Mistral Solutions Interview Questions [Technical & HR] For Freshers And Experienced

Mistral Solutions Interview Questions

Mistral Solutions Interview Questions

Mistral Solutions Interview Questions [Technical & HR]: Are you a graduate looking for a bright career? You have already reached your destination. Mistral is now hiring people for various domains. This is the best opportunity for you to enhance your career. Here, we are providing you some interview questions which will be helpful for your interview.

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Mistral Solutions Interview Rounds

In this company, you have openings for various domains. The interview process is same for almost all these positions. The interview process at Mistral Solutions is consisting of 4 rounds. They are

  • Online Written exam
  • GD or JAM (optional)
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Mistral Solutions Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

Technical round is very important in the interview process because without having any idea about the technicalities of your working domain you cannot excel in your work. So this is the major round where you can prove your selves to the interviewer. Here are some basic technical interview questions which are frequently asked in the interview process of Mistral Solutions.

MAT Lab Interview Questions

  • What is MAT Lab? Where MAT Lab can be applicable?
  • Describe the various system parts of MAT Lab.
  • What is a P-code?
  • What does MAT Lab consist of?
  • Explain about MAT Lab language.
  • What are the types of loops does MAT Lab provides?
  • Mention type of operators used in MAT Lab environment. 
  • Are multi-dimensional arrays supported in MAT Lab? 
  • How will you add noise to an image in MAT Lab?
  • Mention function used for interpolation and decimation in MAT LAB. 
  • What do you mean by stress analysis?
  • What is vectorization? How is it useful?
  • On what machines MAT Lab can be run?

Power Systems Interview Questions

  • What are the differences between fuse and circuit breaker?
  • What is the Bundle conductor and why it is used?
  • What do you mean by reach and reach the point of the relay?
  • How to set the operating time of the relay?
  • What is meant by synchronous condenser?
  • What are the major categories of Electrical power system?
  • What are internal and external faults?
  • State the difference between generator and alternator
  • What is tariff and what are the various types of tariffs?
  • Can we use higher voltages directly?
  • What is different between resistance grounding system and resistance earthing system?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plant?
  • What is the procedure for improving power factor?
  • What is a differential amplifier? Also, explain CMRR.

Mistral Solutions HR Interview Questions For Freshers

This round is also an important round because here is where the interviewer analyses your capabilities and decides whether you are suitable for the job or not. So you also need to concentrate well on this round to get your job. Here are some frequently asked interview questions which will be helpful for you to clear the interview.

  • Tell me a little about yourself.
  • What do you enjoy about this industry?
  • Can you describe a work or school instance in which you messed up?
  • Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?
  • What makes you angry?
  • How did you learn about us?
  • Would you be available to work additional shifts?
  • Would you describe yourself as organized?
  • What can you bring to this organization?
  • Do you want to ask us something about the company?
  • If you had 26 hours in your day, how would you spend those additional two hours?
  • How would you deal with being away from your friends and family for a long time?

Mistral Solutions Technical Interview Questions For Experienced

The technical round for an experienced candidate will be quite different. Mostly, it would relate to real time situations as they have already worked in that domain. So, this round would be easy for them because of their work experience. Here are some interview questions for various positions which might be helpful for your interview.

Embedded System Engineer Interview Questions

  • What is an embedded system in a computer system?
  • What is kernel paging?
  • What is Top half & bottom half of a kernel?
  • What is the difference between micro processor & micro controller?
  • Explain what is the need for an infinite loop in embedded systems?
  • What is the difference between static linking and dynamic linking?
  • What is Dirac delta function? Explain its Fourier transform and its importance?
  • What is priority inversion?
  • What is the difference between binary semaphore and mutex?
  • Consider the two statements below and point out which one is preferred and why?
  • Can a single bit of a port be accessed in 8051?

VLSI Developer Interview Questions

  • What is substrate coupling?
  • What is the function of enhancement mode transistor?
  • Differentiate between write back and write through cache.
  • For CMOS logic, give the various techniques you know to minimize power consumption.
  • What is a false path?
  • What is the function of tie-high and tie-low cells?
  • What are the different types of timing verifications?
  • What is the difference between the Mealy and Moore state machine?
  • What do you mean by struck at zero?
  • Give a big picture of the entire SRAM Layout showing your placements of SRAM Cells, Row Decoders, Column Decoders, Read Circuit, Write Circuit and Buffers.

Mistral Solutions HR Interview Questions For Experienced

The hr interview for an experienced candidate will be an easy one. Because they will have faced all these situations in their career and they can give the answer in the most realistic way. Here we are providing you with the most frequently asked HR interview questions which will be helpful for your interview.

  • If you were hiring for this position, what are the top five things you’d be looking for?
  • What is a difficult work situation you have faced and how did you overcome it?
  • What steps do you follow to study a problem before making a decision?
  • What is your work style?
  • How has your current role evolved since you started?
  • Would like to be relocated frequently?
  • What if you work here for five years and don’t get promoted? Many of our employees don’t. Won’t you find it frustrating?
  • How do you handle a request you disagree with?
  • What are your ideal company, location, and job?

Hope this article is helpful to you in attending your interview at Hero Cycles. Wishing you a very good luck for your interview. For more job updates keep visiting our website All Indis Jobs regularly.

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