TCS Placement Papers PDF Download 2017-2018 | Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability Model Papers

TCS Placement Papers

TCS Placement Papers PDF Download 2017-2018 | Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability Model Papers. Aspirants who want to get placed in the reputed company i.e. TCS must read this entire article clearly. Aspirants who are interested in working with TCS company must learn and practice the TCS Placement Papers and interview questions. To crack the TCS written test and interview process in an easy manner, job aspirants have to prepare well by using the provided TCS Sample Papers and TCS Test Pattern.

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Latest TCS Placement Papers

In this section, we have provided latest TCS placement papers which we have collected from various sources. Job seekers have to prepare TCS Placement Papers and TCS Model Papers to crack the exam. Before going to start your preparation you should always check current vacancies, Syllabus and Test Pattern. So that candidate can ace the test easily. To guide the contenders we are providing Aptitude, Reasoning and English Test Papers with solutions. With the help of these practice papers, candidates can get an idea how to perform well in the TCS Recruitment Process.

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This is the right place for job seekers to gather all the essential information to practice for Top IT Companies Recruitment. For this year and upcoming years, there is a vast competition for job opportunities. Who had the wish to work across India must utilize this excellent chance and can enhance their career. For the sake of the aspirants, we have uploaded TCS Placement Papers in PDF format. You can download them for offline preparation. To know latest updates regarding TCS Placement Papers bookmark this page All India Jobs for further valuable updates. 

TCS Aptitude Test Placement Papers

In this section, we have provided Aptitude Test Question and Answers with detailed explanation. Before going to attend for the TCS Recruitment candidates should refer the provided sample questions to get the best result.

1. Excluding stoppages, the speed of a bus is 54 km/hr and including stoppages, it is 45 km/hr. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?

A. 9 

B. 10 

C. 12 

D. 20

Answer: Option B


Due to stoppages, it covers 9 km less.

Time taken to cover 9 km = 9/54 * 60 = 10 min.

2. A jogger running at 9 km/hr along side a railway track is 240 m ahead of the engine of a 120 m long train running at 45 km/hr in the same direction. In how much time will the train pass the jogger?

A. 3.6 sec 

B. 18 sec 

C. 36 sec 

D. 72 sec

Answer: Option C


Speed of train relative to jogger = 45 - 9 = 36 km/hr.

= 36 * 5/18 = 10 m/sec.
Distance to be covered = 240 + 120 = 360 m.
Time taken = 360/10 = 36 sec.

3. Kim can do a work in 3 days while David can do the same work in 2 days. Both of them finish the work together and get Rs. 150. What is the share of Kim?

A. Rs. 30 

B. Rs. 60 

C. Rs. 70 

D. Rs. 75

Answer: Option B


Kim's wages : David's wages = Kim's 1 day work : David's 1 day work = 1/3 : 1/2 = 2:3

Kim's share = 2/5 * 150 = Rs. 60

4. A and B start a business, with A investing the total capital of Rs.50000, on the condition that B pays A interest @ 10% per annum on his half of the capital. A is a working partner and receives Rs.1500 per month from the total profit and any profit remaining is equally shared by both of them. At the end of the year, it was found that the income of A is twice that of B. Find the total profit for the year?

A. 53000 

B. 58000 

C. 50000 

D. 59000

Answer: Option D


Interest received by A from B = 10% of half of Rs.50000 = 10% * 25000 = 2500.

Amount received by A per annum for being a working partner = 1500 * 12 = Rs.18000.
Let 'P' be the part of the remaining profit that A receives as his share. Total income of A = (2500 + 18000 + P)
Total income of B = only his share from the remaining profit = 'P', as A and B share the remaining profit equally.
Income of A = Twice the income of B
(2500 + 18000 + P) = 2(P)
P = 20500
Total profit = 2P + 18000
= 2*20500 + 18000 = 59000

5. Salaries of Ravi and Sumit are in the ratio 2:3. If the salary of each is increased by Rs. 4000, the new ratio becomes 40:57. What is Sumit's present salary?

A. Rs. 17,000 

B. Rs. 20,000 

C. Rs. 25,500 

D. None of these

Answer: Option D


Let the original salaries of Ravi and Sumit be Rs. 2x and Rs. 3x respectively. 

Then, (2x + 4000)/(3x + 4000) = 40/57 
6x = 68000 => 3x = 34000
Sumit's present salary = (3x + 4000) = 34000 + 4000 = Rs. 38,000.

6. A man can row 6 kmph in still water. When the river is running at 1.2 kmph, it takes him 1 hour to row to a place and black. What is the total distance traveled by the man?

