Tech Mahindra Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers and Experienced

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions

Are you looking for the Tech Mahindra Interview Questions? surfing on the internet by wasting your time if your answer is yes then don’t worry. We have updated the Tech Mahindra Interview Questions for Freshers and as well as Experienced candidates. So this article will help the candidates to prepare effectively for the Interview Process. Some of the candidate’s dream is to crack the job in the Tech Mahindra which is one of the Multi National Company. But don’t know how to prepare for the Tech Mahindra Interview Process. To guide those candidates we are providing some of the Interview Questions based on the previous experiences of the aspirants who had already attended and now working in the organization. Our team had collected the below Tech Mahindra Interview Questions of Technical and as well as the HR Interview from various sources for the sake of candidates to help make their preparation easier. 

Before starting the preparation candidates must be aware of the selection process of Tech Mahindra. So to give a clear idea we are providing the Tech Mahindra Selection Process in the following section of this article. All the data given on this page is clear and understandable manner. This will leads to study comfortably without any issues. Aspirants can also get some important information like Resume Writing Tips and other details about the interview process from our website.

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Tech Mahindra Selection Process

The Selection Process of Tech Mahindra company consists of 4 rounds. For the convenience of the candidates, we are providing the rounds of the Tech Mahindra Selection Process. Aspirants who had cleared the following rounds will be select for openings in the company.

  • Written Test 
  • Story Writing
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

In the written Test of Tech Mahindra, candidates can get questions from various subjects like General English, Quant, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning. There is no sectional limit for the exam and should complete the exam in the given time. In General English, we can expect a question from the synonyms, analogies, simple English, sentence completion and in Quant Profit and loss, time and work, ages, averages, SI, CI. In the Non-Verbal Reasoning, the figure based questions will appear in the exam. The company can make changes in the written exam based on the number of candidates had applied. After this written test the candidates have to go under the Technical and HR Interview Round. To clear the rounds easily we are providing the Tech Mahindra Technical and HR Interview Questions for both Freshers and Experienced. In the Technical and HR Rounds candidates can face the questions on both personal and subject oriented.

Tech Mahindra Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

We all know that the clearing technical round is a not an easy task. So to guide the candidates we are providing some of the interview questions from the basic concepts of core subjects. So contenders can have a look at the and prepare for the Technical Round easily. We are furnishing the questions from C language, Object Oriented Programming, VLSI Desing, Control System. We have furnished the below questions by keeping in mind of all the branch candidates.

C Interview Questions

  • What is the difference between #include <file> and #include “file” ?
  • What is a void pointer?
  • Can the size of an array be declared at runtime?
  • What will be the output of the following code snippet?
  • How do you construct an increment statement or decrement statement in C?
  • What is the difference between Call by Value and Call by Reference?
  • What is a stack?
  • What is spaghetti programming?
  • What is the modulus operator?
  • What is a nested loop?
  • How do you declare a variable that will hold string values?
  • What is a syntax error?
  • Can we use  “int” data type to store the value 32768? Why?
  • Why is it that not all header files are declared in every C program?
  • When is the “void” keyword used in a function?
  • What is wrong in this statement?  scanf(“%d”,whatnumber);?

Object Oriented Programming Interview Questions

  • What is OOPS? Explain basic concepts?
  • What is an Inline function?
  • Define Destructor?
  • What is friend function?
  • What is function overloading?
  • What is the use of finalize method?
  • What are sealed modifiers?
  • Explain Persistence and Collaboration?
  • What is composition? Explain the purpose of composition?
  • What are the features that are provided to make a program modular?
  • The difference between class and an object?
  • Difference between overloading and overriding?
  • What is exception handling?
  • What are tokens?
  • What is method overriding?
  • How can we call the base method without creating an instance?

VLSI Design Interview Questions

  • Square Root Calculation For Dp Flow Transmitter?
  • Explain how logical gates are controlled by Boolean logic?
  • Mention what is the difference between the TTL chips and CMOS chips?
  • Explain what is a sequential circuit?
  • Explain what is Verilog?
  • Explain why present VLSI circuits use MOSFETs instead of BJTs?
  • Explain what is the depletion region?
  • Briefly, explain about NMOS and PMOS logic?
  • Explain what is the use of defpararm?
  • Explain what is Slack?
  • Explain what is SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)?
  • Explain what is the depletion region?
  • Explain why is the number of gate inputs to CMOS gates usually limited to four?
  • Explain what is SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)?
  • Explain how Verilog is different to a normal programming language?

