Abhibus Interview Questions [Technical & HR] For Freshers And Experienced

Abhibus Interview Questions

Abhibus Interview Questions

Here in this article, we have presented all the essential information regarding Abhibus Interview Questions. So, it would be very easy to crack interview rounds if you can check this article thoroughly. Those aspirants who wished to develop their career in Abhibus should be needed to put more concentration on frequently asked interview questions to get a sure shot outcome in Abhibus Interview. Referring more and more interview questions can give you confidence which will help you during Abhibus Interview to express your real response for the respective interview question without the involvement of any difficulties. If you do not jump into preparation quickly you will not be able to fly in a sky like success.

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Abhibus Interview Rounds

The interview rounds are clearly mentioned as follows
  • Online Test or Written Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview
  • Personal Interview
All the contenders who clear online test will get a chance to enter for remaining interview rounds successfully. Also, the contenders will get selected in Abhibus Interview only after the successful completion of all the conducted interview rounds respectively. 

Abhibus Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

The Technical interview questions for freshers are designed on the basis of core subjects. So, if you have less knowledge on your basic core topics start your preparation on below mentioned commonly asked interview questions. Practicing more and more interview questions can make you feel strong to face any type of interview question from the interviewer.

CSS Interview Questions
  • What is CSS?
  • Is CSS case sensitive?
  • What is a class? What is an ID?
  • What are properties of style sheet?
  • What are the limitations of CSS?
  • What are the advantages of CSS?
  • List the various font attributes used in style sheet
  • What is the difference between an ID selector and CLASS?
  • What is Contextual Selector?
  • What is Grouping?
  • What are Child Selectors?
  • What are Pseudo Classes?
  • What does z-index do?
  • What’s the difference between position: relative, position: fixed & position: absolute?
  • In how many ways can a CSS be integrated as a web page?
  • What benefits and demerits do External Style Sheets have?
  • Discuss the merits and demerits of Embedded Style Sheets?
  • What is CSS rule ‘ruleset’?
  • What is imported Style Sheet? How to link?
  • Which browsers support CSS?
  • How do I combine multiple sheets into one?
  • What is a parent-child selector?
  • How can I specify background images?
  • How do I have a fixed (non-scrolling) background image?
Power systems Interview Questions
  • Define Power Factor?
  • What is tariff?
  • What is meant by synchronous condenser?
  • How can we reduce the effect of corona?
  • What is meant by Sag?
  • What is corona?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plant?
  • What do you mean by a zone of protection?
  • What are internal and external faults?
  • What do you mean by reach and reach the point of the relay?
  • Why does the adjacent zone of protection overlap?
  • How do you select the pickup value of a relay?
  • How to set the operating time of the relay?
  • Explain the operating principle of DTOC and IDMT relays?
  • When are the Directional relays used?
  • What is the difference between fuse and breaker?

Abhibus HR Interview Questions For Freshers

The HR interview questions are very tricky to answer. So, contenders are suggested to practice given commonly asked HR interview questions carefully without any late. By practicing these interview questions thoroughly, you can easily answer for every tricky interview questions. 
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What Is The Difference Between Recruitment And Selection?
  • What are your key strengths?
  • Tell Something About The It Payroll Status?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
  • What Is The Difference Between Pre-booking And Booking?
  • Have you been in some challenging situation? Explain how you handled it.
  • What is the one thing that you like about our company?
  • What are your expectations from your first job?
  • What Is Meant By Applicant Status?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • Hello, how are you today?
  • Who is the most inspiring person in your life?
  • Are you willing to change your role and profile when required for the project?
  • Are you ready to relocate?
  • Why do you want to work for us?

Abhibus Technical Interview Questions For Experienced

Here we are provided something important information regarding Abhibus Technical Interview Questions which are very popular and frequently asked during the Abhibus interview. So, we suggest contenders should learn from these interview questions clearly to get a good score in an interview.

