MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017 | Exam Pattern

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus

Are you searching for the MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017? If your answer is Yes then you have reached the exact place for the Syllabus. So the contenders don’t waste your valuable time for searching. For the sake of applicants, we are providing the complete details about the Exam Pattern along with Syllabus. The candidates preparing for the Mains Exam should make a note that they need to clear the Prelims Exam with qualifying marks. The contenders can check the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission official website @ for more information.

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MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission officers will announce the exam date for Mains Exam in upcoming months. So we are providing the MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017 in an understandable manner without any confusion. The contenders can easily understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern from this post. There is a huge amount of Syllabus for the Mains Examination. So candidates don’t waste your precious time, immediately you can start your preparation for the written test without any delay. For the sake of contenders, we are providing the subject wise Syllabus in a neat manner.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Exam Pattern

  • Below table explains the MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Exam Pattern in an understandable manner.
  • There will be two papers.
  • One paper is common for all the applicants.
  • Another one is optional paper, which can be selected by the applicants.
  • The optional subjects are given below in detail manner.
  • Candidates can check the two tables clearly and need to start your groundwork for the written examination.

Exam Pattern for Mains Exam

Type of Exam Subject Name Name of Paper Marks
Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ’s) General Studies Compulsory Papers
(Paper I & Paper II)
200 Marks
General Hindi & English(125 Marks+75 Marks) 200 Marks
Paper I Optional Subject 200 Marks
Paper II 200 Marks
Interview 100 Marks
Grand Total 900 Marks

Important Note:  Instructions for choice of optional subjects

Candidates will be selected optional subjects in the following restricted manner.

  • Agriculture or Agricultural Engineering
  • Agriculture or Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
  • Chemistry or Chemical Engineering
  • Mathematics or Statistics
  • Only one subject will be select from engineering subjects (means Civil Engineering to Agricultural Engineering given in below table).
  • Question Paper from Botany to Statistics will be set in both Hindi & English Language. Whereas, all remain subjects will be set in English language only.

List of Optional Subjects and Marks

Subject Name Marks for Part A Marks for Part B Total Marks Time Duration
Botany 200 200 400 3Hrs
Zoology 200 200 400 3Hrs
Physics 200 200 400 3Hrs
Chemistry 200 200 400 3Hrs
Mathematics 200 200 400 3Hrs
Geology 200 200 400 3Hrs
Agriculture 200 200 400 3Hrs
Statistics 200 200 400 3Hrs
Forestry 200 200 400 3Hrs
Civil Engineering 200 200 400 3Hrs
Mechanical Engineering 200 200 400 3Hrs
Chemical Engineering 200 200 400 3Hrs
Computer Science Engineering 200 200 400 3Hrs
Electronics Engineering 200 200 400 3Hrs
Electrical Engineering 200 200 400 3Hrs
Agricultural Engineering 200 200 400 3Hrs
Horticulture 200 200 400 3Hrs
Environment Science 200 200 400 3Hrs
Animal Husbandry &Veterinary Science 200 200 400 3Hrs

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Selection Process

The candidates who will clear the Mains Exam with qualifying marks will be promoted to the Personal Interview. The final report will be announced by the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission officers.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017 is given below. Candidates can grab this Syllabus and prepare well for the Mains Exam. The candidates can check the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission official website about the Syllabus of optional subjects.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains General Studies Syllabus 2017


  • Environment: Ecosystem, Organic-Inorganic factors, food chain, food web, Forest Ecosystem, Pond Ecosystem, Desert Ecosystem, Grassland Ecosystem, Population Ecosystem, Biodiversity, Endangered species, Wild Life Protection Act – 1972, National Park and Sanctuaries’, Forest Protection Act.


  • Information and Technology: Characteristics, Uses, terminology, websites, online search engine, E-mail, Video mail, hacking, virus, MS Office application.
  • General Maths: Profit-Loss, Interest, percentage, ratio proportion, equation, L.C.M. H.C.F., square root.
  • Statistics: Measure of Central tendency – General applications of Mean, Median, Mode, Probability.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains General Hindi(सामान्य हिन्दी) Syllabus 2017

  • पल्लवन, सन्धि व समास
  • दिए गए वाक्यों का व्यापक अर्थ (शब्द-सीमा 50 शब्द)
  • सन्धि, समास व विराम चिन्ह
  • संक्षेपण
  • प्रारूप लेखन – शासकीय व अर्धशासकीय पत्र, परिपत्र, प्रपत्र, विज्ञापन, आदेश, पृष्ठांकन, अनुस्मारक (स्मरण पत्र), अधिसूचना, टिप्पण लेखन – (कोई दो)
  • प्रयोग, शब्दावली तथा प्रारंभिक व्याकरण
  • प्रशासनिक पारिभाषिक शब्दावली (हिन्दी व अंग्रेजी)
  • मुहावरे अथवा कहावतें
  • विलोम शब्द एवं समानार्थी शब्द
  • तत्सम-तद्भव शब्द
  • पर्यायवाची शब्द
  • शब्द युग्म
  • अपठित गद्यांश
  • प्रतिवेदन – (प्रशासनिक, विधि, पत्रकारिता, साहित्य व सामाजिक)
  • अनुवाद (वाक्यों का)
  • हिन्दी से अंग्रेजी एवं अंग्रेजी से हिन्दी
  • निबंध

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains General English Syllabus 2017

  • Grammar
  • Voice (Active-Passive)
  • Narration (Direct Indirect speech)
  • Degrees & comparison
  • Articles
  • Vocabulary
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Fill-in the blank with suitable words
  • Comprehension-Unseen Passage
  • Précis writing
  • Composition
  • Essay writing (Topics on contemporary and burning issues) (500 words)
  • Letter writing
  • Paragraph writing (200 words)(Expansion & Proverbs)

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Botany Syllabus 2017

Part – A: Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Plant Diversity, Angiosperms, and Taxonomy.

