Zensar Technologies Interview Questions [Technical & HR] For Freshers And Experienced

Zensar Technologies Interview Questions

Zensar Technologies Interview Questions

Are you searching for Zensar Technologies interview questions? Don’t worry; here is the good news for you. Here on this page, we are going to discuss deeply various interview questions which are frequently asked in Zensar Technologies interview. Sitting and thinking about future can’t bring you any success to your doorstep. Wake up! It is the right time to prove yourself as the most deserved candidate for this job. To give you essential support, we are provided a lot of important interview questions which are commonly asked during the time of Zensar Technologies interview. Assuming your friend or family member as your interviewer and prepare your own mock interviews at home before approaching the interview for giving the best performance in Zensar Technologies interview.

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Zensar Technologies Interview Rounds

The Interview rounds are
  • Online or written Test
  • Technical Round
  • HR Round
  • Personal Interview
All the contenders who are applied for Zensar Technologies Interview need to attend the online test or written test without any fail. The candidates who are qualified in the online test will be allowed for next rounds. The applicant will get placed only if he/she clears all the interview rounds successfully.

Zensar Technologies Technical Interview Questions For Fresher’s

This is the round where you can have a chance to show your technical skills. As every company interested to recruit the candidates having good technical skills, it is the good time for you to prove what you are. In order to achieve this round successfully, we are provided frequently asked interview questions for the contenders in this section as follows.

CSS Interview Questions
  • What is CSS?
  • Is CSS case sensitive?
  • What is a class? What is an ID?
  • What are properties of style sheet?
  • What are the limitations of CSS?
  • What are the advantages of CSS?
  • List the various font attributes used in style sheet
  • What is the difference between an ID selector and CLASS?
  • What is Contextual Selector?
  • What is Grouping?
  • What are Child Selectors?
  • What are Pseudo Classes?
  • What does z-index do?
  • What’s the difference between position: relative, position: fixed & position: absolute?
  • In how many ways can a CSS be integrated as a web page?
  • What benefits and demerits do External Style Sheets have?
  • Discuss the merits and demerits of Embedded Style Sheets?
  • What is CSS rule ‘ruleset’?
  • What is imported Style Sheet? How to link?
  • Which browsers support CSS?
  • How do I combine multiple sheets into one?
  • What is a parent-child selector?
  • How can I specify background images?
  • How do I have a fixed (non-scrolling) background image?
computer Architecture Interview Questions
  • Define computer architecture and design.
  • What is computer organization?
  • What are the different classes of computers?
  • State and explain Amdahl`s Law.
  • Define what is a data path?
  • What is a Snooping cache?
  • What are the five stages in a DLX pipeline?
  • What is the principle of locality?
  • What are the various categories of Computer architecture?
  • What are instruction sets?
  • What are the different hazards? How do you avoid them?
  • What is the pipelining?
  • Define the layout for instruction sets?
  • What do you understand by ISA?
  • What steps are performed during the ISA process?
  • How can instruction sets be classified?
  • What are the basic components in a Microprocessor?
  • What is MESI?
  • State the difference between memory interpretation and memory alignment?
  • What is DLX architecture?
  • What is an instruction fetch cycle?
  • What is the effective address cycle?
  • What does system design process include?
  • What are the important types of computer architecture?
  • State the differences between a scalar and a vector processor?
  • State the differences between register machine and stack machine?
  • What is macro architecture?
  • What do you understand by assembly ISA?
  • Define the programmer visible macro architecture?
  • Define UISA in reference to computer architecture?
  • What is the purpose of defining a pin architecture?

Zensar Technologies HR Interview Questions For Fresher’s

In this round, contenders are needed to keep keen observation on given interview questions to give accurate and reliable answers during the interview process. So, we suggest intenders should do more practice on these interview questions without any delay.
  • Have you ever faced a challenging situation? How did you deal with it?
  • Give me three reasons proving you deserve this job?
  • What kind of hobbies and interests do you possess?
  • Can you talk about a person who inspires you and why?
  • Where do you see yourself in next five years
  • What are you passionate about, if you were not working what would you like to pursue
  • If you are not selected, what would you be doing in next 3 months
  • What is important to you in a job learning or money?
  • On behavior – what are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you control your anger/emotions?
  • Are you an introvert or extrovert – asked for client facing, sales and marketing jobs
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • How do communicate with team members?
  • How do you say you are having excellent team management skills?

Zensar Technologies Technical Interview Questions For Experienced

As the main theme of this round is core topics of the academics, contenders need to work hard on technical and core subjects of their previous academics thoroughly without any fail. Also, you can refer this section for more useful interview questions as follows.

