Megha Health Insurance Scheme 2017-2018 | MHIS Hospitals, Vacancy, Eligibility, Rules, Advertisement

Megha Health Insurance Scheme

Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS): In this article, users can get complete details of Megha Health Insurance Scheme 2017-18 | MHIS Hospitals List, Vacancy, Eligibility, Rules, Advertisement, Phase 3, Phase 4 list of beneficiaries. MHIS has been introduced as a health insurance by the Government of Meghalaya, following the framework of RSBY. It is called Megha Health Insurance Scheme (Rashtriya Swaythiya Bima Yojana + Universal Health Insurance Scheme). Megha Health Insurance Scheme is a Universal Health Insurance Scheme (UHIS) in the State of Meghalaya. The MHIS scheme is formed to provide health insurance to all people who are resident in the Indian State of Meghalaya excluding state and central government employees. 

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Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) 2017-18

The Megha Health Insurance Scheme (RSBY + UHIS) was launched on 15th December 2012 at Polo Grounds by the Honorable Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma. The vision of Megha Health Insurance Scheme is to see the Meghalaya State where each family is under the Universal Health Insurance Coverage receiving quality and affordable healthcare. Megha Health Insurance Scheme covers hospitalization expenses up to 2,00,000 for a family of five on a floater basis. A single beneficiary can avail a maximum of about 1,70,000 at one point of time. There are certain common exclusions under the scheme, which is as follows
  • Conditions that do not require hospitalization
  • Congenital external diseases
  • Drug and Alcohol Induced illness
  • Sterilization and Fertility related procedures
  • Vaccination
  • War, Nuclear invasion
  • Suicide
  • Naturopathy,Unani, Siddha, Ayurveda

Objective of Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS)

The main objective of Megha Health Insurance Scheme is to provide financial aid to all the citizens of the state at the time hospitalization and reduce their medical expenses to the residents of the Meghalaya State.
  • To improve the overall service quality, including patient care facilities.
  • To practice the quality database maintenance of the population of the State.
  • To provide strong quality control, monitoring and fraud control mechanisms.
  • To enhance citizen's voice and empower patients by influencing their health seeking behaviors.
  • Ensuring costing packages are monitored faithfully which is aimed to reduce civilian medical expenditure.
  • To create a sustainable and practical universal health insurance scheme for the residents of the Meghalaya State.
  • To strengthen the hospital network, implementation, administration, enrollment and utilization of the benefits under the Scheme.
  • To provide adequate cover after considering the incidence rate of regional diseases and diseases or illnesses requiring tertiary care procedures.

MHIS Enrollment Process

An electronic list of eligible households is provided to the insurer, using a specified data format. An enrollment schedule for Megha Health Insurance Scheme at each village along with dates is prepared by the insurance company with the help of the district level officials. The date and location of the enrollment for MHIS scheme in each village will be widely known in advance. Mobile enrollment stations are set up at local centers in each village. These stations are equipped by the insurer with the hardware required to collect biometric information such as fingerprints and photographs of the members of the household covered and a printer to print smart cards with a photo. The smart card, along with an information pamphlet, describing the scheme and the list of hospitals, is provided on the spot once the beneficiary has paid the 31 rupee fee and the concerned Government Officer will authenticate the smart card. The MHIS Cards shall be handed over in a plastic cover.

MHIS Enrolment Schedule

Enrolment is going in all districts across the state of Meghalaya. The last date of enrolment has been extended to 30th October 2017. So individuals are advised to utilize this scheme by enrolling their details in the following locations.

District Block Location
East Khasi Hills Mylliem SNA MHIS Office, DHS Health Complex
West Khasi Hills Nongstoin D.C. Office (Room 216), Nongstoin
South West Khasi Hills Mawkyrwat Mawkyrwat CHC
Ri Bhoi Umling MUDA Complex Nongpoh (Room 114)
West Jaintia Hills Thadlaskein DM&HO Office Jowai
East Jaintia Hills Khliehriat DM&HO Office Khliehriat
South Garo Hills Baghmara Baghmara Civil Hospital
East Garo Hills Samanda D.C. Office Williamnagar
South West Garo Hills Betasing & Zikzak DM&HO Ampati
North Garo Hills Resubelpara Resubelpara CHC
West Garo Hills Rongram District Maternity & Child Hospital Tura

MHIS List of District Kiosk

The District Kiosk is established in each district to provide post-issuance services to the Beneficiaries. The Insurer shall undertake the following activities at the District Kiosk.
  • Re-issuing of lost Smart Cards
  • Modification of Smart Cards
In order help individuals here we have provided the list of District Kiosk with locations along with Contact Person details.

District Kiosk Operators Location
East Khasi Hills Idahun Mawkhlieng Civil Hospital, Shillong
West Khasi Hills Gilbert Marwein DM&HO Office, Nongstoin
South West Khasi Hills Wandahun Marwein Mawkyrwat CHC
West Jaintia Hills Salanmi law DM&HO Office Jowai
Ri Bhoi Ibanlumlang Syiemiong DM&HO Office, Nongpoh
East Jaintia Hills Pynshngain Nongtdu DM&HO Office Khliehriat
South Garo Hills Sengrang Sangma Baghmara Civil Hospital
East Garo Hills Rinthu A Sangma Civil Hospital, Williamnagar
West Garo Hills Marchthen A Sangma District Maternity & Child Hospital Tura
South West Garo Hills Dipesh Hajong DM&HO Ampati
North Garo Hills Salkim Resubelpara CHC

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