CGI Interview Questions For Freshers And Experienced (Technical, HR)

CGI Interview Questions

CGI Interview Questions

Are you in search of CGI Interview Questions? You are in the right place. Here we are provided some important and most popular interview questions which are asked many times in the CGI interview. The candidates who are dreamed to hit a job in CGI Company should go through all the important interview questions which are mentioned in this article to get a smart result.

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Now a day’s competition is very high in number in order to withstand that heavy competition intenders should be perfect and well prepared in all the aspects. To boost up your knowledge and interview skills we are presenting essential stuff on this page. So, we suggest interested contenders should follow all the detailed information given in this article carefully without any fail.

CGI Interview Rounds

The elemental rounds in CGI interview process are mainly

  • Online/Written Test
  • Technical round
  • HR interview
  • Personal interview

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Online Test: In this, candidates need to solve problems based on logical reasoning, aptitude, etc. If candidates cleared successfully then they will be called for further rounds.

Also, the contenders who are qualified in all the assigned rounds fortunately then he/she will be called for personal interview which is a final round. So we advised the contenders who are wished to get the desired job in CGI Company should prepare all the required interview questions to perform well in all the rounds actively without any confusion.

CGI Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

As the name itself specifies that technical round. The most eligible questions considered in this round are totally based on the core side of the respective student’s previous degree/graduation. So contenders are needed to concentrate on core topics to clear this round. For the sake of interested candidates, we are provided the most popular technical interview questions in this article. It would be easy to crack technical round in a smart way if you go through this entire article carefully.

  • What are your strengths?
  • Tell Me About Yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What can you offer us that someone else cannot?
  • Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of?
  • Tell us about a time you made a mistake?
  • What do you do with requirements that are incomplete or incomprehensible?
  • What is computer software?
  • What is your advice when a customer wants high performance, high usability and high security?
  • Why Should I Hire You?
  • Which tools do you like to use for keeping track of requirements?
  • What if I reject all these new ideas?
  • What is your greatest weakness?

CGI HR Interview Questions For Freshers

In this round, the interviewed questions seem very simple but very typical to answer. Most of the candidates take more gaps to reply/give an answer for questions just because of the lack of preparation which leads to rejection of the particular candidate. So we suggest the candidates should go through this section completely to get an impressive impression from HR.

  • What is your dream job?
  • How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?
  • What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?
  • What attracted you to this company?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?
  • Can you describe a time when your work was criticized?
  • What assignment was too difficult for you, and how did you resolve the issue?
  • What salary are you seeking?
  • What are you looking for in terms of career development?
  • How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?
  • What do you see yourself doing within the first 30 days of this job?
  • Give examples of ideas you’ve had or implemented?
  • What’s the most important thing you learned in school?
  • How do you feel about taking no for an answer?
  • What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the last year?
  • What do you like to do for fun?
  • What is your favorite memory from childhood?
  • If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why? Can you work under pressure?
  • Why do you leave your old job?
  • Do you consider yourself successful?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • What experience do you have in this field?
  • What do co-workers say about you?
  • Are you willing to work overtime? Nights?

CGI Technical Interview Questions for Experienced

.Net Developer Interview Questions

  • What is the .NET Framework?
  • What are the main components of the .NET Framework?
  • List the new features added in .NET Framework 4.0?
  • What is an IL?
  • What is Manifest?
  • What are the code contracts?
  • Name the classes that are introduced in the System.Numerics namespace?
  • What is a managed extensibility framework?
  • Explain memory-mapped files
  • What is the Common Type System (CTS)?
  • What is ASP?
  • What is the difference between Classic ASP and ASP.Net?
  • What is ASP.NET?
  • What is a Cookie?
  • What is the difference between ASP Session State and ASP.Net Session State?
  • What is the difference between ASP Session and ASP.NET Session?
  • What are the major built-in objects in
  • What is the difference between Server. Transfer and Response. Redirect?
  • What is a PostBack?
  • What is Auto Post Back?
  • What is C#?
  • What are the types of comment in C#?
  • What are the namespaces used in C#.NET?
  • What are the characteristics of C#?
  • What are the different categories of inheritance?
  • What the basic concepts are of object-oriented programming?
  • Can you inherit multiple interfaces?
  • What is inheritance?
  • Define scope?
  • What is the difference between public, static and void?