Team Leader Interview Questions
  • How would your colleagues describe you?
  • How would you mitigate a dispute between two team members who disagree over their responsibilities?
  • Have You Ever Had A Conflict With A Boss Or Professor? How Was It Resolved?
  • What techniques have you used to motivate a team?
  • What Is Your Greatest Weakness?
  • What are your preferred methods of communication and why?
  • If You Had To Live Your Life Over Again, What One Thing Would You Change?
  • Do you use any tools to support you in leading a team?
  • How Will You Motivate Your Team?
  • What was the most significant change you brought about in an organization?
  • Explain a project where you led your team to success
  • How do you feel about working with / training new people?
  • How can you handle it when the boss is wrong?
  • Whoever else learned out of your mistakes
  • What courses do you taking part in?
  • What was one major challenge that you faced in a previous job? And how did you overcome it?
  • How do you handle customer complaints?
  • How have you persuaded employees to follow your strategic vision for the organization?
  • How would you define teamwork?
  • Describe a time in which your teammate or supervisor had a different set of values from you. How did you handle this situation?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Describe your most successful teamwork experience. Explain what role you played on this team.
  • What role does leadership play for a manager? How have you demonstrated this?
  • When do you expect a promotion?
  • Name some situations in which a leader may fail. Tell me about a time when you failed as a leader.
  • How do you make decisions?
  • How do you motivate other people to perform?
  • How can you handle challenges? Give a good example.
Android Developer Interview Questions
  • What is Android?
  • What are the advantages of Android?
  • Describe Android Application Architecture?
  • How will you record a phone call in Android? How to get a handle on Audio Stream for a call in Android?
  • What is activity?
  • Describe the APK format?
  • What are the different phases of the Activity life cycle?
  • What is intent?
  • What is an Explicit Intent?
  • What is an AndroidManifest file?
  • What language does Android support for application development?
  • What’s the difference between a file, a class and an activity in android?
  • What is the significance of the .dex files?
  • What does ADT stand for?
  • What are the different tools in Android? Explain them?
  • What are the steps in creating a bounded service through AIDL?
  • What data types are supported by AIDL?
  • What is a Fragment?
  • What is an Implicit Intent?
  • What is Dalvik Virtual Machine?
Salesforce Admin Interview Questions
  • What is Salesforce?
  • Different Salesforce Editions?
  • Number of Salesforce Editions released per year?
  • Difference between Salesforce.com and Force.com?
  • What is Database.com?
  • How many types of portals are available in Salesforce?
  • What is App in Sales force?
  • Different types of object in Salesforce.com? And why they called so?
  • What is an object in Sales force?
  • What is TAB in Salesforce?
  • List examples of custom field types?
  • What are the Standard and Custom Fields in Salesforce?
  • How many custom fields can I create in an object?
  • What is a profile?
  • What is a Role?
  • Difference between Role and Profile?
  • Number of standard profiles available in Salesforce.com?
  • How can you use the term “Transfer Record” in profile?
  • Define Company Profile?
  • How to get security token in Salesforce.com?
  • What is a Fiscal Year in Salesforce?
  • What is a dependent pick list?
  • What are the Advantages of Cloud Computing?
  • What is the definition of CRM?
  • What are deployment modes of cloud computing?
  • What is PaaS?
  • In how many ways can we store files, images, and documents in salesforce.com? what are they?
  • What are Static Resources?
  • List some standard indexed fields in salesforce.com?
  • What is the importance of XML-based layouts?
  • What are containers?
  • What is Orientation?
  • What do you think are some disadvantages of Android?
  • What is ADB?
  • What is AR?
  • Which fields are  Indexed by default in Salesforce?
  • What is SaaS?
  • What is Page Layout and Record Types?
  • How to delete a user from Salesforce?
  • How to freeze users in salesforce.com?
  • Which fields cannot be added as a custom Index?
  • When Standard Indexed fields are used in Salesforce.com?
  • When Custom Indexed fields are used in salesforce.com?
  • In Salesforce, Can two users’ can have same profile?
  • Is it possible to edit formula field values in a record?
  • What is Android Runtime?
  • What is the Open Handset Alliance?
  • What is ViewGroup?
  • What is a Service?
  • What is the difference between Service and Thread?
  • What is a Content Provider?
  • What is a Toast Notification?
  • What are the other Notifications?
  • Which elements can occur only once and must be present?
  • How are escape characters used as an attribute?
  • What is the importance of settings permissions in app development?
  • Is there a case wherein other qualifiers in multiple resources take precedence over local?
  • What is the proper way of setting up an Android-powered device for app development?

Abhibus HR Interview Questions For Experienced

As an experienced candidate you should be able to face any type of interview questions from the interviewer. Also, you can conduct mock interviews at home with the help of your family members or friends by referring below mentioned frequently asked HR interview questions.
  • Can you speak more about yourself?
  • What do you think are your greatest strengths at work?
  • What is the one thing that you want to improve about yourself?
  • Where would you be in five years from now?
  • Have you ever faced a challenging situation? How did you deal with it?
  • Give me three reasons proving you deserve this job?
  • What kind of hobbies and interests do you possess?
  • Can you talk about a person who inspires you and why?
  • How will you prove to be an asset to this organization?
  • Can you talk about the kind of ethics you follow at work?
  • Will you be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines?
  • How committed do you think you will be to this position?
  • Can you describe yourself in under a minute?
  • Tell me why did you decide to leave your last job?
We have done a lot of research on bringing all the essential interview questions which are frequently asked during the Abhibus Interview into single place as mentioned above. For more updates and latest notifications regarding Abhibus Interview keep visiting our website Freshers Jobs regularly. Also, you can bookmark our page to reduce your search burden.

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