GlobalEdge Placement Papers PDF Download 2017-2018 | Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability Model Papers

GlobalEdge Placement Papers

GlobalEdge Placement Papers PDF Download 2017-2018 | Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability Model Papers. The list of Globaledge Placement Papers along with answers and solutions for Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability written test has been provided here. Contenders can practice the Globaledge Placement Papers and improve their skills to crack the written exam. Aspirants will also get an idea about the GlobalEdge Test Pattern by practicing the GlobalEdge Previous Papers.

Latest GlobalEdge Placement Papers

Test your Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability prowess to evaluate your performance and improve your skills in which you are weaker. Aspirants need to adopt a habit of practicing latest GlobalEdge Placement Papers regularly in order to crack the job easily in GlobalEdge Recruitment process.

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GlobalEdge Aptitude Test Placement Papers

Practice latest GlobalEdge Aptitude Test Placement Papers and find complete solutions of GlobalEdge recruitment process. Check your Aptitude knowledge with our sample questions from GlobalEdge Aptitude Test and analyze your competition level.

1. If SERPENT is coded as TNEPRES, then PLAGUE will be coded


Ans. C

2. I am standing in a row 9th from either side find that how many persons are in the row.

A. 15
B. 19
C. 17
D. 16

Ans. C

8 <— 1 —-> 8 = 17

 3. Statement :All windows are doors .No door is a bat

A. No window is bat
B. No bat is door
C. none of these
D. All widows are bats

Ans. B

4. Statement:All glasses are liquids . All liquids are fluids

A. All glasses are fluids
B. All fluids are glasses
C. No fluid is glass
D. none of these

Ans. A

5. Statement: Some gold are bright.. Some bright are silver

A. Some gold are silver
B. Some bright are gold.
C. No brights are gold
D. none of these

Ans. B

6. Statement:All flowers are garden . All gardens are fruits.

A. All fruits are flowers
B. All flowers are fruits.
C. Some flowers are fruit
D. None of these

Ans. B

7. Statement: All poets are singers.No singer is composer.

A. No composer is poet
B. All singers are poet.
C. All composers are poet
D. None of these

Ans. A

8. Is b a positive number?   (1) 1,452(b) > 0 (2) -b < 0

A. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) is not sufficient.
B. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) is not sufficient.
C. BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
D. EACH statement ALONE is sufficient

Ans. D

For (1), the fact that a positive number multiplied by b has a positive product Establishes that b is a positive number. For (2), any positive number with a negative sign placed in front of it will become negative, indicating that b is a positive number

 9. Is x greater than y? (1) x > 2y (2) x – y > 0

A. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) is not sufficient.
B. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) is not sufficient.
C. BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
D. EACH statement ALONE is sufficient.

Ans. B

It would be possible for x and y to be negative numbers and still satisfy the conditions of (1), but it then would be impossible to satisfy (2). 

10. What is the average test score of Angela, Barry, Carl, Dennis, and Edward? (1) The average of the test scores of Barry, Carl, and Edward is 87. (2) The average of the test scores of Angela and Dennis is 84.

A. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) is not sufficient
B. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) is not sufficient
C. BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
D. EACH statement ALONE is sufficient.

Ans. C

As long as the sum of all five test scores can be calculated, it will be possible to calculate the average score.

11. If y is an integer, is it an odd number? (1) y3 > 0 (2) y is either an odd number or a negative number

A. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) is not sufficient.
B. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) is not sufficient.
C. BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
D. EACH statement ALONE is sufficient.

Ans. C

In order for (1) to be true, y must be either positive or zero. Therefore, according to the terms of (2), y must be odd.

12. what is ‘a’ percent of ‘b’ divided by ‘b’ percent of ‘a’?

A. a
B. b
C. 1
D. 10

Ans. C

a percent of b:a/100)*b b percent of a : (b/100) * a a percent of b divided by b percent of a : ((a / 100 )*b) / (b/100) * a )) = 1

13. A face of the clock is divided into three parts. First part hours total is equal to the  sum of the second and third part. What is the total of hours in the bigger part?

A. 4
B. 9
C. 6
D. 10

Ans. C

the clock normally has 12 hr three parts x,y,z x+y+z=12 x=y+z 2x=12 x=6 so the largest part is 6 hrs

14. Five boys were climbing a hill. J was following H. R was just ahead of G. K was between G & H. They were climbing up in a column. Who was the second?