Part – B: Cell Biology,  Genetics and Evolution, Plant Physiology, Ecology, and Economic Botany.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017 For Zoology

Part – A: Structure, general organization and Biology of Non-Chordata and Chordata, ecology ethology, economic zoology and Laboratory methods.

Part – B: Cell Biology, genetics, evolution, systematics, biochemistry, physiology, and embryology.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Physics Syllabus 2017

Part – A:  Mechanics and Relativity, Thermal & Statistical Physics, Optics, Electricity and Electronics, Sound and Acoustics.

Part – B: Quantum Mechanics, Atomic Spectra, Molecular Spectra and Spectroscopy, Solid State Physics, and Nuclear Physics.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Chemistry Syllabus 2017

Part – A: Symmetry,  Atomic structure, Chemical bonding, Solid State, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Photochemistry, Surface phenomena and catalysis,  Bio-inorganic chemistry,  Coordination chemistry, General chemistry of inner transition elements.

Part – B: Reaction mechanisms, Reactive intermediates, Name reactions, Synthetic polymers, Photochemistry, Organic spectroscopy, Heterocyclic compounds, Stereochemistry of carbon compounds, Organometallic compounds, Active methylene compounds, Analytical chemistry.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Mathematics Syllabus 2017

Part – A:  Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equation, Vector Calculus, Analytical Geometry, Statistics(Probability, Theoretical Distributions).

Part – B:  Real Analysis & Metric Space, Complex Analysis, Advanced Calculus, Partial Differential Equations, Linear Programming, Numerical Analysis, Boolean Algebra, Mechanics(Statics, Dynamics).

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Geology Syllabus 2017

Part – A:  General Geology and Geodynamics, Geomorphology, and Remote Sensing, Structural Geology, Stratigraphy, and Palaeontology.
Part – B:  Mineralogy, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Sedimentology, Economic Geology, Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Mining Geology.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017 For Agriculture

Paper – I:  Elementary Agronomy, General Horticulture, Basic genetics, Crop improvement,  Plant protection, Basic agro-forestry, Elements of crop physiology, Organic farming, Dryland farming, 

Section – A: Field crop groups: Cereals(Wheat, rice, maize, and sorghum), Pulses Crops(Pigeon pea, chickpea, Urid, and Mung), Oilseeds Crops(Soybean, groundnut, and rapeseed/mustard), Cash crops (Cotton and sugarcane).

Section – B: Horticultural crop groups: Fruits(Mango, citrus , banana and papaya), Vegetable crops(Potato, onion, cucurbits, tomato, okra and peas), Cole crops(Cauliflower and cabbage), Leafy vegetables(Spinach), Flowers(Roses, merry gold, chrysanthemum, aster, gaillardia and gladiolus), Spices(garlic, chillis, fenugreek, coriander).

Paper – II:  Seed technology,  Agricultural biotechnology,  Agricultural economics and farm management,  Agricultural extension education, Agricultural statistics,  Computer application in agriculture, Soil Science and Microbiology, Biodiversity and natural resource conservation,  Food science and food biochemistry, Farm management.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Statistics Syllabus 2017

Part – A: Descriptive Statistics(Types of data), Probability Theory(Important Concepts in Probability), Statistical Methods.

Part – B: Sample Surveys, Design of Experiments, Measurement of mortality and life table, Economic Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Quality Control.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017 For Civil Engineering

Part – A: Structural Analysis, Structural Design(Steel Design, R.C. Design), Construction Planning and Management, Environmental Engineering.

Part – B: Water Resources Engineering(Irrigation, Hydrology, Ground Water, Storage Scheme, Diversion Schemes, Distribution System, Water Logging, River Training), Transportation Engineering(Railways, Highways and Airport, Bridge Engineering), Geotechnical Engineering.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 2017

Part – A: Engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of Solids, Theory of Machines, Design of Machine Elements, Production Engineering, Production Management.

Part – B: Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Machines, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Energy Conversion Systems, Computer Aided Engineering.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Electrical Engineering Syllabus 2017

Part – A: Circuit theory, Electro Magnetic field Theory and Materials, Measurement and Instrumentation, Analog and Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Signals, and Systems.

Part – B: Control System, Microprocessors and Microcomputers, Electromechanical Energy Conversion, Industrial Drives & Utilisation, Power Systems Analysis and control, Switchgear and protection, Analog communication, Digital communication, Satellite Communication, Radar and T, Microwaves & Antenna, Fiber Optic Systems.

MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017 For Animals Husbandry & Veterinary Science

Part – A: Animal Nutrition, Genetics and Animal Breeding, Semen quality, preservation and artificial insemination, Livestock production and Management, Milk Technology, Hygiene, Extension.

Part – B: Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Diseases, Surgery(Anaesthesia in animals), Jurisprudence.

The candidates can check our website for further updates about the MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Syllabus 2017.

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