A. 6.24 km 

B. 6 km 

C. 5.76 km 

D. 5.66 km

Answer: Option C


M = 6

S = 1.2
DS = 7.2
US = 4.8
x/7.2 + x/4.8 = 1
x = 2.88
D = 2.88 * 2 = 5.76

7. At what rate percent per annum will the simple interest on a sum of money be 2/5 of the amount in 10 years?

A. 4% 

B. 5 2/3 % 

C. 6% 

D. 6 2/3 %

Answer: Option A


Let sum = x. Then, S.I. = 2x/5, Time = 10 years.

Rate = (100 * 2x) / (x * 5 * 10) = 4%

8. If the area of a circle is 616 sq cm then its circumference?

A. 78 m 

B. 88 m 

C. 75 m 

D. 70 m

Answer: Option B


22/7 r2 = 616 => r = 14

2 * 22/7 * 14 = 88

9. The mean of 50 observations was 36. It was found later that an observation 48 was wrongly taken as 23. The corrected new mean is:

A. 35.2 

B. 36.1 

C. 36.5 

D. 39.1

Answer: Option C


Correct sum = (36 * 50 + 48 - 23) = 1825.

Correct mean = 1825/50 = 36.5

10. The H.C.F and L.C.M of two numbers are 84 and 21 respectively. If the ratio of the two numbers is 1:4, then the larger of the two numbers is:

A. 12 

B. 48 

C. 84 

D. 108

Answer: Option C


Let the numbers be x and 4x. Then, x * 4x = 84 * 21 x2 = (84 * 21)/4 = x = 21. 

Hence, larger number = 4x = 84.

11. If the sum and difference of two numbers are 20 and 8 respectively, then the difference of their square is:

A. 12 

B. 28 

C. 160 

D. 180

Answer: Option C


Let the numbers be x and y. 

Then, x + y = 20 and x - y = 8
x2 - y2 = (x + y)(x - y) = 20 * 8 = 160.

12. Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 5 and 6 hours respectively. Pipe C can empty it in 12 hours. If all the three pipes are opened together, then the tank will be filled in?

A. 1 13/17 hours 

B. 2 8/11 hours 

C. 3 9/17 hours 

D. 4 1/2 hours

Answer: Option C


Net part filled in 1 hour = 1/5 + 1/6 - 1/12 = 17/60

The tank will be full in 60/17 hrs, i.e., 3 9/17 hrs.

13. The compound interest on Rs. 30,000 at 7% per annum is Rs. 4347. The period(in years) is?

A. 2 

B. 2 1/2 

C. 3 

D. 4

Answer: Option A


Amount = (30000 + 4347) = Rs. 34347 

Let the time be n years. Then, 
30000(1 + 7/100)n = 34347 
= (107/100)n = 34347/30000 = (107/100)2 
n = 2 years.

14. A cylinder and a cone have a same height and same radius of the base. The ratio between the volumes of the cylinder and cone is?

A. 1:3 

B. 3:1 

C. 1:2 

D. 2:1

Answer: Option B



15. Find the one which does not belong to that group ?

A. Baseball 

B. Boxing 

C. Chess 

D. Wrestling 

Answer: Option A


Boxing, Chess, Wrestling and Squash are individual events, while Baseball is a team event.

16. A fair price shopkeeper takes 10% profit on his goods. He lost 20% goods during theft. His loss percent is:

A. 8 

B. 10 

C. 11 

D. 12

Answer: Option D


Suppose he has 100 items. Let C.P. of each item be Re. 1.

Total cost = Rs. 100. Number of items left after theft = 80.
S.P. of each item = Rs. 1.10
Total sale =  1.10 * 80 = Rs. 88
Hence, loss % = 12/100 * 100 = 12%

17. Eighteen years ago, a father was three times as old as his son. Now the father is only twice as old his son. Then the sum of the present ages of the son and the father is:

A. 54 

B. 72 

C. 105 

D. 108

Answer: Option D


Let the present ages of the father and son be 2x and x years respectively. 

Then, (2x - 18) = 3(x - 18) => x = 36 
Required sum = (2x + x) = 108 years.

18. In an office, totally there are 6400 employees and 65% of the total employees are males. 25% of the males in the office are at-least 50 years old. Find the number of males aged below 50 years?

A. 1040 

B. 2080 

C. 3120 

D. 4160 

Answer: Option C


Number of male employees = 6400 * 65/100 = 4160

Required number of male employees who are less than 50 years old = 4160 * (100 - 25)%
= 4160 * 75/100 = 3120.