A. K
B. H
C. G
D. J

Ans. C

The order in which they are climbing is R-G-K-H-J.

15. It was calculated that 75 men could complete a piece of work in 20 days. When work was scheduled to commence, it was found necessary to send 25 men to another project. How much longer will it take to complete the work?

A. 25
B. 30
C. 40
D. 20

Ans. B

Before: One day work = 1 / 20 One man’s one day work = 1 / ( 20 * 75) Now: No. Of workers = 50 One day work = 50 * 1 / ( 20 * 75) The total no. of days required to complete the work = (75 * 20) / 50 = 30 days

16. Predict the output or error(s) for the following:

void main()
int const * p=5;

A. compiler error
B. 6
C. 5
D. 7

Ans. A

Compiler error: Cannot modify a constant value. Solution: a pointer to a “constant integer”. But we tried to change the value of the ” constant integer”.

17. p is main()
int i=10;
Printf (“i=%d”,i);

A. 10
B. 0
C. 14
D. 13

Ans. B

In the expression !i>14 , NOT (!) operator has more precedence than ‘ >’ symbol. ! is a unary logical operator. !i (!10) is 0 (not of true is false). 0>14 is false (zero).

18. enum colors {BLACK,BLUE,GREEN}



B. 0
C. 0,1,2

Ans. C

enum assigns numbers starting from 0, if not explicitly defined.

19. A man was engaged on a job for 30 days on the condition that he would get a wage of Rs. 10 for the day he works, but he have to pay a fine of Rs. 2 for each day of his absence. If he gets Rs. 216 at the end, he was absent for work for … days

A. 6
B. 12
C. 7
D. 21

Ans. C

The equation portraying the given problem is: 10 * x – 2 * (30 – x) = 216 where x is the number of working days. Solving this we get x = 23 Number of days he was absent was = 30-23 =7 days

20. Eight friends Harsha, Fakis, Balaji, Eswar, Dhinesh, Chandra, Geetha, and Ahmed are sitting in a circle facing the center. Balaji is sitting between Geetha and Dhinesh. Harsha is third to the left of Balaji and second to the right of Ahmed. Chandra is sitting between Ahmed and Geetha and Balaji and Eshwar are not sitting opposite to each other. Who is third to the left of Dhinesh?

A. Eswar
B. Chandra
C. Geetha
D. Balaji

Ans. A

21. If a light flashes every 6 seconds, how many times will it flash in ¾ of an hour?

A. 450
B. 451
C. 350
D. 425

Ans. B

There are 60 minutes in an hour. In ¾ of an hour there are (60 * ¾) minutes = 45 minutes. In ¾ of an hour there are (60 * 45) seconds = 2700 seconds. Light flashed for every 6 seconds. In 2700 seconds 2700/6 = 450 times. The count start after the first flash, the light will flashes 451 times in ¾ of an hour.

22. With 4/5 full tank vehicle travels 12 miles, with 1/3 full tank how much distance travels?

A. 6
B. 5
C. 8
D. 3

Ans. B

4/5 full tank= 12 mile 1 full tank= 12/(4/5) 1/3 full tank= 12/(4/5)*(1/3)= 5 miles

23. wind blows 160 miles in 330min.for 80 miles how much time required?

A. 160
B. 175
C. 165
D. 160

Ans. C

160 miles= 330 min 1 mile = 330/160 80 miles=(330*80)/160=165 min

24. Three companies are working independently and receiving the savings 20%, 30%, 40%. If the companies work combinely, what will be their net savings?

A. 20
B. 30
C. 40
D. 50

Ans. B

suppose total income is 100 y is 70 z =60 total=210 but total money is 300 300-210=90 so they are getting 90 rs less 90 is 30% of 300 so they r getting 30% discount

25. The ratio of incomes of C and D is 3:4.the ratio of their expenditures is 4:5. Find the ratio of their savings if the savings of C is one fourths of his income?

