Lanco Infratech Interview Questions [Technical & HR] For Freshers And Experienced

Lanco Infratech Interview Questions

Lanco Infratech Interview Questions

Here is a bright career opportunity for all the job seekers with Lanco Infratech. Lanco Infratech was involved with construction, power, real estate and several other segments. Lanco Infratech is one of the independent power producers in India. In this page, we are providing you with the interview questions that are required to clear the interview at Lanco Infratech.

Lanco Infratech Interview Rounds

In this company, you have openings for various domains. The interview process is same for almost all these positions. The interview process at Lanco Infratech is consisting of 4 rounds. They are
  • Online Written exam
  • GD or JAM (optional)
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Lanco Infratech Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

Present days there is a wide range of career opportunities for a fresher candidate. Here we are providing you with some of the vacant positions and the technical interview questions that are required to attend the interview at Lanco Infratech.

Charted Accountant Interview Questions
  • How many types of business transactions are there in accounting?
  • What is meant by trial balancing?
  • How can you explain the basic accounting equation?
  • Define trade bills?
  • Define economics and explain it.
  • Differentiate Public and Private Accounting?
  • What are the golden rules of accounting?
  • What will you define as the incidence of tax especially in the case of residents who are not ordinary?
  • Explain how can you adjust entries into account?
  • What is an over accrual?
  • Define Gratuity.
  • What is meant by Acid-Test ratio?
  • What is meant by ledger?
Building Materials Interview Questions
  • What is Gypsum?
  • What are BC and SDBC?
  • What is a queen closer?
  • What are the characteristics of a metamorphic rock?
  • What is pug mill?
  • What are different types of cement as classified by the Bureau of Indian standards?
  • What are the advantages of plywood?
  • What is quick lime?
  • What are the different types of admixtures?
  • Explain Single Flemish Bond and Double Flemish Bond?
Concrete Technology Interview Questions
  • What are the steps involved in the concreting process, explain?
  • Why should pumping be not used in case of concreting works?
  • What is the basic difference in absorption, adsorption, and sorption?
  • Differentiate between pre-tensioning and post-tensioning
  • What reinforcements are used in the process of prestressing?
  • What are the forces involved in underwater construction? 
  • What are thin shell roofs? Why are they becoming popular? 
  • What are the precautions to be taken for construction in the marshy soil? 
  • What is the meaning of soil reinforcement?
  • Why are steel plates inserted inside bearings in elastomeric bearings?

Lanco Infratech HR Interview Questions for Freshers

This round is also an important round because here is where the interviewer analyses your capabilities and decides whether you are suitable for the job or not. So you also need to concentrate well on this round to get your job. Here are some frequently asked interview questions which will be helpful for you to clear the interview.
  • What motivates you to do a good job?
  • How do you handle a request you disagree with?
  • What is your Favourite Subject in your discipline of engineering?
  • What is a difficult situation you have faced and how did you overcome it?
  • What do people often criticize about you?
  • Tell me about your leadership style.
  • How do you set priorities in your work?
  • What was the last gift you gave someone?
  • Who do you consider a role model or mentor?
  • You have a very good percentage. Why didn’t opt for further studies?
  • How do you feel about doing repetitive work?
  • Why do you want to work in this company?
  • How did you learn about us?
  • Would you be available to work additional shifts?

Lanco Infratech Technical Interview Questions for Experienced

The technical round of interview is the round where you are assessed by the interviewer for your technical performance regarding your job. Here we are providing you with the required technical interview questions that are useful for you in the interview.

Construction Manager Interview Questions
  • As a construction manager, which project management tools do you prefer and why?
  • What licenses are needed to begin a construction project? How would you obtain them?
  • What are the responsibilities of a construction manager?
  • Picture a conflict between an in-house engineer and an independent subcontractor. How would you resolve it?
  • Explain what are the phases inspections are done by local authority while construction?
  • What does a construction cost covers and what does not?
  • Have you ever had to manage two or more projects simultaneously? How did you succeed?
  • List out the potential risk factors for workers on the construction site?
  • What actions would you take if the project you are coordinating is falling behind schedule or exceeding the project’s budget?
  • Explain what are the skills required to become an architect?
  • What would you do if you found out that the construction materials being used are of low quality?
Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions
  • Based on which law does distillation column, heat exchangers, compressors and pumps work?
  • What is Carnot engine?
  • What are the points that should be kept in mind during forging design?
  • What are the different types of springs and explain them briefly?
  • What kind of materials should be used for shafts manufacturing?
  • Explain in an orderly manner how the force in the member of a truss is detected using the method of joint.
  • Why steels are heat treatable and why not cast irons? If yes why?
  • What are the different theories of failure under static load, explain briefly?
  • What is the difference between Critical Speed and Whirling Speed?
  • What is the difference between the shear center flexural center of twist and elastic center?
  • What are the different types of fits? Explain.
  • What are the differences between pneumatics and hydraulics?

Lanco Infratech HR Interview Questions for Experienced

As of now, you are in the last round of interview, we can say that the job is almost in your hands. Since you are an experienced candidate you already know what this round is for and how to handle it. Dealing this round with cool and ease adds a lot for you. Go through the following questions for reference.
  • Are not you overqualified for this position?
  • What changes will you make if you come on board?
  • Suppose you win huge money in the jackpot, would you still work?
  • Why does this role interest you?
  • How would you improve upon our product/ company?
  • Can you describe how you solved a work or school problem?
  • Looking back, what you would have done differently in life?
  • Give me an example of your creativity
  • Why you had so many jobs?
  • What do you do to improve your knowledge?
  • Why do you want to leave your current employer?
  • You seem to be drawing a good salary. Will you be OK with taking a salary cut?
  • How would you classify your style of management?
Hope this article is helpful to you in attending your interview at Lanco Infratech. Wish you a very good luck for your interview. For more job updates keep visiting our website All India Jobs regularly.

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