19. The sum of four consecutive even numbers is 292. What would be the smallest number?

A. 74 

B. 76 

C. 70 

D. 68 

E. None of these

Answer: Option C


Let the four consecutive even numbers be 2(x - 2), 2(x - 1), 2x, 2(x + 1)

Their sum = 8x - 4 = 292 => x = 37
Smallest number is: 2(x - 2) = 70.

20. I. a2 - 9a + 20 = 0,

II. 2b2 - 5b - 12 = 0 to solve both the equations to find the values of a and b?

A. If a < b 

B. If a = b 

C. If the relationship between a and b cannot be established 

D. If a > b 

E. If a = b

Answer: Option E


I. (a - 5)(a - 4) = 0

=> a = 5, 4
II. (2b + 3)(b - 4) = 0
=> b = 4, -3/2 => a = b

21. 6.4 * 1.25 = (?)3

A. 1 

B. 4 

C. 2 

D. 3 

E. 5

Answer: Option C


8 = (?)3 

=> ?3 = 23 => ? = 2

22. The dimensions of a room are 25 feet * 15 feet * 12 feet. What is the cost of white washing the four walls of the room at Rs. 5 per square feet if there is one door of dimensions 6 feet * 3 feet and three windows of dimensions 4 feet * 3 feet each?

A. Rs. 4800 

B. Rs. 3600 

C. Rs. 3560 

D. Rs. 4530 

E. None of these

Answer: Option D


Area of the four walls = 2h(l + b)

Since there are doors and windows, area of the walls = 2 * 12 (15 + 25) - (6 * 3) - 3(4 * 3) = 906 sq.ft.
Total cost = 906 * 5 = Rs. 4530.

23. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

A. Food: Hunger 

B. Water: Thirst 

C. Air: Suffocation 

D. Talent: Education 

E. Leg: Lame

Answer: Option D



24. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

A. 226 

B. 290 

C. 360 

D. 170 

E. 122

Answer: Option C


After a close look you will get the exact 360 each number is one more than square of a natural number, i.e., 

226 = 152+ 1 ; 290 = 172+ 1 ; 170 = 132+ 1 ; 122 = 112+ 1.

25. Choose the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and fill in the blank spaces:

19, 2, 38, 3, 114, 4, (....)

A. 228 

B. 256 

C. 352 

D. 456

Answer: Option D


The sequence is a combination of two series: 

I. 19, 38, 114, (....)     II. 2, 3, 4 
The pattern followed in I is *2, *3, ... 
Missing number = 114 * 4 = 456.

26. In a certain code language, the word DISTANCE is written as FLUWCQEH. How will the word NUMERALS be written in that code language?





E. None of these

Answer: Option D


Odd-positioned letters are coded as the positions forward and even-positioned three positions forward.

27. Study the following information and answer the questions given below:

(i) 'P * Q' means 'Q is mother of Q'
(ii) 'P + Q' means 'P is father of Q'
(iii) 'P - Q' means 'P is brother of Q'
(iv) 'P ÷ Q' means 'Q is sister of P'.

Which of the following means 'M is niece of T' ?

A. M ÷ D + T * R 

B. T - D + R ÷ M 

C. T * D + R ÷ M 

D. Cannot be determined 

E. None of these

Answer: Option B


T(+) ---- D(+)

               R ---- M(-)

28. After 4 p.m. on a sunny day when Ramesh was returning from his school, he saw his uncle coming in the opposite direction. His uncle talked to him for some time. Ramesh saw that the shadow of his uncle was to his right side. Which direction was his uncle facing during their talk?

A. North 

B. South 

C. East 

D. Data inadequate 

E. None of these

Answer: Option B


After 4 p.m. the shadow will be towards East. Now, East is to the right of Ramesh. So Ramesh faces North. And his uncle, who is opposite him, faces South.

29. QLR, JPD, RNU, GNC, SPX, DLB, __






Answer: Option E


The alternate groups are in different series.

QLR, RNU, SPX are in one series. The pattern for the first letter:
Q+1, R+1, S+1, T
The pattern for the second letter:
L+2, N+2, P+2, R
The pattern for the third letter:
R+3, U+3, X+3, A
Hence, the next group in the series is TRA.

30. 6, 24, 60, 120, 210, __

A. 432 

B. 343 

C. 368 

D. 322 

E. 336

Answer: Option E


6, 24, 60, 120, 210, __

=>23 - 2, 33 - 3, 43 - 4, 53 - 5, 63 - 6, __ The next number in the series is
73 - 7 = 336.