A. 11/18
B. 12/18
C. 12/19
D. 11/19

Ans. C

incomes:3:4 expenditures:4:5 3x-4y=1/4(3x) 12x-16y=3x 9x=16y y=9x/16 (3x-4(9x/16))/((4x-5(9x/16))) ans:12/19

26. If G(0) = -1 G(1)= 1 and G(N)=G(N-1) – G(N-2) then what is the value of G(6)?

A. 0
B. 1
C. -1
D. -2

Ans. C

bcoz g(2)=g(1)-g(0)=1+1=2 g(3)=1 g(4)=-1 g(5)=-2 g(6)=-1

27. If A can copy 50 pages in 10 hours and A and B together can copy 70 pages in 10 hours, how much time does B takes to copy 26 pages?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 5
D. 1

Ans. B

A can copy 50 pages in 10 hrs. A can copy 5 pages in 1hr.(50/10) now A & B can copy 70 pages in 10hrs. thus, B can copy 90 pages in 10 hrs.[eqn. is (50+x)/2=70, where x–> no. of pages B can copy in 10 hrs.] so, B can copy 9 pages in 1hr. therefore, to copy 26 pages B will need almost 3hrs. since in 3hrs B can copy 27 pages.

28. what’s the answer for that :
A, B and C are 8 bit no’s. They are as follows:
A -> 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1
B -> 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1
C -> 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 ( – =minus, u=union)
Find ((A – C) u B) =?

A. 10111011
B. 10111110
C. 10011110
D. 10001111

Ans. A

To find A-C, We will find 2’s compliment of C and them add it with A, That will give us (A-C) 2’s compliment of C=1’s compliment of C+1 =11000101+1=11000110 A-C=11000101+11000110 =10001001 Now 
(A-C) U B is .OR. logic operation on (A-C) and B 10001001 .OR . 00110011 The answer is = 10111011, Whose decimal equivalent is 187.

29. One circular array is given(means memory allocation takes place in circular fashion) diamension(9X7) and sarting address. is 3000, What is the address of (2,3)……..

A. 3112
B. 3012
C. 3102
D. 3120

Ans. B

it’s a 9×7 int array so it reqiure a 126 bytes for storing.b’ze integer value need 2 byes of memory allocation. and starting add is 3000 so starting add of 2×3 will be 3012

30. In a two-dimensional array, X (9, 7), with each element occupying 4 bytes of memory, with the address of the first element X (1, 1) is 3000, find the address of X (8, 5).

A. 3212
B. 3122
C. 3211
D. 3210

Ans. A

initial x (1,1) = 3000 u hav to find from x(8,1)so u have x(1,1),x(1,2) … x(7,7) = so u have totally 7 * 7 = 49 elementsu need to find for x(8,5) ? here we have 5 elements each element have 4 bytes : (49 + 5 -1) * 4 = 212 —–( -1 is to deduct the 1 element ) 3000 + 212 = 3212.

GlobalEdge Reasoning Test Model Papers

Test your reasoning prowess to evaluate your preparations for the recruitment drive of GlobalEdge. This section of GlobalEdge Reasoning Test Model Papers comprises of some of the most important reasoning questions asked in the campus recruitment drive and placement interviews.

1. If + means -, – means *, * means /, / means +, then 15 * 3 / 15 + 5 – 2 = ?

A. 0 
B. 6 
C. 10 
D. 20 
E. None of these

Answer: Option C

Using the correct symbols, we have : Given expression = 15 / 3 + 15 * 2 = 5 + 15 – 5 * 2 = 5 + 15 -10 = 10.

2. 343 : 729 :: 125 : __

A. 27 
B. 343 
C. 216 
D. 512 
E. 25

Answer: Option B

3. (A)  The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is on a hiring spree as it is likely to employ 23 lakh people by 2010.
(B)  Soaring property prices have led the companies to move to Tier II and Tier III cities.

A. if statement (A) is the cause and statement (B) is its effect. 
B. if statement (B) is the cause and statement (A) is its effect. 
C. if both the statements (A) and (B) are independent causes. 
D. if both the statements (A) and (B) are effects of independent causes. 
E. if both the statements are effect of some common causes.

Answer: Option D

(A) and (B) are referring to different aspects of economy. Hence, they are effects of independent causes.

4. Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions: 
A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement:
Input: 25 280 345 36 93 147 550
Step I: 550 280 345 36 93 147 25
Step II: 550 345 280 36 93 147 25
Step III: 550 345 280 147 93 36 25
This is the final arrangement and step III is the last step for this input.

