Tavant Technologies Interview Questions For Freshers And Experienced (Technical & HR)

Tavant Technologies Interview Questions

Tavant Technologies Interview Questions

Tavant technologies is an IT solution and services provider. It provides solutions for various areas such as consumer lending, gaming and media and entertainment. Here is a very huge opening for all the fresher and experienced IT graduates. Tavant Technologies is now hiring for various positions. In this page we are providing you with the required technical and hr interview questions that will be useful for you in your interview.

Tavant Technologies Interview Rounds

In the company you have openings for various domains. The interview process is same for almost all these positions. The interview process at Tavant Technologies is consisting of 4 rounds. They are
  • Online Written exam
  • GD or JAM (optional)
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Tavant Technologies Technical Interview Questions For Fresher’s

The first round of interview is the technical round. Here mostly you will be asked the questions that are related to your educational back ground. For a fresher this will be very easy if you have a better knowledge about all your subjects in graduation and the latest technical developments in your field.

Data Mining Interview Questions 
  • What is meant by data mining?
  • What are OLAP and OLTP?
  • What are different stages of data mining?
  • What is meant by data aggregation and generalization?
  • What are the differences between Data Mining and Data Warehousing?
  • What is the need of pre processing of the data in data mining?
  • What are discrete and continuous data in the data mining world?
  • What are the different problems solved by data mining?
  • What do you mean by Clustering? Explain any clustering algorithm.
  • Explain data reduction and data transformation.
  • What do you mean by sequence clustering?
  • What is decision tree algorithm?
  • Name any tools that are used for analysis in data mining?
  • What are Cubes?
  • What is meant by pruning?
Java Interview Questions
  • What is platform?
  • What is the main difference between Java platform and other platforms?
  • What is data encapsulation and what’s its significance?
  • What is constructor? What is the purpose of default constructor?
  • What is a singleton class? Give a practical example of its usage.
  • Can we execute a java program without main() method?
  • Why multiple inheritance is not supported in java?
  • What is ternary operator? Give an example.
  • What is the default value of the local variables?
  • What is method overloading?
  • What is multi-threading? What are the two ways of implementing multi-threading in Java?
  • Describe different states of a thread.
  • Can a class be a super class and a sub-class at the same time? Give example.
  • Can we have two methods in a class with the same name?

Tavant Technologies HR Interview Questions For Fresher’s

The HR round of interview is the last and final round of interview. Any kind of question and any kind of answers are acceptable in this round. But what matters is the way you answer the question posed to you. The way you answer is more important than the answer you have given. Here are few hr interview questions to help you out in your interview.
  • Assuming that you are selected, what will be your strategy for next 60 days?
  • What have you learned from your failures?
  • Why does this role interest you?
  • Are you willing to relocate or travel?
  • Have you been in some challenging situation? Explain how you handled it?
  • What will you do if you are offered a job with a salary higher than this?
  • What are the career options you have right now?
  • What are your hobbies and interests? 
  • What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?
  • What do you do to improve your knowledge?
  • Give me an example of your creativity
  • Do you have any other offer at hand?
  • What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

Tavant Technologies Technical Interview Questions For Experienced

A very bright career opportunity is waiting here for all the experienced software graduates. Tavant Technologies is providing you a very wide platform for enhancing your career to have a bright future. The following are the interview questions required to attend the interview.

System Analyst Interview Questions
  • Have you ever implemented a cost-reducing system? What was it and how did you come up with the suggestion?
  • What are the three constraints on a project?
  • How do you perform a software audit on a PC or Mac?
  • What the difference is between SSH and SSL?
  • Can you provide the documentation required by the system analyst?
  • Explain what does a computer system analyst documents?
  • What you would do if you realize that business requirement is not technically feasible?
  • What are your technical strong points? Why are you a top systems analyst?
  • Which Software Development methodology is being used in your current Job?
Network Engineer Interview Questions
  • What is the difference between static IP and dynamic IP.
  • Explain role of all the protocol ARP & DNS during communication.
  • Explain hidden shares. How do they work?
  • When you move the NIC cards from one PC to another PC, does the MAC address gets transferred as well?
  • Describe Network Topology
  • What common software problems can lead to network defects?
  • Tell me what do know about Ether channel?
  • What do mean by tunnel mode?
  • What are routers?
  • Can you tell me something about T1 circuits? Have you worked on circuits?
  • Define “stuck in active.”
  • What is route reflector and why it is required?
  • How two users connected to different subnet communicate each other.

Tavant Technologies HR Interview Questions For Experienced

The hr interview is the last round of interview in the interview process. Here you will be asked various questions related to your work experience and also about how you have handled your career till date. Here are few hr interview questions to help you out in the interview process.
  • Explain how would be an asset to this organization?
  • If employed, how do you manage time for interviews?
  • What qualities would you look for, if you were recruiting someone for this position?
  • What bugs you about co-workers or bosses?
  • Why are you not earning more money at this stage of your career?
  • You do not have all the experience we are seeking for this position.(support yourself)
  • What do co-workers say about you?
  • Why have you been out of work so long?
  • One of your team members is not able to meet his targets on a regular basis. You discussed it with him and tried all measures to improve his performance in that role but nothing works. What would you do as a team leader?
  • Are not you overqualified for this position?
Hope you have gathered all the information required for attending the interview. Thank you for visiting our website. Have a great day ahead. For more updated career opportunities do visit our website All India Jobs regularly.

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