ANZ Support Services Placement Papers PDF Download 2017-2018 | Aptitude, Reasoning and Verbal Ability Model Papers

ANZ Support Services Placement Papers

ANZ Support Services Placement Papers PDF Download 2017-2018 | Aptitude, Reasoning and Verbal Ability Model Papers. Are you searching for ANZ Support Services Placement Papers? Good news for those candidates. In this article, aspirants can download ANZ Support Services Placement Papers. Practice Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability sample questions to enhance your performance. In this section, applicants can test their skills by solving questions of Aptitude, Reasoning and Verbal Ability. By practicing these sample papers candidates can get qualify in ANZ Support Services recruitment

ANZ Support Services Placement Papers

ANZ Support Services will hire the candidates based on their performance in the ANZ Support Services written test. To perform well in the ANZ Support Services exam, aspirants have to practice these questions thoroughly. Develop your knowledge by practicing these questions on our website. This is the correct place for job seekers to get all the useful information about ANZ Support Services Placement Papers. In this page, we have included the largest collection of ANZ Support Services latest and previous Placement Papers, Test pattern which will be helpful for aspirants to evaluate their skills in Aptitude, Reasoning and Verbal Ability. Candidates will get a clear idea about the ANZ Support Services Test Pattern by solving these sample questions which are provided below.

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We have posted this article to support the contenders who are interested to get placed in the ANZ Support Services. Do practice the ANZ Support Services Model Papers to crack the ANZ Support Services placement test easily. In order to help the candidates, we have provided the download link of the ANZ Support Services Placement Papers PDF without any confusion. Candidates can access the link and download the PDF of ANZ Support Services Placement papers easily. For more latest updated information candidates can check our All India Jobs site regularly.

ANZ Support Services Aptitude Test Sample Papers

Candidates who are preparing hard for the ANZ Support Services recruitment test can practice these questions and answers with a detailed solution. We suggest the candidates prepare well for the ANZ Support services by practicing these questions.

1. If the height of a triangle is decreased by 40% and its base is increased by 40% what will be the effect on its area?

A. No change 

B. 8%decrease 
C. 16% Decrease 
D. 16%increases

Answer: Option C


let the height be ‘h’ and base = b, then area =(1/2 bh)sq.units 

New height =(60 % of h) = (60/100 h) = 3h/5 
New base =(140% of b) =(140/100 b) =(76/5) 
New area =(1/2 x 7b/5 x 3h/5) Sq.units =(21/50 bh)sq.units 
Decrease in area =(1/2bh – 21/50bh)= 4/50 bh 
Decrease % =(4/50bh. 2/bh x 100)% =16%

2. In an exam, Amar scored 64 percent, Bhavan scored 36 percent and Chetan 44 percent. The maximum score awarded in the exam is 800. Find the average mark scored by all the three boys?

A. 384 

B. 364 
C. 324 
D. 404 
E. None of these

Answer: Option A


Average mark scored by all the three boys = 

[64/100 (800) + 36/100 (800) + 44/100 (800)] / 3 = 384

3. The speed at which a man can row a boat in still water is 15 kmph. If he rows downstream, where the speed of current is 3 kmph, what time will he take to cover 60 metres?

A. 10 seconds 

B. 15 seconds 
C. 20 seconds 
D. 12 seconds 
E. None of these

Answer: Option D


Speed of the boat downstream = 15 + 3 = 18 kmph

= 18 * 5/18 = 5 m/s
Hence time taken to cover 60 m = 60/5 = 12 seconds.

4. If the simple interest on a sum of money for 2 years at 5% per annum is Rs. 50, what is the compound interest on the same sum at the rate and for the same time?

A. Rs. 51.25 

B. Rs. 52 
C. Rs. 54.25 
D. Rs. 60

Answer: Option A


Sum = (50 * 100) / (2 * 5) = Rs. 500 

Amount = [500 * (1 + 5/100)2] = Rs. 551.25 
C.I. = (551.25 – 500) = Rs. 51.25.

5. The length of a rectangular plot is thrice its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 867 sq m, then what is the breadth of the rectangular plot?

A. 8.5 m 

B. 17 m 
C. 34 m 
D. 51 m 
E. None of these

Answer: Option B


Let the breadth of the plot be b m.

Length of the plot = 3 b m
(3b)(b) = 867
3b2 = 867 
b2 = 289 = 172 (b > 0)
b = 17 m.

6. An empty bottle weighs 1/6th of the full bottle. When a certain percent of water was removed and the bottle was weighed, the  

weight of the bottle turned out to be 1/3rd of the bottle when it was full. What is the percent of water removed? 

