Hinduja Group Interview Questions [Technical & HR] For Freshers And Experienced

Hinduja Group Interview Questions

Hinduja Group Interview Questions

Hinduja Group Interview Questions [Technical & HR]: Hinduja Group is associated with various work platforms such as imports and exports, trading, banking, call centers and healthcare. Here is very good news for all the job seekers. Hinduja Group is now hiring for various positions. We are here to provide you with all the interview questions that are required to attend the interview at Hinduja Group.

Hinduja Group Interview Rounds

In this company, you have openings for various domains. The interview process is same for almost all these positions. The interview process at Hinduja Group is consisting of 4 rounds. They are
  • Online Written exam
  • GD or JAM (optional)
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Hinduja Group Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

The technical interview for a fresher will be mainly to check whether the person possesses the basic required knowledge to handle the job or not. Here we are providing you with the basic technical questions that are useful to you to attend the interview at Hinduja Group.

Networking Interview Questions

  • What do you mean by computer networks?
  • What is a Link?
  • What is Round Trip Time?
  • What is Stop-and-Wait Protocol?
  • What is piggy-backing?
  • What is data encapsulation?
  • What are synchronous and asynchronous modes of data transmission?
  • How many layers are in OSI reference model?
  • What is the function of the OSI Session Layer?
BPO Interview Questions
  • What do you know about BPO?
  • Do you think that the career opportunity for non-voice BPO is better than voice BPO?
  • What are the major sectors that opt for outsourcing?
  • What is offshore outsourcing?
  • Are you willing to work in different shifts?
  • How comfortable you are in handling the customers through a phone?
  • What are the major sectors for outsourcing?
  • What are different types of BPO?
  • What are the job activities you have to maintain in BPO?
  • How do you relate call centers to BPO?
  • Are BPO and KPO one and the same?
  • What are inbound and outbound call centers?

Hinduja Group HR Interview Questions For Freshers

Yes, you have completed almost all the interview process. This is the last round and very important round of your interview. It is very important because this is where the interviewer assesses how you communicate with the people. Be careful while answering the questions posed to you. Here are few hr interview questions to help you out in the interview.

  • Have you been in some challenging situation? Explain how you handled it?
  • How did you prepare for this interview?
  • What do you think is your greatest achievement?
  • Would you lie for the company?
  • If you could do anything, what would be your ideal job?
  • What can you do for us that other candidates can’t? 
  • Tell me something about yourself that is not written in your resume.
  • What do you know about us?
  • Are you planning to go for further studies?
  • What do you seek from a job?
  • Explain how would be an asset to this organization?
  • Assuming that you are selected, what will be your strategy for next 60 days?

Hinduja Group Technical Interview Questions For Experienced

The technical interview for an experienced candidate is the crucial one. The way they perform here is the only opportunity for an interviewer to calculate the capabilities of the person and give him a position to share the work platform. Here are few basically asked technical interview questions for various positions.

Customer Care Executive Interview Questions
  • You’ve just picked up a call from a customer who claims to have not received his shipment, even though UPS confirms it was delivered. What do you do?
  • How do you Measure Customer Service?
  • If you had to decline an urgent request from a client what would you do?
  • What’s an example of a time when you identified a problem and advocated on behalf of a customer?
  • A person had reported that he had had a very bad experience with the company. How will you deal with her/ him?
  • What does excellent customer service mean to you?
  • Tell me about a customer service policy that you have implemented. How did it work?
  • Tell me what you know about a ticketing system.
  • Do you feel that only communication is enough for working at a call center?
  • Talk about a time when you were unable to help a customer. What was the issue and how did you handle the situation? 
  • What do you consider the key criteria for a successful call center?
Software Trainer Interview Questions
  • How is technical training different from non-technical training?
  • What methodologies do you use in training?
  • What are the basic qualities required for a good trainer? 
  • What’s different between training technical trainers and training other employees?
  • Give an example of a time you used a practical demonstration to explain the topic you were teaching.
  • How do you keep current with the latest developments and ideas about business training?
  • What is the difference between on job training and off job training programs?
  • If your “students” were asking you irrelevant questions, what would you do to keep the training session on topic?
  • How do you ensure all your trainees understand the value of a training program?

Hinduja Group HR Interview Questions For Experienced

This round is more critical and important when compared to the technical round. It is so because the hr interview is meant to calculate your decision-making capabilities, situation handling skill and many others. Here are few frequently asked interview questions. Go through these before attending the interview. So that, you can do well in your interview.
  • What is your work style?
  • How has your current role evolved since you started?
  • What is a difficult work situation you have faced and how did you overcome it?
  • What can you tell me about your experience?
  • Why are you looking to change jobs?
  • If you were hiring for this position, what are the top five things you’d be looking for?
  • You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
  • What are the expectations you have from your first job?
  • Are you willing to change your role and profile when required for a project?
  • What is your ideal company culture?
  • How would you rate your memory?
  • What quality in your co-workers irritates you?

Hope this article is helpful to you in attending your interview at Hinduja Group. Wish you a very good luck for your interview. For more job updates keep visiting our website All India Jobs regularly.

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