SEO Expert Interview Questions

  • What is SEO and introduce its types?
  • What are the SEO tools do you use?
  • What do you mean by Backlink?
  • What are outbound links?
  • Can you tell me something about Googlebot?
  • What is Cross-linking and what is the function of Cross-linking?
  • What is the main purpose of using the keyword in SEO?
  • What is the main purpose of using the keyword in SEO?
  • What is the main purpose of using the keyword in SEO?
  • Can you mention the functions of body content relevance?
  • What are Spiders, Robots and Crawlers and what are their functions?
  • What does it mean if nothing appears on doing a search on the domain?
  • What is keyword stemming?
  • Name some SEO blogs that you frequently read?
  • What do you mean by Cloaking?
  • How many types of Meta Tags are there in SEO and what are their characters limits?
  • How many characters limits in the Title tag?
  • What is Google Sandbox?
  • Tell me something about Black Hat SEO?
  • Name few Black Hat SEO techniques?
  • Can you differentiate between ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’ link?
  • What is the difference between PR (page rank) and SERP (Search engine result page)?
  • Why the Title Tag in the website is valuable?
  • What is considered as more significant, creating content or building backlinks?
  • Can you mention the difference between SEO and SEM?
  • What do you know about LSI?
  • How will you cross-check whether your SEO campaign is working or not?

C, C++ Developer Interview Questions

  • What is C language?
  • Who developed C language?
  • Describe about history of C programming language
  • Where is C programming language used or uses of C language?
  • What is the difference between C and C++?
  • What is the difference between the top-down approach and the bottom-up approach in programming languages?
  • What is the difference between C and Java?
  • C language has been developed in which language?
  • Which year C language is developed?
  • What is meant by programming language and give some examples?
  • Describe about C standards?
  • What are the key features or characteristics of C language?
  • What is embedded C?
  • Which level is C language belonging to?
  • What do you mean by high level, middle level, and low-level languages and give an example for each?
  • What is the difference between structured oriented, object-oriented and non-structure oriented programming language?
  • What is a compiler?
  • What is the difference between assembler, compiler, and interpreter?
  • What is printf()?
  • What is scanf()?
  • What is meant by protocol?
  • Execution of a C program starts from which function?
  • What are all the sections that a C program may/must-have?
  • What is IDE?
  • List out some of C compilers
  • What is the header file in C language?
  • Is C language case sensitive?
  • What is Macro? Why do we use a macro?
  • History of C++?
  • What is C++?
  • Differences between C and C++?
  • What are the basic concepts of object-oriented programming?
  • What is a class?
  • What is an object?
  • What is the difference between an object and a class?
  • What is the difference between class and structure?
  • Define object-based programming language?
  • Define object-oriented language?

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SAP ABAP Developer Interview Questions

  • What is an ABAP?
  • What is an ABAP data dictionary?
  • What are the domains and data elements?
  • What is a foreign key relationship?
  • Describe data classes
  • What are indexes?
  • Difference between transparent tables and pooled tables
  • What is an ABAP/4 Query?
  • What is BDC programming?
  • What are the functional modules used in sequence in BDC?
  • Can you kill a Job?
  • If you have a long-running job, how do you analyze?
  • What is a private mode? When does the user switch to private mode?
  • What is myspace?
  • What is ASAP?
  • Describe how SAP handles Memory Management?
  • When we should use Transactional RFC?
  • What is osp$ mean? What if the user is given this authorization?

QTP Tester Interview Questions

  • What are the advantages in Test Automation?
  • What are the drawbacks in Test Automation?
  • What type of test tools available in the industry?
  • What are the important factors in test tool selection?
  • What test cases can be automated?
  • What test cases cannot be automated?
  • Explain about the Testing process in QTP?
  • What types of License available for QTP?
  • What are the QTP supported environments?
  • Does QTP Support UNIX Environment?
  • What is the scripting language that used in QTP for applying programming logic?
  • Does QTP Support Database Testing and Data-driven Testing?

CGI HR Interview Questions For Experienced

As an experienced candidate even though you are perfect it is better if you can refer the following interview questions thoroughly before attending for HR round. For more details keep an eye on this article till the end without any skip.

  • What makes you interested in this job?
  • Why do you want to leave your present job?
  • Why do you think should we take you to this job?
  • What is the motivating factor for you at work?
  • What qualities would you look for, if you were recruiting someone for this position?
  • What is your greatest achievement?
  • Do you seem to have switched many jobs-why?
  • How did you manage to attend this interview during your working hours?
  • If your boss was present here, what do you think he would tell us about you?
  • Would you like to work in a team or on your own?

We do our best in gathering all the required details regarding CGI Interview Questions for different rounds in one article. For more details keep visit our website also you can bookmark our page in order to avoid search burden. If any queries a raised let us know through the comment box. We will respond as quickly as possible.

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