20 Toughest Interview Questions Asked by Google

Google Interview Questions

Dear Job Seekers, We are providing you 20 Toughest Interview Questions Asked by Google and Interview Process.

There are three stages in which Google selects it’s employees. T o read further about the selection process at google: Click here.

Google Interview Process:

The interview process of the tech giant is not so easy, is what you’ll hear. But the trick is simple. If you have your basics right and have good IQ, your chances of being a fast learner and innovative thinker will be high. Google primarily looks for this potential within a candidate.

This is why their resume selection is not done by an AI machine, though the tech giant has all the technology in the world to enable it. They want to handpick their candidates based on the intelligence and attention to detail that a machine can’t read.

In interview rounds, we can see the same stress on the attention to detail. They need to think that you are simple and out of the box, a rare combination indeed.

AIJ Tip:

If you really want to get into Google, let us be clear about one thing first: You won’t be asked questions out of any “Google Interview Questions” article. You will be naive to believe that some of these 20 questions will be asked in a Google Interview.

So, byhearting answers to a few questions may not help you. But, if you understand the kind of questions that will be asked out of you, you can mentally prepare yourself to face such questions.


Google Hiring Process

Here are some 20 tricky and toughest questions that job applicants have faced collected by All Indi Jobs. Now, the questions we listed are not generic.

The kind of questions vary along with the Job Position for which the candidate is interviewing. Take a look at all questions even when you are not applying for that specific job role.

So, start thinking the Google way. Ask yourself: “They asked such a question, what were they trying to examine here?” or “Such a question is asked for X role, what would they ask for a role I applied for?”

If you are not exclusively looking out for a Career in Google and are looking to get employed in one of the Top MNCs in India, All India Jobs is here to provide information about Application process and Selection procedures: Click here.

20 Toughest Interview Questions Asked by Google:

Q1. Describe what happens when you go to Google.com in the most technical way you can.
– Technical Solutions Consultant

Q2. You have 3,000 accounts and 3 weeks to sort through them. What data would you collect, and how would you convince your customers to upsell across the verticals?
– Account Manager

Q3. What is your favorite Google product, and how would you improve it?
– Associate Product Manager

Q4. A coin was flipped 1,000 times and there were 560 heads. Do you think the coin is biased?
– Quantitative Analyst

Q5. Estimate the number of tennis balls that can fit into a plane.
– Intern

Q6. How would you describe a database to a third grader?
– Associate Product Manager

Q7. My processor is consuming too much power. Write a program to reduce processor power consumption.
– Software Engineer

Q8. If you could be remembered for one sentence, what would it be?
– Associate Account Strategist

Q9. What is the most challenging bug you faced and what did you learn from the experience?
– Software Engineer

Q10. Tell me a joke.
– Executive Assistant

Q11. Design an algorithm that predicts where a ball will exit a given maze based on its entry point.
– Intern

Q12. If I gave you 10 million dollars right now, what would you do?
– Associate Account Strategist

Q13. A web app is crashing and there is no meaningful trace. How would you diagnose the problem?
– Software Engineer

Q14. You have a colony on Mars that you want to communicate with. How do you build a system to communicate with them?
– Associate Product Manager

Q15. Would you remove the link to an extremist piece of writing?
– Legal Assistant

Q16. Design a new theme park ride.
– Associate Product Manager

Q17. Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult coworker.
– Business Consultant

Q18. What are your ideas to design a phone for a two-year-old.
– Associate Product Manager

Q19. At this stage, do you prefer earning or learning?
– Software engineer

Q20. What do you say to a customer who says they will stop being a customer?
– Product Support Specialist

Google is more focused on hiring talented candidates who show a glimpse of free-thinking and innovation. They don’t focus on a specific skill set. They want to get a sneak peek at your line of thought.

If you are thinking of joining Google, our A to Z guide on Google Careers which includes the selection process will be of great use to you. Find it here at all india jobs.

Hope these Google interview questions are useful for you. AIJ wishes you All the best!

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