Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs – Which one is better?

Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs

Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs – Which one is better?

Government Jobs:


Job Security – In government sector you’ll be probably set for your life. My papa has been a teacher since 1978 and had a very stable and monotonous job life so there certainly security in this area but after one point life(not the job) becomes stagnant

More facilities – Government jobs provide more facilities like internet, telephone subscription, LTC and what not.

Inevitable salary increment – In government jobs your salary will increase which will have no correlation with your performance. My friend went to DRDO  for internship last summer, almost all the employees there played cards all day long.

More holidays – There are Government holidays + Saturday and Sunday + certain amount of paid holidays in a year.

Respect – If you are a government employee then you will get respect from a subset of government employees and people because of your position and power. 

Stress free life – No workloads, deadlines, bosses scolding etc.


Quality of facilities not good – Unfortunately the facilities provided by government is again by a government organization and I need not say further.

No glitches – In government sector there are no jumps upwards/downwards, your whole life is planned out and there are no shortcuts until and unless you change your job which seldom happen.

Less competitive environment – Employees before joining the government sector are competitive like hell but after they join one of the government company the competitiveness fade away by time.

Reservation system – In this sector this parasite won’t let you go till your death. It’ll in shortlisting, selection, promotion, salary increment and even after your retirement.

Poor technology and work ethics – Government sector will get huge amount of funding and only a few percent will be spended on technology advancement. Also poor work ethics is solely because of corruption which although common in every sector, it is too much here.

Private Sector Jobs:


Better facilities – Facilities are also given in private sector but only to a few and the quality is really good, far better than in government sector.

Pool of opportunities – If you are in a good company then there will be a humongous amount of opportunities but you have to take it before others do.

Jumps – Private sector are always hunting for smart as well as hard workers and if you are one of them you can expect high salary or even two company’s fighting for you which is really something. So in your life at whichever point you are, you can always jump to better company if you are smart and hard worker.

Working abroad – Needless to say in private sector you may be send abroad by your own company but only handful of employees who are smart worker and lucky are given such opportunities.

Cutting edge technologies – You may be given a chance to work on best technologies which you can flaunt on your resume.

Entrepreneurship – If you are into it then you’ll certainly find guys like you in a private sector only who’ll be equally competitive, willing and smart.  


Job Insecurity – In private sector anyone, anywhere, anytime can be kicked out of the company Eg. Steve Jobs but if you are really good they won’t let go off you for much longer Eg. Steve Jobs.

Holidays = less payment – The more you take holidays the less you’ll be payed.
Boss’s whore – No matter wherever you are you have to be “good” to your boss and “nice” to your colleagues. One wrong move and your reputation will be shattered.

More competitiveness – I was not sure to put this on the pro list or the con list but that depends on your perspective. It doesn’t matter you are old, hurt, sick or sleep driven you have to be ready to perform and be competitive. This is one thing I really like about professional life, you are expected to perform in worst condition which that makes it challenging.

More stress – Private sector is really a hectic job where family/work balance is always toppling on the work side. There are deadlines which you have to meet and if you don’t then you have to face consequences, you have to make PowerPoint presentations for your boss and do work 12 hours.

So to sum it up if you are a person who likes to be on the safe side of life and want every aspect of your life to be pre-planned and is not bothered by the monotonous nature of your work then you may go to government sector.

However if you like to be challenged each and every day, want to really learn new things in a competitive environment and think of starting a company of your own then you can certainly join the private sector.

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