Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn

Top 10 Programming Languages


If you walk down the lanes of any metropolitan city, populated mostly by graduates, you’ll notice one peculiar thing. Posters in yellow, white, pink and hoardings of various sizes suggesting you to do courses you did not even hear about during graduation. Check Top 10 Programming Languages to learn.

Top 10 Programming Languages

The coaching centers misdirect you and ask you to take all kinds of fancy courses and specializations. Friends and co- job seekers will advise you to join a course they are joining in. They need your company, don’t they? But your career decisions must be grounded in logic not in foolishness.

Understand that most companies do not want freshers for roles that need an expert or a specialist. They will train you in the domain of their choice. What they are looking for is someone who got their basics right.

So, invest your time and money in the following basic programming languages. Even better if you can find projects in the same, instead of wasting time doing fancy, unheard courses that will go out of style 6 months down the line.

List of Top 10 Programming Languages:

1. JavaScript
2. Java
3. Python
4. C
5. C#
6. Ruby
7. PHP
8. Objective – C or SWIFT
9. C++
10. Perl

In this list, we covered Top 10 programming languages to learn to get jobs in the IT industry. If you want to know about the courses for programming and non-programming candidates, we have the following article for you.

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No top ten list can be perfect and without bias, but with this list, we tried to leave our personal beliefs out of it. However, as this list is compiled by our Programmers, they can have a say in this.

See the below video of Top programming languages:

We hope this video is useful to you! All India Jobs wishes you all the best!

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