Indian consumer goods company providing consumer products and services in the areas of Health and Beauty based in Mumbai. Here is the great news for the aspirants who want to explore their future career in Marico Limited. Yes, from this article you can avail plenty of frequently asked interview questions which are commonly asked during the Marico Ltd. Interview process. So, the applicants who are going to participate in Marico Limited interview should keep in mind that they will get succeed in all the interview rounds only if they cover all the essential basics regarding Marico Limited interview. For the sake of applied candidates, we are provided frequently asked different types of interview questions in this article. It will take a lot much effort for us to bring all the desired and detailed content regarding Marico Limited interview into single place as mentioned in this page clearly.

Marico Limited Interview Rounds

All the interview rounds comprised in Marico Limited interview are conducted for the aspirants to test their problem solving as well as technical skills. So, the applied candidates should keep an eye on this section to gain knowledge on interview rounds in Marico limited as detailed below
  • Online Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview
  • Personal Interview
The contenders who are succeeding in the online test will be allowed for next rounds to examine their technical skills. Fortunately, if any of the candidates clear the technical round will get a chance to go for HR interview rounds where contenders problem solving are focused by the interviewer. Contenders are also needed to understand that they will get placed in Marico only after the successful completion of interview rounds along with qualified marks. So, aspirants should be prepared well to face any type of risk during interview time.

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Marico Limited Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

The Technical interview is purely based on core subjects. So, all the aspirants who are going to attend for a technical interview should take a brief look at this section before approaching the interview. Also, contenders can include this section into preparation schedule as of their wish.

C Language Interview Questions

  • What is C language?
  • Who developed C language?
  • Describe history of C programming language
  • Where is C programming language used or uses of C language?
  • What is the difference between C and C++?
  • What is a keyword in C?
  • What is the difference between assembler, compiler, and interpreter?
  • What is meant by protocol?
  • Execution of a C program starts from which function?
  • What are all the sections that a C program may/must have?
  • What is IDE?
  • What is the difference between top down approach and bottom up approach in programming languages?
  • List out some keywords available in C language.
  • What is the difference between C and Java?
  • C language has been developed in which language?
  • Which year C language is developed?
  • What is meant by programming language and give some examples?
  • Describe C standards?
  • What are the key features or characteristics of C language?
  • What is embedded C?
  • Which level is C language belonging to?
  • What do you mean by high level, middle level, and low-level languages and give an example for each?
  • What is the difference between structured oriented, object oriented and non-structure oriented programming language?
  • What is compiler?
  • List out some of C compilers
  • What is enum in C?
  • What is void in C?
  • What is token in C?
  • What are the types of C tokens?
  • What is an identifier in C?
  • What is header file in C language?
  • Is C language case sensitive?
  • What is Macro? Why do we use a macro?
  • What is data type in C?
  • What is the difference between int, char, float & double data types?
  • What is the use of the size of() function in C?
  • What is a modifier in C?
  • What are different types of modifiers in C?

Control Systems Interview Questions

  • What are the types of alternators?
  • Which among the following controls the speed of D.Cmotor?
  • What is meant by power factor? Explain.
  • What do you mean by complex power?
  • What will happen if dc supply is connected to the transformer?
  • What should be the nature of bandwidth for a good control system?
  • Which system exhibits the initiation of corrective action only after the output gets affected?
  • What is the secondary side frequency of transformer?
  • What are the various types of the transformer?
  • What are the methods of speed control of dc motors?
  • What do you mean by transformation coefficient?
  • What is the difference between two winding transformers and auto transformer?
  • Why transformers and alternators are rated with kVA?
  • What is the operating power factor of dc machine?
  • What is the value of steady state error in closed loop control systems?
  • What is the difference between MI and MC type instruments?
  • How are MI meters used for measuring both ac and dc quantities?
  • Name the different types of DC and AC starters.
  • What is back emf? Give its significance.
  • What is the difference between self-excited and separately excited machines?
  • Name the types of self-excited dc machine.
  • Give the applications of each type of dc motor and dc generator.
  • What are the losses in dc machine?
  • How is the eddy current loss minimized in dc machine?
  • Name the parts of dc machine.
  • Why shouldn’t dc series motor started at no load?
  • Define transformer.

Marico Limited HR Interview Questions For Freshers

The HR interview will become more difficult if you have not enough practice session. So, my dear contenders let’s start your preparation which will act as a weapon for you to fight against the war like competition. Below are the various types of frequently asked HR interview questions especially for freshers.

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?
  • Would it be a problem for you if you are asked to work overtime or at evenings or on weekends?
  • Explain how you would be an asset to this organization
  • Why do you want to work with us/in our company?
  • How long do you expect to stay/work with us?
  • Explain how would you be an asset to this organization?
  • Your interest lies in which other activities?
  • Which is the toughest decision that you have ever made?
  • Have you considered the option of starting your own business?
  • What is the difference between hard work and smart work?
  • Which is your favorite book/Have you read any book recently?
  • Tell something about your dream job?

Marico Limited Technical Interview Questions For Experienced

As the questions to be asked are not near to our expectations, it is better to refer frequently asked Marico Limited interview questions to get rid of the selection fear. Having good preparation is the symbol of victory. So, contenders are suggested to do more and more practice on below mention commonly asked Technical Interview questions thoroughly.

