Intel Interview Questions (Technical, HR) For Freshers And Experienced

Intel Interview Questions

Intel Interview Questions

Are you tired of searching important interview questions for Intel Company? Then your search is over, In order to reduce your search burden, we are gathering all the essential and important Intel Interview Questions to be asked during interview process into single place. So, we suggest contenders should go through this entire article carefully to get a grip on most popular interview questions which are asked in first minutes of every interview round respectively.

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Intel Corporation is an American Multinational technology company with its headquarters in CA, USA. It is the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers based on revenue. So, for any position that an applicant applies for, they will have to prepare all the required job skills and interview questions before attending the Interview Process. In this article, we are focused on most eligible and famous interview questions to be asked in Intel company interview rounds which are helpful for applicants.

Intel Selection Process

The interview rounds for Intel Company are as follows

  • Online/Written Test ( Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and English)
  • Technical interview
  • HR Interview
  • Final round
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Initially, the applied candidates are shortlisted based on their resumes and then they are called for interview schedule. The contenders who are qualified in the online test will be allowed for further rounds. For more details keep reading our article without any skip.

Intel Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

As the questions asked in this round are somewhat typical, it is important that you have the core side skills and awareness of respective job position to convey skills and reasonable relevant answer for the question. So it would be easy to perform during the interview process if you can have a grip on the below-mentioned interview questions.

Wireless communication Interview Questions

  • What is wireless communication concept?
  • What do you mean by frequency reuse?
  • What do you mean by Handoff?
  • What are the different types of transmission impairment?
  • What do you mean by Mobile Station Subsystem?
  • What do you mean by Network and Switching Subsystem?
  • What do you mean by Ad-hoc networks?
  • What is the difference between 3G and 4G?
  • What is WiMax? What data rate does WiMax provide?
  • What are the uses of WiMax? What are the advantages of WiMax?
  • What signals are transferred in GPRS?
  • Explain the different coding schemes used in GPRS and their importance.
  • What gross data rate does GPRS provide?
  • Explain DECT
  • The difference between CDMA and GPRS. Which of them is better? Why?
  • Differentiate between GSM and GPRS.
  • Do I need a licensed for WiMax technology?
  • What is base station?
  • What are the limitations of WiMax?
  • Why we need WiMax technology?
  • What is Bluetooth?
  • Bluetooth is called a cable replacement technology
  • What is RJ-45?

Computer Networks Interview Questions

  • What are layers in OSI model?
  • What is Stop-and-Wait Protocol?
  • What is Piggybacking?
  • What is a Gateway or Router?
  • Differences between Hub, Switch and Router?
  • What happens when you type a URL in a web browser?
  • What is DHCP, how does it work?
  • What is ARP, how does it work?
  • Define Network?
  • What is Multiple Access?
  • What is a Link?
  • What are the criteria necessary for an effective and efficient network?
  • Name the factors that affect the performance of the network?
  • What is Protocol?
  • Name the factors that affect the security of the network?
  • What are the key elements of protocols?
  • Define Routing?
  • What are the key design issues of a computer Network?
  • Define Bandwidth and Latency?
  • What is a peer-peer process?
  • When a switch is said to be congested?

Java Interview Questions
  • What is the difference between JDK, JRE and JVM?
  • What do you know about Java?
  • What are the supported platforms by Java Programming Language?
  • List any five features of Java?
  • Why is Java Architectural Neutral?
  • How Java enabled High Performance?
  • Why Java is considered dynamic?
  • List some Java keywords(unlike C, C++ keywords)?
  • What do you mean by Object?
  • Define class?
  • What kind of variables a class can consist of?
  • What is a Local Variable?
  • What is an Instance Variable?
  • What is a Class Variable?
  • What is Singleton class?
  • List the three steps for creating an Object for a class?
  • What is the default value of byte data type in Java?
  • What is the default value of float and double data type in Java?
  • When a byte data type is used?
  • What is a static variable?
  • What do you mean by Access Modifier?
  • Java.util.regex consists of which classes?
  • What is finalize() method?
  • What is an Exception?
  • What do you mean by Checked Exceptions?
  • Explain Runtime Exceptions?
  • When throws keyword is used?
  • When throw keyword is used?
  • How finally used under Exception Handling?
  • What things should be kept in mind while creating your own exceptions in Java?

Intel HR Interview Questions For Freshers

The contenders should keep in mind that the impression interviewers get in the first few seconds of interview process can make or break your selection. In order to get that impression contender are suggested to follow this section carefully which comprises of most common interview questions likely to be asked in first few seconds of the interview process.