A. 70%

B. 85%
C. 80%
D. 75%

Answer: C


Let the weight of full bottle be 6kg.

Therefore, weight of empty bottle is 1kg and that of water is 5kg.
If x% of water is removed, the weight of the bottle becomes 2kg.
Therefore, the amount of water removed is 4kg.
% of water removed = 4/5 *100 = 80%

7. Tanya’s grandfather was 8 times older to her 16 years ago. He would be 3 times of her age 8 years from now. Eight years ago, what was the ratio of Tanya’s age to that of her grandfather?

A. 1:2 

B. 1:5 
C. 3:8 
D. None of these

Answer: Option D


16 years ago, let T = x years and G = 8x years. After 8 years from now, T = (x + 16 + 8) years and G = (8x + 16 + 8) years. 

8x + 24 = 3(x + 24) => 5x = 48 
8 years ago, T/G = (x + 8)/(8x + 8) = (48/5 + 8) / (8 * 48/5 + 8) = 88/424 = 11/53

8. Find the one which does not belong to that group?



Answer: Option B


In each of the groups ABB, CCCDDDD, BBCCC and DDDDEEEEE, only two letters of the alphabet are used and each letter is written as many times as its place value in the alphabet. This pattern is not followed in the group BCC.

9. The ratio of investments of two partners P and Q is 7:5 and the ratio of their profits is 7:10. If P invested the money for 5 months, find for how much time did Q invest the money?

A. 7 months 

B. 10 months
C. 9 months 
D. 11 months

Answer: Option B


7*5: 5*x = 7:10

x = 10

10. A typist uses a paper 30 cm by 15 cm. He leaves a margin of 2.5 cm at the top as well as at the bottom and 1.25 cm on either side. What percentage of paper area is approximately available for typing?

A. 65 % 

B. 70 % 
C. 80 % 
D. 60%

Answer: Option B


Total Area of the Paper = (30 × 15) = 450 

Area Used = [(30-5)×(15-2.5) ] 
= (25 × 12.5) = (25 x 25/2) = 625/2 cm2 
Percentage are Used by = (625/2× 1/450×100) % 
= 69.4 % = 70 % nearly

11. A delegation of 5 members has to be formed from 3 ladies and 5 gentlemen. In how many ways the delegation can be formed, if 2 particular ladies are always included in the delegation?

A. 20 

B. 54 
C. 42 
D. 60 
E. 40

Answer: Option A


There are three ladies and five gentlemen and a committee of 5 members to be formed.

Number of ways such that two ladies are always included in the committee = ⁶C₃ = (6 * 5 * 4)/6 = 20.

12. Pipe A can fill a tank in 16 minutes and pipe B cam empty it in 24 minutes. If both the pipes are opened together after how many minutes should pipe B be closed, so that the tank is filled in 30 minutes?

A. 20 

B. 24 
C. 23 
D. 22 
E. None of these

Answer: Option E


Let the pipe B be closed after x minutes.

30/16 – x/24 = 1 => x/24 = 30/16 – 1 = 14/16
=> x = 14/16 * 24 = 21.

13. Two cards are drawn at random from a pack of 52 cards.what is the probability that either both are black or both are queen?

A. 52/221

B. 55/190
C. 55/221
D. 19/221

Answer: Option C

14. Find the least number which when divided by 35 leaves remainder 25, when divided by 25 leaves remainder 15 and when divided by 15 leaves remainder 5?

A. 420 

B. 515 
C. 435 
D. 518

Answer: Option B

15. The sum of two numbers is 22. Five times one number is equal to 6 times the other. The bigger of the two numbers is:

A. 10 

B. 12 
C. 15 
D. 16

Answer: Option B


Let the numbers be x and (22 – x). Then,

5x = 6(22 – x) 
11x = 132 => x = 12

So, the numbers are 12 and 10.

ANZ Support Services Reasoning Test Placement Papers

In this page, we have included the latest reasoning test questions and answers for the preparation of the ANZ Support Services written test. Do practice these questions for the best result in the ANZ Support Services placement test.

1. Statement: The Government has decided not to provide financial support to voluntary organizations from next Five Year Plan and has  
communicated that all such organizations should raise funds to meet their financial needs.

I. Voluntary organizations should collaborate with foreign agencies.

II. They should explore other sources of financial support.

A. Only I follows

B. Only II follows
C. Either I or II follows
D. Neither I nor II follows
E. Both I and II follow

Answer: Option B


The problem arising is shortage of funds. So, alternative sources of financial support need to be worked out first. Thus, only course II follows.