Selenium Developer Interview Questions

  • What is Selenium IDE?
  • Can Selenium test an application on iPhone’s Mobile Safari browser?
  • Can Selenium test an application on Android browser?
  • What tests can selenium do?
  • What are the disadvantages of Selenium?
  • Explain about Selenium the Open Source Testing Tool for a web application?
  • What is the use of context menu in Selenium IDE?
  • Explain about Selenium RC Java client libraries?
  • Explain about Selenium Server?
  • What are the technical challenges with selenium?
  • How to run test case recorded using Selenium IDE in other browsers?
  • What is the selenium’s recording language?
  • What are the steps to run automation using selenium?
  • What are the capabilities of Selenium IDE?
  • What are the challenges with Selenium IDE?
  • How to execute a single line command from Selenium IDE?
  • What is Selenium Remote Control?
  • What are the advantages of Selenium?
  • How to Use Selenium?
  • What are the Selenium components?
  • How to export the tests from Selenium IDE to Selenium RC in different languages?
  • How to insert a break point in Selenium IDE?
  • How to insert a comment in Selenium IDE?
  • What is Selenium server default port number?
  • How do you check a single test method in multiple browsers?
  • How do you identify an object using selenium?
  • How do you handle Ajax controls using selenium?
  • What is Selenium WebDriver or Google WebDriver or Selenium 2.0?
  • Why use TestNG with Selenium RC?

OBIEE Consultant Interview Questions

  • What is OBIEE?
  • What is the default location of a repository file?
  • How do you import Essbase Cubes into your repository?
  • Whats XMLA and where is it used for in OBIEE context?
  • Can you change the location of your rpd file in your OBIEE Configuration? If Yes, Where would you mention the new location of this rpd file for Bi Server?
  • What kind of joints would you perform in the physical layer of the repository file when opened with Administration tool?
  • What are the minimum services needed to load a repository file onto the memory and view a dashboard which has reports that have been refreshed on a scheduled basis?
  • Can you use an OLTP backend database for creating a dashboard?
  • What does Consistency Checking perform; What are the minimum criteria to pass consistency checking for a given repository?
  • Does OBIEE store physical SQL? How is physical SQL generated in OBIEE environments?
  • What is the best default logging level for production users?
  • What is the difference between logging level 1 and 2?
  • What are the different places (files) to view the physical SQL generated by an Answers report?
  • Where does the BI Server logs its start, stop and restart times in the file system?
  • How many server instances can coexist in an OBIEE cluster?
  • Whats a dimension only query in OBIEE?
  • Can you create new views in the database using OBIEE Administration tool? Can you explain the procedure for doing this?
  • What is a complex join in OBIEE and why, where is it used?
  • Is it mandatory to have hierarchies defined in your repository? If Yes, where does it help? If No, what happens in the reports?
  • How do you create outer joins in physical layer?
  • What is alternative drill path? How do you set alternative drill path in OBIEE?
  • What are the pre-requisites for using aggregate persistence wizard? What does aggregate persistence wizard create and what does it help with?
  • What are the uses of “Execute Direct SQL” feature in Answers? Is it a good practice to allow this feature for production users?
  • How do you disable “Execute Direct SQL” feature for all the users of your repository?
  • Is there any way to see a list of all the repository variables defined in your repository using Answers tool?
  • What are Chronological Keys in OBIEE? How are they different from Logical Keys?
  • You want to use a database built-in function bypassing the functions defined in OBIEE? What OBIEE function helps in achieving this? Whats the syntax for this 
  • function?
  • What are the different ways to authenticate a user in OBIEE system? Can OBIEE authenticate a user passing through multiple authentication methods?
  • How do you resolve M: M relationship between tables in OBIEE? Explain a scenario where this would help?
  • Does OBIEE support ragged hierarchies? What is the procedure to import ragged hierarchies from Essbase?
  • What is the default configuration for caching in NQSConfig ini file? How method does the OBIEE use for clearing its cache?
  • What is MUDE/ MUD in OBIEE? On what basis would you create projects?

Node JS Developer Interview Questions

  • How node.js works?
  • What is node.js?
  • What do you mean by the term I/O?
  • What does event-driven programming mean?
  • What is the advantage of using node.js?
  • What is control flow function?
  • Why Node.js is single threaded?
  • Can you access DOM in node?
  • Why node.js is quickly gaining attention from JAVA programmers?
  • What is an event loop in Node.js?
  • What are the pros and cons of Node.js?
  • What is the difference between Node.js vs Ajax?
  • What does it mean “non-blocking” in node.js?
  • Mention the framework most commonly used in node.js?
  • What is ‘Callback’ in node.js?
  • What is the command that is used in node.js to import external libraries?
  • What are the Challenges with Node.js?
  • How Node.js overcomes the problem of blocking of I/O operations?
  • Where can we use node.js?
  • What are the two types of API functions in Node.js?
  • Does node run on windows?
  • Using the event loop what are the tasks that should be done asynchronously?
  • What are the two arguments that async queue takes?
  • Mention the steps by which you can sync in Node.js?

Marico Limited HR Interview Questions For Experienced

Are you busy in searching HR interview question here and there? Don’t worry. Cool Down my dear contenders; here in this section, you can find plenty of frequently asked HR interview questions which are mainly used for experienced candidates. In order to reduce search burden, contenders can also have an excellent option of bookmarking this page. By bookmarking this page you can freely visit this page whenever you want without spending extra search time.

  • Who are our competitors?
  • What was your biggest failure?
  • What motivates you?
  • What’s your availability?
  • Who’s your mentor?
  • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss.
  • How do you handle the pressure?
  • What is the name of our CEO?
  • Would you work 40+ hours a week?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How would you describe the corporate culture?
  • What kind of person are you? Describe your personality.
  • Why are you interested in working for [insert company name here]?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
  • Why do you want to leave your current company?
  • What questions haven’t I asked you?
  • What questions do you have for me?
Hope you will get satisfied with this article. Let us know if you have any doubts about this article through the mail. We will respond as soon as possible. For more updates keep on visiting All India Jobs.

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