LG Interview Questions (Technical, HR) For Freshers And Experienced

LG Interview Questions

LG Interview Questions (Technical & HR)

LG Interview Questions: LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational company with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. The applicants who are eagerly waiting for their interview schedule this article will helpful for them during an interview. This is the right time to understand how to succeed in job interview So that you can ever closer to your dream goal of obtaining desired job offer in LG Company. This article focuses on the most popular and frequently asked interview questions asked in LG Company for job seekers.

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LG Interview Rounds | LG Selection Process

The interview rounds conducted by LG Company are mainly based on candidate’s pool on a particular day. If the applicants are high in number the interview rounds would be increased to filter out skilled candidates in an easy way or else the default company rounds will be conducted which are mentioned in below

  • Online or Written Test
  • Technical Round
  • HR round
  • Personal Interview
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The contenders who are qualified in an online test which includes aptitude, reasoning etc will be called for further rounds. The applicants are advised to be high on preparation not on expectation. For the sake of intenders, we are provided various Interview Questions which are worthwhile preparing for Interview.

LG Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

The candidates who are going to participate in the technical round should have minimum basic knowledge on their core subjects. The interviewer always focused on your answer. So it’s up to you to think of examples of how you can demonstrate your answer. In order to give that support, we are presented important and common interview questions in this section. 

Power Electronics Interview Questions
  • What is AC voltage controller?
  • What is inverter? What are the types of Inverter?
  • What is chopper?
  • What is load commutation?
  • What is meant by pulse triggered devices?
  • What is level-sensitive devices? give some examples
  • What is meant by GTO?
  • When we have to connect the SCRs in a parallel manner?
  • Define Gate Charge in MOSFET?
  • What are the types of GTO?
  • What does 10V AC mean? Is it the RMS voltage or Peak voltage or Average voltage?
  • Definition of power electronics?
  • What is the main purpose of power electronics?
  • What are the different operation regions of the thyristor (SCR)?
  • What are the different TURN ON methods of SCR?
  • What is firing angle?
  • Explain the function of cyclo-converter?
  • What is AC voltage controller?
  • What are the types of cyclo-converters?
  • What are the types of inverter?
  • What do you mean by duty cycle?
  • What is an inverter?
  • Compare MOSFET and BJT
  • Why thyristor is considered as Charge controlled device?
  • What is the relation between the gate signal and forward break over voltage (VBO)?
  • What are the advantages of speed control using thyristor?
  • What happens if i connect a capacitor to a generator load?
  • Why the capacitors works on ac only?
  • Explain the working principal of the circuit breaker
  • What is the difference between Isolator and Circuit Breaker?
  • What is use of lockout relay in ht voltage?
  • What is the power factor of an alternator at no load?
  • How to determine capacitor tolerance codes?
  • What are the advantage of free wheeling diode in a Full Wave rectifier?
  • What is reverse power relay?
Analog & Digital Communications Interview Questions
  • Which waveform type has the feature of clocking?
  • Which binary waveform uses three levels?
  • Which waveform scheme introduces bandwidth compression?
  • In pulse modulation, reciprocal of T(time) is
  • Which waveform ha
  • Range of Audio Frequency?
  • What is a diode detector?
  • What is modulation?
  • Range of Radio Frequency?
  • What are the types of angle modulations?
  • What is a product detector?
  • What is a Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO)?
  • What is the range of frequency in commercial AM broadcasting?
  • What is Splatter?
  • s the feature of error detection?
  • PCM word size can be described by
  • Which method should be implemented for reducing bandwidth?
  • In M-ary PPM waveform, modulation is effected by
  • What is Radio communication?
  • What is envelope detector?
  • What is local oscillator?
  • What is a balanced modulator?

