Intex Technologies Interview Questions [Technical & HR] for Freshers and Experienced

Intex Technologies Interview Questions

Intex Technologies Interview Questions

Here is the good news for the applicants who are searching for Intex Technologies interview questions. Yes, we are going to focus on various levels of interview questions in this article. The Contenders who are interested in joining in Intex Technologies should prepare carefully all the given essential stuff without any delay. Also, you can bookmark our page to reduce your search burden. This is the place where you can explore your interview skills.

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The applied candidates should go through this article till the end to get a grip on all the interview questions in order to perform well in the interview time. From this page, you can avail different types of interview questions, technical interview questions, and HR interview questions as clearly mentioned in this article.

Intex Technologies Interview rounds

The interview rounds of the Intex company is as follows
  • Online test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview
  • Personal Interview
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The applicants who are qualified in online or written will be allowed for next rounds without any objection. The candidate will be placed only when they clear all the rounds successfully. For more information keep reading this article till the end without giving any skip.

Intex Technologies Technical Interview questions for Freshers

The applicants should prepare their core topics before attending this round. Why because the questions to be asked are purely from the core subjects of the respective applicant. Also, you can refer this section for most popular and important interview questions which are helpful during interview time.

Java Interview Questions

  • Explain about Collection interface?
  • What is Collection framework?
  • Explain about List interface?
  • What is Collection API?
  • Explain about the Set interface?
  • What are differences between arrays and collections?
  • What is Multitasking?
  • What is the difference between process-based and Thread-based Multitasking?
  • What is Multithreading and explain its application areas?
  • What is the advantage of Multithreading?
  • Once we created a new Thread what about its priority?
  • How to get and set the priority of a Thread?
  • Explain about Map interface?
  • Explain about SortedMap?
  • If we are trying to set the priority of a Thread as 100 what will happen?
  • If two threads having same priority then which thread will get a chance first to execution?
  • What is the difference between t.start() and method?
  • Explain about Thread Scheduler?
  • If we are not overriding run() method what will happen?
  • Is overloading of the run() method is possible?
  • Explain about SortedSet interface?
  • Explain about NavigableSet?
  • When compared to C++ what is the advantage in Java with respect to Multithreading?
  • In how many ways we can define a Thread? Among extending Thread and implementing Runnable which is recommended?
  • Explain about Queue interface?
  • Explain about NavigableMap?
  • Explain about ArrayList class?
  • What is Random Access Interface?
  • Explain about LinkedList class?
  • Explain about Vector class?

Digital Electronics Interview Questions

  • A single transistor can be used to build which of the digital logic gates?
  • How many truth table entries are necessary for a four-input circuit?
  • What Is Difference Between Latch And Flip-flop?
  • Logic gate circuits contain predictable gate functions that open theirs
  • Difference Between Mealy And Moore State Machine?
  • How many NAND circuits are contained in a 7400 NAND IC?
  • How To Achieve 180 Degree Exact Phase Shift?
  • Tell Some Of the Applications Of Buffer?
  • Why Is Most Interrupts Active Low?
  • What Will Happen If Contents Of Register Are Shifter Left, Righ
  • What Is A Multiplexer?
  • Design A Circuit That Calculates The Square Of A Number?
  • What is BCD? How is it different than binary numbers.?
  • Draw the cross-section of a CMOS inverter. 
  • Given the transfer characteristics of a black box draw the circuit for the black box. 
  • Describe the latch-up effect.

Intex Technologies HR Interview questions for Freshers

As we all know that, this is the round where you can expect non-technical interview questions. For the sake of bringing best in you, we are provided possible and commonly asked interview questions for the fresher’s which are worth while attending for HR interview round.

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • Tell us about your hobbies?
  • What is more important to you money or success?
  • What do you do to improve your knowledge?
  • What is your dream company to work for?
  • Who is your role model? Why do you choose him/her?
  • Are you able to perform under pressure?
  • Tell us some of your strengths
  • Tell us some of your weaknesses
  • How do you rate your communication skills?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why there is a gap in your education?

Intex Technologies Technical Interview Questions for Experienced

Experienced candidates will have somewhat tough interview questions than freshers. So, we suggest applicants should go through this section carefully to get through from this round without any risk and confusions.