2. Statements: Our securities investments carry market risk. Consult your investment advisor or agent before investing.

I. One should not invest in securities.
II. The investment advisor calculates the market risk with certainty.

A. Only conclusion I follows

B. Only conclusion II follows
C. Either I or II follows
D. Neither I nor II follows
E. Both I and II follow

Answer: Option B


Investment in securities involves risk. This does not mean that one should not invest in securities. So, I does not follow. Since the statement  

advises one to consult investment advisor before investing, so II follows.

3. Keshav has been working in a bank as officer for the past 4 years after completing his post graduate diploma in management with 60% marks. He has secured 50% and 40% marks in the written examination and personal interview respectively. He also secured 70% marks in class 12. He was born on February 25, 1981.

A. if the data provided are inadequate to take a decision.

B. if the case is to be referred to VP.
C. if the case is to be referred to President.
D. if the candidate is to be selected.
E. if the candidate is not to be selected.

Answer: Option A 

All conditions satisfy but graduation marks are not given

Following are the conditions for selecting a Senior Manager in a bank.

The candidate must –
i. have passed class 12th with at least 60% marks.
ii. be a graduate in any discipline with at least 55% marks.
iii. be a post graduate in Management with specialization in Economic/Statistics with at least 60% marks.
iv. have work experience of at least 2 years in a bank.
v. be at least 25 years and not more than 35 years as on 01-03-2016.
vi. cleared written examination with at least 50% marks
vii. cleared personal interview with at least 40% marks
In the case of candidate who fulfills all conditions except –
a. at iii. above, but has secured at least 60% marks in CA, the case is to be referred as VP.
b. at vii. above, but has cleared written examination with at least 60% marks and personal interview with at least 35% marks, his case to be referred as President.

4. Which of the following best explains RAM?

A. It is an acronym for Random Access Memory.
B. It is memory built from silicon chips that is used to store programs and data temporarily while they are being processed.
C. Read Access Memory

A. Only A and C 

B. Only B and C 
C. Only A and B 
D. All the three 
E. None of these

Answer: Option C

5. Your friend has not invited you to his marriage party. You will :

A. hold it against him

B. attend the ceremony
C. send him your best wishes
D. ignore the whole affair

Answer: Option  C


Send him your best wishes.

6. The higher the altitude, the thinner the air. Since Mexico Cityís altitude is higher than that of Panama City, the air must be thinner in Mexico City than in Panama City.

Which one of the following arguments is most similar in its reasoning to the argument above?

A. As one gets older one gets wiser. Since Henrietta is older than her daughter, Henrietta must be wiser than her daughter.

B. The more egg whites used and the longer they are beaten, the fluffier the meringue. Since Lydia used more egg whites in her meringue than Joseph used in his, Lydiaís meringue must be fluffier than Josephís.
C. The people who run the fastest marathons these days are faster than the people who ran the fastest marathons ten years ago. Charles is a marathon runner. So Charles must run faster marathons these days 
than he did ten years ago.
D. The older a tree, the more rings it has. The tree in Louís yard is older than the tree in Theresaís yard. Therefore, the tree in Louís yard must have more rings than does the tree in Theresaís yard.
E. The bigger the vocabulary a language has, the harder it is to learn. English is harder to learn than Italian. Therefore, English must have a bigger vocabulary than Italian.

Answer: Option D

7. 97 : 8 :: 43 : __

A. 4 

B. 2 
C. 3 
D. 7 
E. 9

Answer: Option B


97-89 : 8 :: 43 : __

Previous prime number to 97 is 89 and 97 – 89 = 8.
Similarly, the previous prime to 43 is 41 and 43 – 41 = 2.

8. p ? q means p is neither less than nor equal to q.

p @ q means p is neither greater than nor equal to q.
p # q means p is not less than q.
p ? q means p is not greater than q.
p ? q means p is neither smaller nor greater than q.

Statement:         k ? l, l ? m, m @ n

Conclusions:       I. l @ n
                           II. m # k

A. if only conclusion (I) follows 

B. if only conclusion (II) follows 
C. if both conclusions (I) and (II) follows 
D. if neither (I) nor (II) follows 
E. if either conclusion (I) or (II) follows

Answer: Option C


p ? q means p > q

p @ q means p < q
p # q means p = q
p ? q means p = q
p ? q means p = q
The statement is (i) k ? l (ii) l ? m (iii) m @ n
i.e, k = l, l = m, m < n
=> k = l = m < n
Conclusion I: l @ n => l < n is true
Hence I follows.
Conclusion II: m # k => m = k is true.
Hence II follows.

9. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and tick the one that comes in the middle?

A. Alive 

B. Afforest 
C. Anticipate 
D. Appreciate 
E. Achieve

Answer: Option A


Achieve, Afforest, Alive, Anticipate, Appreciate

10. In this question, five words have been given, out of which four are alike in some manner and the fifth one is different. Choose out the odd one?