  • Have You Considered Starting Your Own Business? On A Scale From One To Ten, Rate Me As An Interviewer.
  • Is There A Basic Philosophy Of The Company Or Organization And, If So, What Is It? (Is It A People-, Service- Or Product-Oriented Business?)
  • Sell Me This Pencil.
  • Tell Me About An Accomplishment You Are Most Proud Of
  • How Do You Rate Me As An Interviewer?
  • How Do You Work Under Pressure?
  • How Many House A Week Do You Normally Work
  • How Many People Do You Supervise?
  • Tell Me The Difference Between Good And Exceptional.
  • Tell Me One Thing About Yourself You Wouldn’t Want Me To Know.
  • How Would You Go About Establishing Your Credibility Quickly With The Team?
  • How Optimistic Are You About The Company’s Future And Your Future With The Company?
  • How Quickly Is The Field Growing
  • How Would You Describe Yourself?
  • What Are Your Outside Interests?
  • What Are Your Strengths?
  • How Does The Company Recognize Outstanding Accomplishment Of Its Employee?
  • What Are Your Weaknesses?
  • If You Found Out Your Company Was Doing Something Against The Law, What Would You Do?
  • What are the first three things you’d do if you join us?
  • Describe a situation where you have dealt with an angry customer. How did you handle their complaints?

Intel Technical Interview Questions For Experienced

As an experienced applicant, you should ready to face and give better response for all the types of interview questions. In order make our reader’s interview responses short and to the point, we are provided essential interview questions in this section. So, contenders are suggested to study this article carefully for best result in the interview.

System Engineer Interview Questions

  • How do you ensure technical documentation is up-to-date?
  • What was the last piece of software you installed on a server?
  • If a website is slow, how do you troubleshoot the problem? Describe your approach step-by-step.
  • How do you manage system configuration?
  • Are you familiar with virtualization and containerization? Mention any experience you have using tools like VMware or Virtual box.
  • Describe your tasks concerning a SQL server deployment.
  • What tests would you run to ensure an application runs smoothly?
  • How can you debug a program while it’s being used?
  • What do you know about the Java Scripting API? Can you think of a use case
  • What’s the best automation software for Windows?
  • If we’re deploying a new system, who do you need to collaborate with to ensure system development, testing and implementation?
  • What experience do you have working in a computerized environment?
  • Describe your experience with documentation as a system engineer.
  • Describe your troubleshooting and debugging expertise.
  • Do you have any experience with product integration services?
  • How good are you at teamwork?
  • Can you specify professional experience in system maintenance and implementation?
  • What is a 3-way handshake?
  • How does trace route work?
  • How does DNS work?  Have you ever had DNS go down? When should you have backup DNS – have you ever had to set this up for a website? 
  • How do TCP/IP networks work? 
  • What is the worst mistake you have made at work?  How did you fix it?  What did you learn from it?
  • What is the best way to keep documentation up to date?
  • What is the minimum amount of documentation you need to support a service/system?
  • How does DNS work and when should you have backup DNS?
  • What are the pros and cons of using cloud applications?
  • What is a disaster recovery plan?

AutoCAD Engineer Interview Questions

  • What is AutoCAD?
  • What are the uses of AutoCAD?
  • What are the fields where you see maximum use of AutoCAD?
  • How you can create a user interface in AutoCAD?
  • What is the function of vertical integration?
  • What is the file formats used in design?
  • What is the use of variant in AutoCAD?
  • What are the benefits of using AutoCAD?
  • What is the process to draw a line more than one time and save it automatically?
  • What are the steps that enable the drag and drop feature in 
  • AutoCAD?
  • What are the features corrected by AutoCAD?
  • How to set up a default drawing directory?
  • How you can copy a closed drawing?
  • What is the process of copying the dimension styles from one drawing to another in AutoCAD?
  • How you can hide the specific layers when plotting in AutoCAD?
  • How can you remove the empty layers from drawing?
  • Why AutoCAD WS is more popular among mobile users?
  • How can you make a spring, spiral or screw thread?
  • Tell me how you assign the keyboard characters or function keys to AutoCAD commands?
  • How you can open a drawing file that was created with the automatic save features?
  • What will you do when a command prompts appear on the command line instead of ASE dialog box and plot dialog box?
  • In AutoCAD, what is the command that is used to rotate the grid at 45 degrees?
  • In what situation command prompt appears instead of dialog boxes?
  • What are grips?
  • What you are supposed to do when “Enter Attributes” dialogue doesn’t display?
Chemical Engineer Interview Questions