LG HR Interview Questions For Freshers

In this section, we are provided some important interview questions which can help an aspirant make a good first impression and possibly get to the next round/Personal interview with the overall aim of securing the job in LG.
  • How many ways that you can choose 3 desserts from a menu of 10?
  • Why you have so many shifts
  • What can you do for us that someone else can’t?
  • Your past experience and qualification?
  • What Salary Are You Seeking?
  • Why Should We Hire You?
  • Are You A Leader Or A Follower?
  • What Assignment Was Too Difficult For You? How Did You Resolve The Issue?
  • What Is Your Greatest Regret And Why?
  • Why Is There Fuzz On A Tennis Ball?
  • How many days will you work?
  • What Qualifications Do You Have?
  • Why Should I Consider You For This Position?
  • Why Should I Hire You
  • How Would You Describe Your Work Style?
  • How Would You Fire Someone?
  • How Would You Weigh A Plane Without Scales?
  • Why Should We Hire You?
  • Would You Work 40+ Hours A Week?
  • Why Did You Choose Your Field of Study?
  • Are There Aspects To Your Job That Are Repetitious?
  • Are You Good At Delegating Tasks?Describe The Best Supervisor You’ve Ever Had.
  • Describe Yourself
  • Describe Your Supervisor’S Management Style.
  • Describe Your Work Style?
  • Discuss Your Educational Background
  • Do You Have Any Hobbies?
  • Would You Lie For The Company?
  • Do You Have Questions For Me?
  • Give Me An Example Of Your Creativity.
  • Are There Organizations You Are Expected To Join?
  • Have You Ever Been Fired Or Forced To Resign?
  • How Does Your Company Differ From Its Competitor?
  • How Do You Determine Or Evaluate Success
  • How Do You Feel About Working Nights And Weekends?
  • How Do You Handle Pressure?
  • Do You Have Any Special World Of Warning Or Encouragement As A Result Of Your Experience?
  • Give Me An Example Of A Time You Did Something Wrong. How Did You Handle It?

LG Technical Interview Questions For Experienced

The intenders who are attending for the technical round should know that the key to getting success in an interview is preparing responses to expected interview questions. So we suggest that contenders should go through this section thoroughly to get a sure shot result in the smart way of learning.
Program Manager Interview  Questions
  • Estimate costs of building a metro?
  • how to design a cell phone contacts app?
  • Detail planning of how to deliver a feature to improve the performance of an amazon.com by 50%?
  • How will you plan for an online grocery system? Mostly around how the project will be executed.
  • Please share one or more of failures in any of the projects you were involved in? How would you approach the same project now?
  • Design e-book search
  • what are the different techniques to bring a delayed project on time?
  • How will you manage a project where the client is also your employer
  • describe your current project?
  • Design a mobile phone for 3-6 years old kids.
  • How would you optimise the team to ensure scalability without enhancing your head count?
  • Emphasis on project management in a SAAS environment?
  • Find if a B-tree is a balanced or not
  • What are the most common reasons that projects fail?
  • When having to monitor different projects, how do you prioritize them?
  • If you were assigned a program with a 6-month deadline, how would go about planning and delivering outcome?
  • What does a program manager do that project managers don’t?
  • What’s the role of technology in program management?
  • Which metrics do you use most frequently?
  • What’s your experience with program charters?
  • Are you familiar with the PMI code of ethics?
  • What would you use six sigma for?
  • Why is change management important for this role?
  • How do you avoid scope creep?
  • How do you keep up with industry trends?
  • Describe the most recent program you managed. What was your contribution?
  • Tell me about the biggest challenge you’ve faced while managing a team of project managers
  • How did you measure the success of deliverables in your last program? How did you choose the best metrics?
  • Describe how you developed a budget and allocated resources for a past program
  • Have you ever had to deal with a program that was falling behind schedule?
  • Have you ever faced a communication problem while managing a program? Who with and how did you resolve it?
  • Tell me about a time you found it difficult to negotiate with a sponsor/stakeholder. What did you do?
  • Quality Engineer
  • Can you describe the various responsibilities and roles of a quality engineer?
  • Describe your previous interactions with customers. How do you handle customer complaints?
  • Did you ever undertake staff training and instruction on Quality Assurance? 
  • What else, besides quality monitoring, can you suggest to ensure quality of materials and products?
  • How effective would you say your team-playing skills are?
  • Why agile methodology is much more powerful than waterfall?
  • Swap two numbers without a temporary variable
  • Which instrument you have used till now?
  • What does Automation means to you?
  • What is thrashing?
  • In an Automated world, how relevant is Manual Testing?
  • What is the importance of Project Quality Plan?
  • How would you go about looking at capability to help production improvements?
  • What recommendations would you make to include quality, as well as, the production capability into design?
  • Why agile methodology is much more powerful than waterfall?
  • When do you think QA activities should start?
  • What is the difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy
  • Can you explain the software testing life cycle?
  • How do you define a format of writing a good test case?
  • What is a good test case?
  • What would you do if you have a large suit to execute in a very less time?
  • Do you think QA’s can also participate to resolve production issues?
  • What is negative testing? How is it different from positive testing?
  • How will you describe yourself as a QA Engineer?
  • What are the characteristics of a good test case?
  • What is Test strategy?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of Software Quality Assurance Engineer?
  • Do you know about bug leakage and bug release?