If ‘842 485 68 358 236 123 93’ is the second step of an input, which of the following steps will be ‘842 485 358 236 123 68 93’?

A. Fourth 
B. Fifth 
C. Sixth 
D. Cannot be determined 
E. None of these

Answer: Option B

Numbers are getting arranged in descending order.
The largest of the given number interchanges its place with the first number. IN case the largest number is already arranged, the second largest is interchanged with the number next to the largest number, and so on until the numbers are arranged in descending order.
Step II: 842 485 68 358 236 123 93
Step III: 842 485 358 68 236 123 93
Step IV: 842 485 358 236 68 123 93
Step V: 842 485 358 236 123 68 93

5. Should Simons, a hardware company, enter the software industry?
I. Yes, if there is an indigenous software development wing, the Research and Development of hardware would be more effective.
II. No, software industry is in recession.

A. if only argument I is strong. 
B. if only argument II is strong. 
C. if either I or II is strong. 
D. if neither I nor II is strong. 
E. if both I and II are strong.

Answer: Option B

Statement I: This statement is talking about a software wing for indigenious purposes [to support R and D], whereas the question is about entering the industry. This statement is irrelevant and hence the argument is weak. Statement II: This is an important point to be considered before entering any industry.

6. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and tick the one that comes in the middle ?

A. Robber 
B. Rocket 
C. Random 
D. Restaurant 
E. Restrict

Answer: Option E

Random, Restaurant, Restrict, Robber, Rocket

7. A salesman of cable TV, while trying to sell his product, was explaining to a perspective customer. “Free TV channels are not really free. You end up paying heavily for the costly advertisements that support free TV channels.”
Which of the following, if true, goes against the statement of the salesman?

A. Consumers who do not own a TV are the ones who spend less on purchase as compared to those who own a TV. 
B. At places where the reception of signals is very weak, cable TV will be able to provide a better picture quality. 
C. Cable TV channels also have as many advertisements as free TV channels. 
D. Those who subscribe to cable TV channels also get access to some free TV channels. 
E. None of these

Answer: Option C

Choice (a) supports the salesman’s statement. It states that those who do not watch TV tend to spend less. This supports the salesman’s statement.
Choice (b) is referring to the TV signals but not about advertisements. Hence, (b) is out of context.
Choice (c) states that the cable TV channels also allow advertisements as much as free TV. Since the salesman has pointed out that advertisement make viewing of free TV indirectly costly, the same is applicable to cable TV as well.
Hence, (c) goes against the statement of the salesman.
According to choice (d) people get access to some free TV channels also. But it is not clear whether those few free channels have advertisements.
Hence, (c) does against the statement of the salesman.

8.  2 T # K 7 P N 3 R ? 5 Q 1 S A 9 @ 4 E G % 8 J B 6 M ! V 9 Z

Four of the following are alike. Find the odd one.

A. 7PN 
B. Q1S 
C. 4GB 
D. 6M! 
E. SA9

Answer: Option C

All the given terms are three successive elements of the sequence, except 4GB. 

9. If it is possible to make a meaningful word from the second fourth, tenth and twelfth letters of the word ADVERTISEMENT, using each letter only once, write the last letter of the word as your answer. If more than one such word can be formed, write ‘P’ as your answer and if no such word can be formed, write ‘X’ as your answer.

A. P 
B. X 
C. N 
D. M 
E. D

Answer: Option E

The respective letter are D, E, M and N. Of these letters, only MEND can be formed.

10. JLNP : OMKI:: SUWY:?


Answer: Option D

Each letter of the first group moved one step backward and the letter-group so obtained is then written as a reverse order to obtain the second group.

11. If W means White, Y means Yellow, B means Black, G means Green, R means Red, which of the following will come next in the sequence given below?

A. Red 
B. White 
C. Green 
D. Yellow 
E. None of these

Answer: Option C

The series is 

12. During the last six years, the number of practicing physicians has increased by about 20%. During the same time period, the number of healthcare managers has increased by more than 600%. These percentages mean that many doctors have lost the authority to make their own schedules, determine the fees that they charge, and decide on prescribed treatments. This paragraph best supports the statement that doctors

A. resent the interference of healthcare managers. 
B. no longer have adequate training. 
C. care a great deal about their patients. 
D. are less independent than they used to be. 
E. are making a lot less money than they used to make.