  • What is a solvent?
  • What are the three classes of organic solvents?
  • What is happening when the paint dries?
  • What is quicklime and what are the uses?
  • How can separation of chiral chemicals affect the chemical and/or pharmaceutical industries?
  • Can asphalt be recycled to form a use full product?
  • What is the easiest way to extract hydrogen from water and the safest way to store it?
  • What is a surfactant?
  • What is the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature(WBGT)?
  • How can metals be removed from aqueous waste streams?
  • What are some common precipitating agents used to remove metals from aqueous waste streams?
  • What types of metals are typically removed via chemical precipitation?
  • How can hexavalent chromium be removed from an aqueous waste stream?
  • How can arsenic be removed from aqueous waste streams?
  • How can I treat a waste stream containing both hexavalent chromium and arsenic?
  • What is an additive?
  • What is the difference between CFM (cubic feet per minute) and SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute)?
  • What is a good method of steam tracing large vessels?
  • How can you keep our seawater used for heat rejection clean before entering our heat exchangers?
  • What is a good source of equations for calculating discharge flow rates from accidental releases?
  • What is condensate lift?
  • What is a barometric condenser?
  • What is the best way to control an oversized, horizontally oriented shell and tube steam heater?
  • What is a good relation to use for calculating tube bundle diameters?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using gear pumps?
  • What is some good advice for specifying allowable pressure drops in shell and tube exchangers for heavy hydrocarbons?
  • What is a good method of minimizing shell side pressure drop in a shell and tube exchanger?

Software Engineer Interview Questions

  • What is risk-based testing?
  • Which tools do you use for keeping track of requirements?
  • How do you design scalable applications?
  • What are metaphors used for in functional design?
  • What language to you prefer for writing complex algorithms?
  • Which tools are needed for testing the quality of your code?
  • What is SOLID?
  • How do the MVP, MVC and MVVM patterns relate?
  • What is the purpose of exit criteria?
  • What determines the level of risk?
  • When is used Decision table testing?
  • What is the MAIN objective when reviewing a software deliverable?
  • What is the benefit of test independence?
  • What is the difference between Testing Techniques and Testing Tools?
  • What is beta testing?
  • What is the difference between a mutex and a semaphore?
  • What is multithreaded programming?
  • What is the difference between local and global variables?
  • What’s the difference between local and global variables?
  • You have a single-threaded, C standard application that’s continuously crashing, but never in the same place. What could be causing the crash?
  • What is the difference between a queue and a stack?
  • What is a regression test?
  • Why are manhole covers round?
  • What is the difference between a mutex and a semaphore? Which one would you use to protect access to an increment operation?
  • A man pushed his car to a hotel and lost his fortune. What happened?
  • Explain the significance of “dead beef”.
  • Write a C program which measures the speed of a context switch on a UNIX/Linux system.
  • Given a function which produces a random integer in the range 1 to 5, write a function which produces a random integer in the range 1 to 7.
  • Describe the algorithm for a depth-first graph traversal.
  • Design a class library for writing card games.
  • How are cookies passed in the HTTP protocol?
  • Explain how congestion control works in the TCP protocol.
  • In Java, what is the difference between final, finally, and finalize?
  • What is multithreaded programming? What is a deadlock?

Intel HR Interview Questions For Experienced

The applicants who are preparing for HR round should be very clear in giving answers without taking any time gap. To strengthen your skills we are presented some important and frequently asked HR interview questions in Intel Company interview process.

  • What Was The Most Difficult Period In Your Life And How Did You Handle It?
  • Who Has Impacted You Most In Your Career and How?
  • Why Did You Seek A Position In This Company?
  • How Do You Feel About Reporting To A Younger Person
  • How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Career Goals?
  • How Long Will It Take For You To Make A Significant Contribution?
  • How Do You Plan To Reach Your Career Goals?
  • How To Have A Successful Lunch Interview
  • How Do You Want To Improve Yourself In The Next Year?
  • If You Were At A Business Lunch And You Ordered A Rare Steak And They Brought It To You Well Done, What Would You Do?
  • Do You Know Of Anyone In Your Career Who Has Made The Transition To Your Field From My Current Career?
  • What’s your area of expertise? Is there something you would like to learn more about?

We do our best on collecting various types of interview questions at one place. For more updates, you can bookmark our page. Visit our sire frequently.

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