TCS Reasoning Test Sample Papers

In this session, we are discussed about Reasoning test sample papers. This session deals with verbal logic reasoning test. Verbal logic always consists of series of questions. Practice this Reasoning sample papers before going to attend for the Online written test.

1. Choose out the odd one.

A. Dog 
B. Lion 
C. Jackal 
D. Tiger

Answer: Option A

All except dog are wild animals.

2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

A. PY8 
B. EK5 
C. RV3 
D. DG2 
E. JR6

Answer: Option E

In all others, the digit indicates the gap between the two letters.

3. Odd man out: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 96

A. 4 
B. 32
C. 64
D. 96

Answer: Option D

Each term of the series is obtained by multiplying the preceding term by 2. So, 96 is wrong and must be replaced by (64 * 2) i.e. 128.

4. In a coded language ‘HOSPITAL’ is written as ‘32574618’ in the same language ‘POSTAL’ would be written as

A. 752618 
B. 725618 
C. 725168 
D. 725681

Answer: Option B

5. Pointing to a photograph a lady tell’s Pramod,”I am the only daughter of this lady and her son is your maternal uncle,”How are the speakers related to Pramod's father?

A. Sister-in-law 
B. Wife 
C. Either (A) or (B) 
D. Neither (A) Nor (B)

Answer: Option B

Clearly the speakers brother is Pramod’s maternal uncle .So the speaker is Pramod’s mother or his father wife.

6. One afternoon, Manisha and Madhuri were talking to each other face to face in Bhopal on M.G. Road. If Manisha's shadow was exactly to the exactly to the left of Madhuri, 

which direction was Manisha facing?

A. North 
B. South 
C. East 
D. Data inadequate

Answer: Option A

In the afternoon the sun is in the west. Hence, the shadow is in the East. Now, East is to the left of Madhuri. So, Madhuri is facing South. Therfore, Manisha, who is face to face with Madhuri, is facing North.

7. If it is possible to make a meaningful word with the second, the fourth, the seventh and the eight letters of the word CONTROVERSIAL which of the following will be the first letter of the word? If more than one such word can be made, given 'M' as the answer. If no such word can be made, give 'X' as the answer.

A. X 
B. V 
C. M 
D. T

Answer: Option C

The respective letters are O, T, V and E. 
The words that can be formed are VOTE AND VETO.

8. Examine the following statements: 

1. Lady finger is tastier than cabbage 

2. Cauliflower is tastier than lady's finger 

3. Cabbage is not tastier than peas 

The conclusion that can be drawn from these statements is that

A. Peas are as tasty as lady finger 
B. Peas are as tasty as cauliflower and lady finger 
C. Cabbage is the least tasty of the four vegetables 
D. Cauliflower is tastier than cabbage

Answer: Option C

According to the given information in the question 

Lady Finger > Cabbage Cauliflower> Lady Finger Cabbage<= Peas 

From equations (i) and (ii) Cauliflower> Lady's Finger> Cabbage 

Thus, Cabbage is the least tasty of the four vegetables.

9. If the digits in the number "298490721" are arranged in descending order, then how many digits remain in same place?

A. 2 
B. 4 
C. 6 
D. 5

Answer: Option B

10. 1. Andhra Pradesh 2. Universe 3. Tirupathi 4. World 5. India

A. 1,5,3,2,4 
B. 2,1,3,5,4 
C. 3,1,5,4,2 
D. 5,4,2,1,3

Answer: Option C

11. All except one of the following are important strategies that a manager can use to create a more effective decision-making environment, Which one is not?

A. Encourage others to make Decisions 
B. Be ready to try new things 
C. Relying solely upon himself/herself 
D. Recognize the importance of quality information

Answer: Option C

To get effective decision-making environment, Manager should encourage others to make decisions as well as should recognize the importance of quality information. The manager is also expected to try new things to improvise the outcome of a decision. So manager should encourage for the participative/ Democratic process of decision making rather relying solely up on himself/herself.

12.  Assertion:
The problem solving ability, mental performance and memory of the employees of company C are deteriorating.
RI. Due to tight schedule at company C, the employees of the company are skipping their breakfast regularly.
RII. The job is physical in nature, but not mental.

A. Only RI and not RII is the reason for the assertion. 
B. only RII and not RI is the reason for the assertion. 
C. either RI or RII, but not both, is the reason for the assertion. 
D. neither RI nor RII is the reason for the assertion.

Answer: Option D

Here in the assertion, we are only talking about the weakness of the employees. RI is giving the reason for skipping breakfast, so it is not the reason. RII is also not a valid reason, as lack of mental exercise may not lead to deterioration.