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions
  • What is Salesforce?
  • Number of Salesforce Editions released per year?
  • Uses cases for Sharing Rules in Salesforce?
  • Difference between Salesforce.com and Force.com?
  • What are common factors on SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS?
  • What is Database.com?
  • What is a Sharing Rule?
  • How many types of portals are available in Salesforce?
  • What is App in Sales force?
  • Tell me about Field-Level Security?
  • Different types of object in Salesforce.com? And why they called so?
  • What is an object in Sales force?
  • What is TAB in Salesforce?
  • What are Organization Wide Defaults?
  • What is a Role and Role Hierarchy?
  • List examples of custom field types?
  • What are the Standard and Custom Fields in Salesforce?
  • How many custom fields can I create in an object?
  • What is a profile?
  • What is a Roll-up summary?
  • What is a Role?
  • Difference between Role and Profile?
  • Number of standard profiles available in Salesforce.com?
  • How can you use the term “Transfer Record” in profile?
  • Which fields cannot be added as a custom Index?
  • When Standard Indexed fields are used in Salesforce.com?
  • When Custom Indexed fields are used in salesforce.com?
  • Define Company Profile?
  • How to create many to many relationships between two objects?
  • How to get security token in Salesforce.com?
  • What is a Fiscal Year in Salesforce?
  • What is a dependent pick list?
  • What is Page Layout and Record Types?
Digital Marketing Interview Questions
  • Explain What Is Digital Marketing?
  • How would you classify the digital marketing?
  • What resources do you follow to learn about new trends and stay abreast of industry news?
  • What is the role of SEO in digital marketing?
  • How Can You Categorize The Digital Marketing?
  • What are we doing wrong right now and what would you do to change it?
  • What are the main areas where keywords used to optimize website ranking?
  • Explain What Is Ppc Or Pay Per Click Advertising?
  • What is more important – the number of likes/followers or engagement numbers? Why? 
  • Which form of marketing is best: SEO, PPC or Digital Marketing?
  • Explain What Is Google Adwords?
  • How much money have you wasted on unsuccessful marketing campaigns?
  • Mention What Is An Effective Ppc Keyword Should Be Like?
  • How do you think your knowledge of digital marketing will benefit our company?
  • How you would setup, track, and determine if a campaign was successful?
  • What enticed you to this digital marketing vacancy?
  • What Should Be The Approach For Effective Pay Per Click Campaigns?
  • What is the difference between digital and traditional marketing?
  • How do you see the future of digital marketing?
  • Explain What Is On-page And Off Page Optimization?
  • What are a few of the important online marketing tools?
  • How will online advertising change in the next 10 years?
  • What in your opinion, is the biggest challenge that your market faces?
  • Where do you see yourself in Digital Marketing Field down the line 5yrs?
  • What are the traits of bad links?
  • What do you think is a big trend in the digital marketing?
  • How do you measure the social media ROI?
  • Why do you want to work in this company? Why are you interested in this role?
  • Can Social Media Marketing Really Help My Business?
  • How would you explain Digital Marketing to a person that never saw a computer or a 4-year-old child?
  • Which skills do you think you will be developing working for the company and/or as a Digital Marketer?
  • When/ how do you know when a campaign has failed? What metrics do you use?
  • What are the most effective and basic ways to increase traffic to your website?
  • What CMS platforms have you administered before?
  • What does the conversion funnel look like in your old company?
  • What is your experience with market automation tools?
  • What are the 3 qualities that make you fit for the job?
  • What have you understood from the role?
  • What role do paid ads play in your marketing strategy?
  • How would you handle negative feedback about your brand?
  • What can be improved in our current marketing? What would you do better?
Hadoop Developer Interview Questions
  • What is Hadoop framework?
  • On What concept the Hadoop framework works?
  • What is MapReduce?
  • What is computed and Storage nodes?
  • How does master slave architecture in the Hadoop?
  • How does an Hadoop application look like or their basic components?
  • Explain how input and output data format of the Hadoop framework?
  • What is the restriction to the key and value class?
  • Which interface needs to be implemented to create Mapper and Reducer for the Hadoop?
  • What Mapper does?
  • What is the InputSplit in map reduce software?
  • What is the InputFormat?
  • Where do you specify the Mapper Implementation?
  • Explain the shuffle?
  • Explain the Reducer’s Sort phase?
  • How Mapper is instantiated in a running job?
  • Which are the methods in the Mapper interface?
  • What happens if you don’t override the Mapper methods and keep them as it is?
  • What is the use of Context object?
  • How can you add the arbitrary key-value pairs in your mapper?
  • How does Mapper’s run() method works?
  • Which object can be used to get the progress of a particular job?
  • What is next step after Mapper or MapTask?
  • How can we control particular key should go in a specific reducer?
  • What is the use of Combiner?
  • How many maps are there in a particular Job?
  • What is the Reducer used for?
  • Explain the core methods of the Reducer?
  • What are the primary phases of the Reducer?
  • Explain the reducers reduce phase?

Zensar Technologies HR Interview Questions For Experienced

The interview questions in this round are completely nontechnical oriented. So, contenders should do practice on the various interview questions which are clearly given in this section. By referring these interview questions thoroughly you can hit this round easily without facing any difficulty during interview time.
  • What would your direct reports say about you?
  • What were your bosses’ strengths/weaknesses?
  • If I called your boss right now and asked him what is an area that you could improve on, what would he say?
  • Are you a leader or a follower?
  • What was the last book you’ve read for fun?
  • What questions haven’t I asked you?
  • What are your co-worker pet peeves?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your favorite website?
  • What makes you uncomfortable?
  • What are some of your leadership experiences?
  • How would you fire someone?
  • What do you like the most and least about working in this industry?
  • Would you work 40+ hours a week?
  • What questions do you have for me?
We tried our best in collecting the entire essential information regarding Zensar Interview Questions into one place. Still, if you have any issues with this article let us know through the mail. Also, keep visiting our website All India Jobs regularly we will clear your doubts as soon as possible.

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