Kerala Commercial Taxes Syllabus 2017 | Kerala Taxes Exam Pattern

Kerala Commercial Taxes Syllabus

The syllabus is available for the KERALA COMMERCIAL TAX officer, programmer. Those candidates who have been searching for the opportunity to work for the Revenue department of Kerala your search ends here. A good opportunity comes in the form of recruitment notifications and exam Syllabi, pattern, subject-wise marking details etc. We have posted on our website the latest syllabus for various posts under the commercial taxes department.  

Candidates who aspire to be hired by the Kerala government for the posts of commercial tax officer, programmer for 2017 would be wise to utilize this opportunity and start preparing in earnest. Each subject has its own importance some may be weak in one, strong in another try to balance your strong and weak points.

Kerala Commercial Taxes Syllabus 2017:

Dear readers, the Kerala Commercial Taxes Syllabus and exam pattern provided here just for information purpose only. Sometimes companies may change their syllabus and exam pattern. So Please check official company website for the latest syllabus. Keep visiting all India jobs for regular syllabus and job updates.

Preparing According to the Kerala Commercial Taxes Syllabus and Previous Papers will make sure that Applicant is well prepared to face the Competition. These days Competition is very heavy for Government Jobs. So candidates have to concentrate very hard to get the desired job. Applicants have to tighten up their preparation by framing a planner which will be comfortable for them. Following the planner in their own style and along with that Previous Papers of Kerala Commercial Taxes also ensures and boost up the confidence of the Applicant. 

The Department of Finance is a key ministry that manages the state finances and economy of State of Kerala. The department is headed by a senior minister who has cabinet ranking as per Indian Cabinet Protocol Laws. The state assembly rules of 1966 rank the department and its minister as number 3 in official rankings after Chief Minister and Opposition Leader.

Major functions of the Finance Department include the following

  • The framing of rules regulating the pay, leave and pension of persons in the service of the Government and rules regulating the number, grading or cadre and emoluments of posts under the Government and also be responsible for seeing that these rules are properly applied.
  • Finance Department is responsible for all matters relative to financial procedure and the application of the principles of sound finance.
  • Advise on the financial aspect of all transactions relating to loans granted by the Government.
  • Safety and proper employment of Famine Relief Fund and other special funds, if any, and for the administration of Provident Funds, Deposits and Advances.
  • Examine and report on all proposals for the imposition, increase, reduction or abolition of taxes, duties, cesses or fees.
  • Examine and report on all proposals for borrowing or giving of a guarantee by the Government and raise such loans as have been duly authorized, Finance Department shall be in charge of all matters relating to the service of loans or the discharge of guarantees.
  • Ensure that proper financial rules are framed for the guidance of other departments and that suitable accounts, including commercial accounts, whatever necessary, are maintained by other departments and establishments subordinate to them.
  • Prepare an estimate of the total receipts and disbursements of the State in each year and watching the state of the Government's balances and for their ways and means operations.

Kerala Commercial Taxes Programmer Syllabus 2017:

The selection process Involves:
  • Written Examination / Practical test.
  • Personal Interview.

Kerala Commercial Taxes Syllabus for Information Technology & Computer Science:2017

  • Engineering Mathematics.
  • Digital Logic.
  • Computer Organization and Architecture.
  • Programming and Data Structures.
  • Algorithms.
  • Theory of Computation.
  • Compiler Design.
  • Operating System.
  • Databases.
  • Computer Networks also.

Kerala Commercial Taxes Syllabus for Electronics and Communications:2017

  • Engineering Mathematics.
  • Networks, Signals and Systems.
  • Electronic Devices.
  • Analog Circuits.
  • Digital Circuits.
  • Control Systems.
  • Communications.
  • Electromagnetics also.
The Skills required for the Examination is JAVA, HTML 5, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript and some other Software like usage of Eclipse, NetBeans.

Java Syllabus 2017:

Core Java Programming:

  • Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming, Java Evolution, Java History
  • Java Features
  • Classes, Objects and Methods and related topics also.
  • Multithreading, Applet Programming, Java AWT, Event Handling
  • Java I/O Handling, Java Database Connectivity also.

Advanced Java Programming:

  • Java Beans and Swing
  • Java Enterprise Applications: Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, JDBC – Session beans – Entity beans
  • Deploying n-tier application, Introduction to Android
  • Introduction to Struts Framework also.

Database Concepts 2017:

  • Introduction to Database Server,
  • Creating Database, Creating Tables, Relations.
  • Manipulating data in SQL or T-SQL.

HTML 5 Syllabus:

  • Introduction to HTML5 and Web Design
  •  How to Create a Simple Web Page
  • How to Format Your Text
  • Adding Web Links and Images also.
  • Creating Tables
  • Forms
  • Adding Styles and Classes to Your Web Pages also.
  • Borders, Backgrounds, and Floating Divs
  • Building Web Page Layouts with CSS also.
  • HTML5 – What Is It?
  • Adding Videos and Graphics with HTML5
  • HTML5 and CSS3 – Fonts and Effects
  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design with CSS3 and HTML5 also.
  • Drawing with the Canvas Tag
  • Summary of New Elements and How to Use Them also.