Quality Engineer Interview Questions

  • What is their experience with writing the QA Manual? 
  • What is the difference between QA, QC?
  • Can you describe the various responsibilities and roles of a quality engineer?
  • When to start QA in a project?
  • Describe your previous interactions with customers. How do you handle customer complaints?
  • What is destructive testing, and what are its benefits?
  • Did you ever undertake staff training and instruction on Quality Assurance? 
  • What is the testing lifecycle?
  • What else, besides quality monitoring, can you suggest to ensure the quality of materials and products?
  • What is Control Chart?
  • How effective would you say your team-playing skills are?
  • What are elements of a QA/QC system?
  • What do means by inventory agency?
  • What are the Seven Basics Tools of Quality? Explain all?
  • Can you explain QA/QC plan?
  • Have you written Test Plan? What is a Test Plan? What does it include?
  • What is Software Development Life Cycle?
  • Have you written a Test Case?
  • What is Business Requirement Document (BRD)?
  • Have you worked with the Uses Cases before?
  • What is meant by the Build Deployment?
  • What does the Test Strategy include?
  • What is testing to you? Do you have a testing paradigm? Can you explain it?
  • What is the difference between Smoke testing and Sanity Testing?
  • Explain bug life cycle.
  • What is severity and priority of bug? Give some example.
  • What is the role of QA in a project development?
  • What is Gantt Chart?
  • What is the difference in responsibilities of Programmers and QA analyst?
CAD Engineer Interview Questions
  • What motivates you to work hard?
  • The effect of the explode command in AutoCAD win applied to a block is to?
  • What makes you a better drafter than the next guy?
  • When constructing an AutoCAD Solid Model the UCS command is used to
  • What do you dislike the most about being a drafter?
  • Which key combinations do not invoke an I/O command?
  • Tell me what you like most about being a CAD Drafter?
  • Why does AutoCAD allow you more than one layout?
  • Can you do layouts on your own?
  • The effect of freezing a layer is to?
  • Tell me about your training?
  • When breaking a circle the break will occur in the
  • Do you enjoy collaborating with others?
  • One effect of setting the value of MIRRTEXT=0 is that?
  • Do you have any concerns about my qualifications?
  • The system variable SPLINETYPE determines?
  • Do you plan on continuing your education as a drafter?
  • The SETVAR command is used to?
  • What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?
  • The effect of the EXPLODE command, when applied to a block, is to?
  • If I saw your home office right now, what would it look like?
  • What is the significance of using the command WBLOCK?
  • Are drafters must know this industry well, how well do you?
  • The “select object” option “Previous” is best described by
  • What are you passionate about, outside of this career?
  • To continue drawing a line from the last known point, enter
  • Do you enjoy working with other drafters, and sharing work, when needed?
  • Absolute coordinates are measured from the
  • What was the first CAD software you used and what was that experience like?
  • The line types definitions are stored on the system with an extension of?
  • When is space NOT interpreted as the enter key?
  • The effect of QTEXT being ON is to?
  • How many entity colors does AutoCAD support?
  • The maximum number of commands whose effect can be undone by the UNDO command is?
  • To reverse the UNDO command the correct entry is?

Computer Hardware Engineer Interview Questions
  • What is a computer?
  • What are the Hardware Components of a Desktop Computer / Laptop?
  • What are the differences between Multitasking and Multiprocessing?
  • What are Hard-Disk Partitions?
  • What are the different functions of a computer?
  • What the difference between FSB and BSB?
  • Draw the hierarchical classification of the computer.
  • What is packaging a microprocessor? What are the different packaging available?
  • How a minicomputer different from a mainframe?
  • What is LGA?
  • What is Supercomputer?
  • What are CISC and RISC?
  • Differentiate Input and Output device
  • Difference between RAM and ROM?
  • What is Intel Pentium?
  • What is a storage device? What is the common classification?
  • Any difference between Pentium III and IV.
  • What do you mean by a processing device? What are the various types of processing devices?
  • What is Hyper-Threading? What is the use of it?
  • Differentiates Serial and Parallel port.
  • What is Intel Atom processor?
  • What is an interface?
  • What is Nehalem Architecture?
  • What is a microprocessor?
  • What is the full name of AMD?
  • What are the factors affecting the speed of the microprocessor?
  • What are the causes of overheating of microprocessor?
  • What is the use of Conventional memory in the system?
  • What is the main memory in a computer?
  • What are the different types of RAM?
  • Which is the latest DDR version? Which processor of Intel will support it?
  • What are the different DRAM types?
  • What is the form factor of the motherboard?
  • What is SODIMM memory module?
  • What is the need of expansion slot in the motherboard?
  • What is overclocking?
  • Why are Device Drivers required?
  • What is AGP slot? What is its use?
  • What is memory bank?
  • What is chipset?
  • What is Upgrading the memory?
  • What is BIOS?
  • What is a Data Cable?
  • Lights on a Modem / LAN Card
  • What does the term USB stand for?

As an experienced candidate you should b able to face any type of interview questions as mentioned in this section particularly. In order to save your time, we have done a lot of research for bringing all the levels of interview questions into a single place. Contenders are advised to study all the provided interview questions for getting a sure shot result in the interview.

  • Are you flexible to work shifts or weekends?
  • For how long do you expect to stay with our organization?
  • Tell us about your achievements at the college level?
  • Are you planning to go for further studies?
  • Are you a hard worker or smart worker?
  • What are your future goals?
  • Are you a good team player?
  • Are you willing to relocate/travel?
  • How much salary you are expecting?
  • Do you have any questions?
Hope you will get essential information about Intex interview questions from this article. Also, you can bookmark our site for more details and latest updates regarding interview questions. Let us know if you have any doubts through email. We are always ready to help you as fast as we can.

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