Control Systems Interview Questions

  • Define Transfer Function?
  • What is Time Invariant system?
  • Where Servomechanism is used?
  • What is Servo motor?
  • What are the applications of Synchro pair?
  • What is a mathematical model of a control system?
  • For reducing Steady State error which type of controller is used?
  • What is Pole of the system?
  • What is Signal Flow Graph?
  • What is the secondary side frequency of transformer?
  • What do you mean by complex power?
  • What are the types of alternators?
  • What will happen when the slip is 100% and zero?
  • What is regulation with respect to transformer and alternator?
  •  What is the use of commutator and brushes?
  • Name the parts of dc machine?
  • How are MI meters used for measuring both ac and dc quantities?

Tech Mahindra HR Interview Question For Freshers

  • Tell me about Yourself?
  • Tell me about your essay?
  • what is your future goal?
  • Talk about one of your successful projects and why it was successful?
  • What things do you not enjoy doing?
  • Do you wish to pursue higher education?
  • Have you been in some challenging situation?Explain how you handled it?
  • Tell us about the skills which are required for this position?
  • Can you work on odd hours (night shifts)?
  • How many times 9 appears between 1-100? and 1-1000? 
  • How do you feel about doing repetitive work?
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Tech Mahindra Interview Question For Experienced

For the sake of experienced candidates, we are providing the Tech Mahindra Interview Questions. The candidates who are trying to get the complete material about the previous interview questions can find from this page. Here we have furnished the position wise interview questions. 

Module Lead Architect Interview Questions

  • What is Memory crash debugging techniques?
  • Why abstraction required?
  • Difference between Search and Search all in COBOL?
  • What is Data Model Optimization?
  • What is the difference between Thread and Process in Java? 
  • When to use Runnable vs Thread in Java?
  • What is the difference between start() and run() method of Thread class?
  • What happens when an Exception occurs in a thread?
  • Can you write code for getInstance() method of a Singleton class in Java?
  • Give me some examples of Singleton pattern from Java Development Kit?
  • Why wait, notify and notifyAll are not inside thread class?
  • What is FutureTask in Java?
  • What is the difference between synchronized and concurrent collection in Java?

Java Developer Interview Questions

  • Which is the superclass of all classes?
  • What is abstraction?
  • Describe and compare fail-fast and fail-safe iterators. Give examples?
  • What is the ThreadLocal class? How and why would you use it?
  • Does Java support multiple inheritance?
  • What are the basic interfaces of Java Collections Framework?
  • Why Collection doesn’t extend Cloneable and Serializable interfaces?
  • What is the importance of hashCode() and equals() methods?
  • What is the difference between ArrayList and LinkedList?
  • What is Comparable and Comparator interface? List their differences?
  • What’s the difference between Enumeration and Iterator interfaces?
  • What does System.gc() and Runtime.gc() methods do?
  • When is the finalize() called? What is the purpose of finalization?
  • How does finally block differ from finalize() method?
  • What is the applet class loader, and what does it provide?
  • What is the difference between a Choice and a List? 
  • Which Swing methods are thread-safe? 
  • What is the difference between a Window and a Frame?

Senior Security Analyst SAP Interview Questions

  • Explain what is the role of information security analyst?
  • List out the steps to successful data loss prevention controls?
  • Explain what is the 80/20 rule of networking?
  • Mention what are personal traits you should consider protecting data?
  • List out various WEP cracking tools?
  • For security analyst what are the useful certification?
  • How can an institute or a company safeguard himself from SQL injection?
  • What is the difference between a threat, vulnerability, and a risk?
  • How does traceroute, or tracert under Windows, work and why would it be used?
  • Which is the most secure – SSL, TLS or HTTPS?
  • What are the common defenses against a Cross Site Scripting attack?
  • Where do you get your cybersecurity news?
  • Difference between tcp and udp? which one is faster?
  • Difference between C and C++?
  • what are the values of register at the time of buffer overflow?
  • Name some tcp and udp ports?

Tech Mahindra HR Interview Questions For Experienced

  • How to work and manage a team of fresher’s, where everybody is new and you only know the code follow?
  • What makes you feel you are a suitable candidate for this job?
  • What are the challenges you faced in your previous and current roles?
  • Rate yourself on a scale of 10 for handling disputes successfully?
  • Will you be comfortable working for long hours like 15-18 hrs in a day?
  • Are you a team player?
  • What motivates you?
  • What motivates you to join Tech Mahindra?
  • What were your favorite subjects during the course of your study?

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Hope the Tech Mahindra Interview Questions are useful for the aspirants which we have furnished on this page. Our advice to the candidates is to use this article just as the reference purpose don’t depend completely on this information. Be in touch with us for the updates we are trying more information continuously.

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