Answer: Option D

The author of this statement suggests that doctors are less independent. The author stresses that many doctors have lost authority. There is no support for the opinion that doctors resent the healthcare managers, however—which rules out choice a. The doctors’ training is never mentioned (choice b). Doctors may care about their patients (choice c), but this information is not part of the paragraph. Choice e is not mentioned.

13. Statement:
Should all those who are found guilty of committing homicide or abetting homicide be either given capital punishment or kept in jail for the entire life?
I. Yes, only such severe punishment will make people refrain from committing such heinous acts and the society will be more safe.
II. No, those who are repentant for the crime they committed should be given a chance to lead a normal life outside the jail.

A. If only argument I is strong 
B. If only argument II is strong 
C. If either I or II is strong 
D. If neither I nor II is strong 
E. If both I and II are strong

Answer: Option E

I is strong because mass murderers must be treated with stringent punishment. II is also strong because it is judicious to eliminate evils, not evildoers, from the society.

14. Eileen is planning a special birthday dinner for her husband’s 35th birthday. She wants the evening to be memorable, but her husband is a simple man who would rather be in jeans at a baseball game than in a suit at a fancy restaurant. Which restaurant below should Eileen choose?

A. Alfredo’s offers fine Italian cuisine and an elegant Tuscan décor. Patrons will feel as though they’ve spent the evening in a luxurious Italian villa. 
B. Pancho’s Mexican Buffet is an all-you-can eat family style smorgasbord with the best tacos in town. 
C. The Parisian Bistro is a four-star French restaurant where guests are treated like royalty. Chef Dilbert Olay is famous for his beef bourguignon. 
D. Marty’s serves delicious, hearty meals in a charming setting reminiscent of a baseball clubhouse in honor of the owner,Marty Lester, a former major league baseball all star.

Answer: Option D

Since Eileen’s husband does not enjoy fancy restaurants, choices a and c can be ruled out. Choice b, although casual, doesn’t sound as though it would be the kind of special and memorable evening that Eileen is looking for. Choice d, which is owned by a former baseball star and is described as “charming” and “reminiscent of a baseball clubhouse,” sounds perfect for Eileen’s husband, who is described as a baseball fan and a man with simple tastes.

15. Choose out the odd one.

A. Deck 
B. Ovary 
C. Skin 
D. Bow

Answer: Option B

All except ovary are parts of a ship.

GlobalEdge English Test Sample Papers

Ace your English skills before you attempt this section under GlobalEdge English Test Sample Papers. This is a mock test paper where you can practice questions on English which are important for GlobalEdge Campus Hiring as the questions are from the latest placement papers.

1. I saw him leaving the house.

A. He was seen to be leaving the house. 
B. He had been seen leaving the house. 
C. He was seen leaving the house by me. 
D. Leaving the house he was seen by me.

Answer: Option C

2. A sneering person who always finds faults.

A. crone 
B. cupid 
C. cynic 
D. kleptomaniac

Answer: Option C

3. WAN

A. magnanimous 
B. bright 
C. secluded 
D. dull 
E. pale

Answer: Option B

Wan means pale and appearing ill or exhausted, or the word bright is opposite in meaning to it.

4. Sunlight shining through a window was an obvious ______ in the nearly every one of the artist’s works.

A. disjunction 
B. hindrance 
C. repugnance 
D. motif 
E. variance

Answer: Option D

Motif (n.) is a recurrent theme or form in an artistic or literary work.

5. They are making such a lot of noise. It is impossible to work.
(A) As they are making such a …..
(B) Since they are making such a …..
(C) If they are making such a …..

A. Only A 
B. A and B 
C. Only B 
D. B and C 
E. All the three

Answer: Option B

The two sentences are linked with a cause and its reason. The use of ‘as’, ‘since’ and ‘because’ can combine the sentences meaningfully. The use of ‘if’ is incorrect as it denotes a condition in future.