A. Madagascar 

B. Thailand 
C. Cuba 
D. Greenland 
E. Tasmania

Answer: Option B


All except Thailand are islands.

11. In a certain code language, if the word HYPERBOLA is coded as YPROHEBLA, then how is the word SENTIMENT coded in that language?



Answer: Option C


            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

Word : H Y P E R B O L A
Code :  Y P R O H E B L A
             2 3 5 7 1 4 6 8 9
The letters in the prime numbered positions are arranged first followed by the remaining letters.
Similarly, the code for SENTIMENT is ENIESTMNT.

12. A watch reads 4.30. If the minute hand points East, in what direction will the hour hand point?

A. North 

B. North-west 
C. South-east 
D. North-east 
E. None of these

Answer: Option D

13. Statement: Should foreign films be banned in India?

I. Yes. They depict an alien culture which adversely affects our values.
II. No. Foreign films are of a high artistic standard.

A. Only argument I is strong

B. Only argument II is strong
C. Either I or II is strong
D. Neither I nor II is strong
E. Both I and II are strong

Answer: Option D


Clearly, foreign films depict the alien culture but this only helps in learning more. So, argument I does not hold. Also, the reason stated in argument II is not  

strong enough in contradicting the ban. So, it also does not hold.

14. What is always in worry?

A. Difficulty

B. Unrest
C. Non-Cooperation
D. Poignancy

Answer: Option B

15. Statements:

The vegetable prices in the local market have increases manifold during the past few days.
Incessant rains have created flood like situation in most rural parts of the State.

A. Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

B. Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.
C. Both the statements I and II are independent causes.
D. Both the statements I and II are effects of independent causes.
E. Both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause.

Answer: Option B


The transportation gets effect due to the flood created by incessant rains in the most rural parts of State. Therefore, on account of this, it is possible to increase the vegetable prices in the local market.

ANZ Support Services English Test Model Papers

We have provided the ANZ Support Services English test questions and answers along with a brief solution. Candidates can check out and practice these questions to get the best output in the ANZ Support Services written test.

1. She has preserved all the old letters of her dead lover.

A. All the old letters of her dead lover have been preserved by her.

B. The letters of her old lover have been preserved.
C. All the old letters have been preserved.
D. All the old letters of her dead lover has been preserved by her.

Answer: Option A


All the old letters of her dead lover have been preserved by her.

2. Every dog has this day.

A. has

B. day
C. dog
D. Every 

Answer: Option D




A. Uncomfort

B. Miscomfort
C. Discomfort
D. None Of These

Answer: Option C

4. She is ________ only person here that speaks Japanese.

A. a

B. an
C. the
D. no article

Answer: C



5. solve as per the direction given above

A. I shall certainly

B. write you
C. when I shall reach NewDelhi.
D. No error.

Answer: Option C


when I reach New Delhi

6. All agog :

A. Everybody

B. All ready
C. Restless
D. Almighty 

Answer: Option C



7. The ______ of hooligans were arrested for damaging public property.

A. mob

B. tribe
C. class
D. board

Answer: Option A



8. Choose the word which is different from the rest.

A. Sweep

B. Wipe
C. Scrub
D. Wash
E. Stain

Answer: Option E


All except Stain are terms related to cleaning.

9. Please attend _____ this matter immediately. It is urgent.

A. with

B. on
C. to
D. at

Answer: Option C



10. It is easy to excuse

P : but it is hard
Q : in a boy of fourteen
R : the mischief of early childhood
S : to tolerate even unavoidable faults
The Proper sequence should be:



Answer: Option D

11. The poor ones continue to …….out a living inspite of economic liberalisation in that country.

A. bring

B. eke
C. find
D. go

Answer: Option B



12. find correct spelling :

A. Judicious

B. Jodicious
C. Judiciious
D. Judicius

Answer: Option A



13. India is /one of the leading /film producing country /in the world.

A. India is

B. one of the leading
C. film producing country
D. in the world.

Answer: Option C


Change ëcountryí  to ëcountriesí.The word ëcountriesí has not been used for ëIndiaí but for countries which produces films and out of which India is one.

14. Words inscribed on tomb

A. Epistle

B. Epilogue
C. Epitaph
D. Epitome

Answer: Option C




A. Barren

B. Arid
C. Childless
D. Dry

Answer: Option A

ANZ Support Services Placement Papers PDF Download: Click Here

In this article, we have provided the latest information for the ANZ Support Services placement papers along with Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability Model Papers. For more latest updates, aspirants can check our site All India Jobs daily.

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