Battery Technician Interview Questions
  • Can you name a few ways to increase a laptop’s battery life?
  • What does excellent after-sales support mean to you?
  • Do you have a valid driver’s licence?
  • Walk me through the process of updating the computer operating system.
  • How do you install antivirus software?
  • How do you access the Recovery Control in Windows?
  • What resources do you use to discover the latest technology trends?
  • Explain the term BOM?
  • Explain what is Kanban?
  • Explain what is MES?
  • What is the difference between lean manufacturing and JIT (Just-in-Time) Manufacturing?
  • Explain what is Six Sigma?
  • List out some of the examples of factory overhead?
  • The capacity of a lead-acid cell does not depends on?
  • What will happen during charging of lead acid cell?
  • The active materials of nicle iron battery are?
  • The storage battery generally used in electric power station is?
  • The output voltage of charger is?
  • why the cells in battery are connected in series?
  • The capacity of battery is expressed interms of?
  • Trickle charging of a storage battery helps to?
Customer support manager interview questions
  • How would your customer service team describe you as a manager?
  • How have you motivated your team to achieve demanding performance standards?
  • What is your preferred management style?
  • Give me an example of how you have managed an under-performing staff member.
  • What have you done to improve work processes in the customer service division?
  • Tell me about the cost efficiencies you introduced in your last job.
  • How to deal with an angry customer
  • What solutions have you employed in response to customer service problems you identified?
  • How have you used data to improve the level of customer service?
  • What have you done to promote great customer service?
  • How do you plan daily and weekly activities?
  • How have you utilised customer complaint feedback to improve how your team are selling?
  • How do you manage change?
  • How do you ensure that your department’s goals are in line with the overall company goals
  • How have you utilised customer feedback to ensure business excellence?
  • How have you educated your front-line agents to ensure excellent customer feedback?
  • What do you know about the centre/company/role?
  • How to deal with a difficult customer?

LG HR Interview Questions For Experienced

The questions asked in this round would be tricky and lengthy to understand. If you are in the right mood and have prepared for your interview you are more likely to explore your skills and present a best of yourself as the right person for the job. In order to get that much confidence in contenders, we are given popular interview questions in this article.
  • Who Was Your Favorite Boss And Why?
  • How Does A Person Progress In Your Field?
  • Who Was Your Favorite Manager And Why?
  • Have You Ever Had Difficulty With A Supervisor? How Did You Resolve The Conflict?
  • If I Performed Well At This Company, Where Would I Expect To Be In Five Years?
  • If You Could Be Anywhere In The World Right Now, Where Would You Be?
  • In What Ways Is Your Occupation Changing?
  • Tell Me About The One Thing In Your Life You’re Proudest Of.
  • Was There A Person In Your Career Who Really Made A Difference?
  • What Are The Most Important Rewards You Expect In Your Career?
  • What Was The Most Difficult Period In Your Life, And How Did You Deal With It?
  • What Gets You Up In The Morning?
  • Was There A Person In Your Career Who Really Made An Impact?
  • The Best Opportunities In This Field?
  • What Problems Can You Cite Regarding Working In This Career?
  • What’s The Best Movie You’ve Seen In The Last Year?
  • What’s The Most Important Thing You Learned In School?
  • Why Are You Interested In Working For Us?
Hope you will satisfied with this information. For more details about LG Company interview questions keep visiting our website All India Jobs.

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