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Skype Interview Tips

Top 5 Skype Interview Tips: Video Interview

Video Interviews have become common in today’s hiring process. Here are the Top 5 Skype Interview Tips you need to follow. You can check the below video for more detailed tricks to crack a video interview.

1. Environment for a Video Interview:

Make sure you choose a room that looks decent. At least the part which is visible in the video must be neat and descent. The room you select must not be a common room.

The room must give you privacy. Others must not be visible in the background or interrupt you unnecessarily. Prefer a calm space with a lock.

Stay away from noise including TV, radio, speakers, pets, and children. You want to show the interviewer that you are prepared and sincere about this.

2. Working of Technology for a Video Interview:

Test your system, internet, Skype account, current connection, battery levels in your laptop and every imaginable technological tool. Make sure you are using a computer that doesn’t crash and has a decent processing speed.

It is also very important for you to test your internet connection, because there is nothing an interviewer dislikes more than a broken conversation or a frozen screen.

3. Appearance during a Skype Interview:

Dress sharp. Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean that you should be in your pajamas! You want the interviewer to be able to envision you in the role. So, dress the part and maintain a neat demeanor.

4. Perfect Body Language for Video Interviews:

Our fourth tip is to smile and make eye contact! In other words, act naturally as you would in a traditional in-person interview! In a video interview, look at the camera and at the video of the interviewer instead of looking elsewhere.

5. What to Prepare for a Video Interview:

Keep a copy of your resume and other relevant documents with you. Some of the interviews involve trick questions and puzzles. So, keep a pen and paper at your disposal.

Research and practice potential interview questions that you think are going to be asked in the interview. Preparation is a must be it a face to face interview or a Skype Interview.

Skype Interview Tips Video:

So those are our Top 5 tips for preparing for a Skype interview. You can look at our Career Guidance page for more articles on practical Interview Tips.

All India Jobs wishes you all the best!

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