Pentamedia Graphics Limited Interview Questions For Freshers And Experienced (Technical & HR)

Pentamedia Graphics Limited Interview Questions

Pentamedia Graphics Limited Interview Questions

Pentamedia Graphics Limited Interview Questions [Technical & HR]: Pentamedia Graphics Limited is a pioneer in developing animation and 3d visual effects. It also had extended into media and entertainment domains. This is a very bright opportunity for those who have the interest in animation. Pentamedia is now hiring candidates for various domains. Here we are providing you with the selection procedure and interview questions.

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Pentamedia Graphics Limited Interview Rounds

In this company, you have openings for various domains. The interview process is same for almost all these positions. The interview process at Pentamedia Graphics Limited is consisting of 4 rounds. They are

  • Online Written Exam
  • GD or JAM (optional)
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Pentamedia Graphics Limited Technical Interview Questions For Fresher’s

Here is a perfect platform for fresher graduates to grow up. Pentamedia, one of the best animation companies is now hiring fresher graduates. All that you need to do is get prepared for the interview. Before giving an attempt to the interview, check out the below-given interview questions which might be useful to you in your interview.

AJAX Interview Questions

  • What is Ajax?
  • What is the difference between synchronous postback and asynchronous postback?
  • What is update panel? How many types of triggers are present in an update panel?
  • What is the limitation with update panel?
  • Describe some things that can’t be done with AJAX.
  • What are the real web applications of AJAX currently running in the market?
  • When we can use Ajax? Give Few Examples?
  • What is “AsyncPostBackTimeout” Property?
  • What is the difference between AJAX and Javascript?
  • How many validation controls are supported in ASP.NET AJAX 4.0?
  • What are the protocols used by Ajax?
  • What are the security issues with AJAX?
  • How can you find out that an AJAX request has been completed?

Java Script Interview Questions

  • What is JavaScript?
  • How many types of memory areas are allocated by JVM?
  • What is the difference between undefined and not defined in JavaScript?
  • How to write a comment in JavaScript?
  • Is it possible to break JavaScript Code into several lines?
  • How to write normal text code using JavaScript dynamically?
  • What is BOM? What are its uses?
  • How are DOM utilized in JavaScript?
  • What is the difference between .call() and .apply()?
  • What is the difference between an alert box and a confirmation box?
  • Explain the working of timers in JavaScript? Also elucidate the drawbacks of using the timer, if any?
  • How can you convert the string of any base to an integer in JavaScript?

Pentamedia Graphics Limited HR Interview Questions For Fresher’s

This is the deciding round in your interview process. It is generally conducted to test your performance and also your capabilities in dealing with tough times. Thinking a bit tricky and answering the interviewer intelligently is important. Here are few frequently used questions to test your personality. Try to answer them to yourself once, so that you can do well in the interview.

  • Tell me a little about yourself.
  • What do you enjoy about this industry?
  • Can you describe a work or school instance in which you messed up?
  • Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?
  • What makes you angry?
  • What is the worst thing you did and how many of your friends know that?
  • Describe two or three major trends in your profession today.
  • Have you ever done any volunteer work? If so, what was it like?
  • What is your availability?
  • Where do you hope your career takes you within the field?
  • How would you rate your memory?
  • What’s your most important achievement as a student?
  • On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.

Pentamedia Graphics Limited Technical Interview Questions For Experienced

The technical interview for experienced candidates will be quite different. This is so because you are work will be in a lively environment. This profession may be the best one because here in this platform you can give your dream roles a life and make act accordingly. It is most likely to be an HR interview. The interviewer tests you about your work experience and your intrests in designing new animation effects.

Animator Interview Questions

  • What do you mean by animation? Why are you interested in animation?
  • What is meant by ambient occlusion?
  • Explain rigging and its importance?
  • How do you go about creating storyboards?
  • When do you think it’s better to use MoCap instead of animation?
  • What is your favorite advancement in animation over the past 5 years?
  • Which games do you play? How would you improve them?
  • What is the miniature effect?
  • What Is Your Current Favourite Animated Film & Why?
  • What is the difference between display card and graphic card?
  • What is the difference between bump map and normal map?
  • What Is Your Favourite Piece In Your Portfolio/Demo Reel & why?
  • If you had not pursued a career in animation, what would you have chosen instead?

Software Trainer Interview Questions

  • How is technical training different from non-technical training?
  • What methodologies do you use in training?
  • What are the basic qualities required for a good trainer? 
  • What’s different between training technical trainers and training other employees?
  • Give an example of a time you used a practical demonstration to explain the topic you were teaching.
  • How do you keep current with the latest developments and ideas about business training?
  • What is the difference between on job training and off job training programs?
  • If your “students” were asking you irrelevant questions, what would you do to keep the training session on topic?
  • How do you ensure all your trainees understand the value of a training program?

Pentamedia Graphics Limited HR Interview Questions For Experienced

The hr interview for an experienced candidate will be an easy one. Because they will have faced all these situations in their career and they can give the answer in the most realistic way. Here we are providing you with the most frequently asked hr interview questions which will be helpful for your interview.

  • How has your current role evolved since you started?
  • Would like to be relocated frequently?
  • What is your biggest professional disappointment?
  • At the end of the day on what basis you conclude whether you worked committedly or not.
  • How do you set priorities in your work?
  • If you were hiring for this position, what are the top five things you’d be looking for?
  • How do you handle a request you disagree with?
  • What is your ideal company, location, and job?
  • What qualities do you look for in your boss?
  • Tell me about something you did – or failed to do – that you now feel a little ashamed of?
  • What is a difficult work situation you have faced and how did you overcome it?
  • What steps do you follow to study a problem before making a decision?

Hope this article is helpful to you in attending your interview at Pentamedia Graphics Limited. Wish you a very good luck for your interview. For more job updates keep visiting our website All India Jobs regularly.

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