13. While travelling in a train, you notice a man from the coach behind yours fall of the train. You would:

A. pull the alarm chain so that the train may stop and the man may be helped. 
B. shout at the falling man asking him to get quickly and entrain. 
C. jump off the train to assist the falling man. 
D. wait till the train stops at the next station and inform the railway authorities there.

Answer: Option A

pull the alarm chain so that the train may stop and the man may be helped.

14. A lotus flower always has

A. Petals 
B. Mud 
C. Root 
D. Water

Answer: Option A

15. Given Set : (223, 324, 425)

A. (225, 326, 437) 
B. (4511, 552, 626) 
C. (554, 655, 756) 
D. (623, 723, 823)

Answer: Option C

In each set 2nd number = (1st number +101) 
And 3rd number = (1st number +101)

TCS English Test Model Papers

This section deals with English Test Model Papers. We have updated important questions along with solutions. We suggest the contenders just refer the provided sample papers for reference purpose only. 

1. It is ------ absurd story

A. an
B. a
C. the
D. no article

Answer: Option B

2. Despair

A. desperate
B. despairing
C. despairingly
D. none of these

Answer: Option A

3. She is not interested in ----- sweets.

A. eat
B. eaten
C. eating
D. to be eating

Answer: Option C

4. He ----- well when he was at school.

A. rote
B. wrote
C. rout
D. route

Answer: Option B

5. The class / is having / forty students / on the rolls.

A. the class
B. is having
C. forty students
D. on the rolls

Answer: Option B

6. She is rich but arrogant.

A. simple
B. negative
C. compound
D. complex

Answer: Option C

7. Belief

A. beliefs
B. believes
C. belives
D. beliefings

Answer: Option A

8. Competition

A. compete
B. complete
C. competent
D. competence

Answer: Option A

9. Select the odd one out

A. Kitchenware
B. Chair
C. Sofa
D. Table

Answer: Option A

10. University

A. pre
B. under
C. over
D. sub

Answer: Option A

11. Don’t point ----- my mistakes.

A. in
B. at
C. out
D. for

Answer: Option C

12. My sister speaks English very well


Answer: Option D

13. Exist

A. ing
B. ance
C. on
D. ice

Answer: Option B

14. I never drink Coke.

A. did I?
B. will I?
C. do I?
D. don't I?

Answer: Option C

15. Are you playing tennis?

A. simple present
B. simple past
C. present continuous
D. past continuous

Answer: Option C

TCS Placement Paper Syllabus

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus
  • Probability
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Algebra
  • Averages
  • Time Speed & Distance
  • Time & Work
  • Profit & Loss
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Percentage
  • Number Series
  • Mixtures & Alligations
  • Simplification
  • Number System
  • Heights and Distances
  • Geometry & Mensuration
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Logarithms
  • Progressions
  • LCM and HCL
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Partnership
  • Boats and Streams
  • Areas, Volumes
Reasoning Syllabus
  • Number Series
  • Letter Series
  • Analogies
  • Puzzles
  • Syllogisms
  • Binary Logic
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Cubes & Dice
  • Classification 
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Problem Solving
  • Coded Inequalities
  • Double Lineup
  • Logical Deductions
  • Routes & Networks
  • Grouping & Selections
  • Evaluating Course of Action
  • Statements and Conclusions
  • Mathematical and Computer Operations
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Inferences
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Decision Making
  • Symbols and Notations
  • Direction Sense Test
  • Logical Sequence Of Words
  • Assertion and Reason
  • Verification of Truth of the Statement
  • Statements and Assumptions
  • Data Interpretation
Verbal Ability Syllabus
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Sentence Completion
  • Spelling Test
  • Passage Completion
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Para Completion
  • Error Correction (Underlined Part)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Synonyms
  • Prepositions
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Spotting Errors
  • Substitution
  • Transformation
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Joining Sentences
  • Error Correction (Phrase in Bold)
  • Articles
  • Gerunds
  • Identify the Errors
  • Plural Forms
  • Odd Words
  • Prepositions
  • Suffix
  • Tense
  • Adjectives
  • Homophones
  • Identify the Sentences
  • Nouns
  • Prefix
  • Sentence Pattern
  • Tag Questions
Download TCS Placement Papers PDF: Click Here  

Dear readers, the syllabus and TCS placement papers provided here are just for information purpose only. Sometimes companies may change their syllabus and exam pattern. So Please check official company website for the latest TCS syllabus and exam pattern.