6. He was vexed —— Sohan for his behavior.

A. at 
B. to 
C. upon 
D. with

Answer: Option D

7. Select the odd one out

A. Judge 
B. Chamber 
C. Tennis 
D. Lawyer

Answer: Option C


A. theist 
B. conjuror 
C. conformist 
D. sceptic 
E. survivor

Answer: Option D

An agnostic is a person who believes that one cannot know whether or not god exists, the word sceptic also means the same.

9. His excellent academic credentials suggest that he is ____ the most suitable candidate for the job.
(A) abominably
(B) undoubtedly
(C) lucidly
(D) tenaciously
(E) indubitably
(F) necessarily

A. E and F 
B. C and D 
C. B and F 
D. A and B 
E. B and E

Answer: Option E

‘He’ is beyond doubt the most suitable candidate. Hence indubitably or undoubtedly.

10. One who despises persons of lower social position

A. Prim 
B. Snob 
C. Prig  
D. Aristocrat

Answer: Option B


11. He is —– honest official.

A. a 
B. an 
C. the 
D. no article

Answer: Option A

12. Vivek is a versatile genius. People always look up to him with awe.
(A) Being a versatile genius. Vivek is always looked …..
(B) Because he is a versatile genius. Vivek …..
(C) Vivek is such a versatile genius that people …..

A. Only A 
B. Only B 
C. Only C 
D. A and C 
E. All the three

Answer: Option E

All the three sentences convey the meaning implied. Starting a sentence with ‘because’ is grammatically accepted these days.

13. Choose the correct spelt word out of the given alternatives.

A. Draut 
B. Drougt 
C. Drout 
D. Drought

Answer: Option D

14. Most people would have (a) / attended the union meeting (b) / if they had (c) / had longer notice of it (d) / No error(e)

A. most people would have 
B. attended the union meeting 
C. if they had 
D. had longer notice of it 
E. no error

Answer: Option E

15. Once we shape our attitude towards maintaining a sustainable lifestyle from which we have, it is easy to stay out of the vicious cycle of always yearning for more.

A. out of what we have 
B. out of which we have 
C. out of that we have 
D. from what ever that we have 
E. No correction required

Answer: Option A

The sentence speaks about maintaining a sustainable lifestyle from the resources that we have. The correction is ‘maintaining a sustainable lifestyle out of what we have.

GlobalEdge Placement Paper Syllabus:

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus:

  • Probability
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Algebra
  • Averages
  • Time Speed & Distance
  • Time & Work
  • Profit & Loss
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Percentage
  • Number Series
  • Mixtures & Alligations
  • Simplification
  • Number System
  • Heights and Distances
  • Geometry & Mensuration
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Logarithms
  • Progressions
  • LCM and HCL
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Partnership
  • Boats and Streams
  • Areas, Volumes

Reasoning Syllabus:

  • Number Series
  • Letter Series
  • Analogies
  • Puzzles
  • Syllogisms
  • Binary Logic
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Cubes & Dice
  • Classification 
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Problem Solving
  • Coded Inequalities
  • Double Lineup
  • Logical Deductions
  • Routes & Networks
  • Grouping & Selections
  • Evaluating Course of Action
  • Statements and Conclusions
  • Mathematical and Computer Operations
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Inferences
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Decision Making
  • Symbols and Notations
  • Direction Sense Test
  • Logical Sequence Of Words
  • Assertion and Reason
  • Verification of Truth of the Statement
  • Statements and Assumptions
  • Data Interpretation

Verbal Ability Syllabus:

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Sentence Completion
  • Spelling Test
  • Passage Completion
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Para Completion
  • Error Correction (Underlined Part)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Synonyms
  • Prepositions
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Spotting Errors
  • Substitution
  • Transformation
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Joining Sentences
  • Error Correction (Phrase in Bold)
  • Articles
  • Gerunds
  • Identify the Errors
  • Plural Forms
  • Odd Words
  • Prepositions
  • Suffix
  • Tense
  • Adjectives
  • Homophones
  • Identify the Sentences
  • Nouns
  • Prefix
  • Sentence Pattern
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Download GlobalEdge Placement Papers PDF: Click Here

Hope the information provided in this article helps candidates to crack the job in GlobalEdge. Candidates are advised to utilize the link to download GlobalEdge Placement Papers PDF. Sometimes companies may change their syllabus and exam pattern. Candidates may check the official company website for the latest syllabus update if any.

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